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      a poemfrom a dream..or a dream from a poem?

      i had a dream..which led me 2 write this poem, some parts are exaclty as my dream..n every time i read it..it gives me the same sense of 'being lost'..tht i felt while dreaming

      I woke up dead

      I woke up in the middle of the night
      To the sound of rainfall and thunder strikes
      And the unfinished dream
      That seemed to challenge my reality
      Left me to believe that my life’s been an abnormality
      And as I put my feet on the cold floor
      These paradoxical thoughts wash ashore
      Who am I and what’s the reason I’m here
      Will I be remembered or will I just disappear

      And as I get up, look in the mirror with despair
      If that person is me why don’t I recognize his stare
      And with my hollow eyes as I look into this abyss
      I start to realize the reason for my distress
      The dream I had left unfinished was for a reason
      I couldn’t face my life I couldn’t face its treason
      Because time will see no mercy, it just engulfs its path
      It never stood by anyone, those who stood against felt its wrath
      And this is where I come in, this is where I stand
      My life never was a mess, but I guess time had it all planned

      And with this disturbing realization I walk out the bedroom door
      I see my life in dull color
      I see the truth I had ignored
      All this money all this power
      All the innocence I've devoured
      Now I don't want to be a part of this
      Suddenly I've become a coward
      Because fame n fortune come with a price no doubt
      This price I’ll have to pay with my life no doubt
      Now I'm standing at the window looking at the world below
      the faded reflection in the window wants me to let it go
      So I take my last leap and my past flashes as I fell
      This reminiscence I fear more than death itself
      With a welcoming smile I met with death
      Finally I'm free, finally absolution I get
      I finished my dream, I woke up dead...

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      wow... that is very good. i personally lovee it. keep writing things like this, really. Good Job!!!
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