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    Thread: Tell me about teaching yourself to play the violin.

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      Tell me about teaching yourself to play the violin.

      Firstly, I have a specific question that I'd appreciate an answer to as soon as possible, so if you know the answer, please respond, even if you don't read the rest of this post. My A string is broken. I've had the E string replaced before at a music store, and I believe I know how to do it myself now, so I just need to buy the string. Is it possible to go in and tell them I need a violin A string and they'll give it to me? Are the strings generic, or are there different types which have to match the violin? I'd just rather not have to haul my violin to the store if it isn't necessary.

      I absolutely love the sound that a violin makes, and even though I'm rather old to be learning an instrument (23) I decided to start learning it about a year ago.

      I had an instructor when I started playing, for 2 or 3 months. I then went away from home and brought the violin, intending to continue to play, which I did at first, but gradually stopped.

      I may get an instructor again at some point, but they cost a lot of money and I don't want my parents to have to pay for it. I'll be moving out soon and will be saving every penny, so having to pay for an instructor is something I'd only be willing to do it I really needed it.

      I've already learned the basics and I've heard that's the hardest part and the main reason it's important that someone have an instructor in the beginning. For anyone who plays the violin or a similar instrument, do you think that teaching myself would be a terrible idea, or would it work? Compliments from my instructor were that I was progressing more quickly than most people, I have great rhythm and stamina, I was producing a pretty good sound. I'd learned some basic songs but hadn't yet learned all of the notes or how to do that wavy up-and-down thing (forget what it's called).

      If you have taught yourself, how did you do it? Are there any good online resources to use?

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      I don't play the violin, though I have always wanted to learn. I do know there are different kind of strings, and while they will probably all fit the violin it might sound strange if you had a mix of different strings. If you still have the broken strong you could probably take just that in and ask them, or maybe even take one of the other strings off.

      I was looking into learning by myself, and I found a lot of online videos and stuff on it, so there seems to be a lot of resources to find to help you self learn it. Even just googling it or looking on youtube you can find a bunch on it.
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