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      Tell me about wiring LEDs

      like, probably at least 50 of them. If anyone on here knows a bit about circuits I could use your advice.

      This thread on the ePlaya gave me the idea. Basically, since I love music (playing and listening), I want to arrange a bunch of LEDs on an old shirt, not unlike what that guy's doing, in the shape of a treble clef.

      Now, I'm not a complete newbie to electrical circuits, but I'm not exactly an EE major either. I've done basic circuits before for a couple random things, as well as wiring for electric guitars (so I'm comfortable soldering small parts and have all the gear for that).

      So, basically, I need to know something about how the circuit should be arraged (I've managed to pick up that I can't wire that kind of amount in series), what kind of power source I'll need (hopefully something that fits in my pocket ), and anything else you think might be good for me to know.
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