We've moved away from this forum's original purpose, and in an attempt to return it to a more concise format, I'll be moving a bunch of the posts to the forums they should be in (Lounge/Senseless Banter). I'll leave redirects so that way you can still find them.

Ask/Tell is a sub-forum where people can share their expertise with others or ask people about a topic/subject that they don't know much about. It is not a second Lounge or Senseless Banter, but is meant to be a place where people can ask legitimate questions and receive an answer from someone who is qualified to answer.

Good examples:

"Ask me about downhill skiing"
"Ask me about watercolor painting"
"Tell me about places to go in Ireland"

Not so good examples:

"Tell me what to do this weekend"
"Tell me about your pet" (there's already a thread for that under DV Favorites)
"Ask me about my car" (unless you're an expert on the Buick LaSabre, it can go in the Lounge)
"What's your name?" (belongs in the Lounge)
"What is your favorite kind of music?" (belongs in Entertainment)