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    Thread: A dryspell!!!

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      A dryspell!!!

      I can't remember the last time I had a lucid! Anyone have any ideas?? It's beginning to be alarming!!!

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      Do you smoke pot or drink?
      I have found that intoxicants fuck with my ability to go lucid.
      Or perhaps you have been dealing with a lot of stress?

      I suggest doing some Yoga before bed, calm the mind and limber up the body.
      If you can get some head phones you can sleep in and use trigger music/sound to induce your lucid state.
      Make sure whatever you have is long enough to be worth using. Don't use something with a short duration or one that is short and repeats. Find one that coincides with the length of time you intend to sleep, what I do is get a track that is a binaural delta wave, maybe with crickets or cicada that is 4-5 hours long and then follow that with the lucid dream track so that it kiks in about the same time as the good long REM cycles.

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      You need to tell us a bit more about yourself if we are to help. Do you remember your dreams? Do you have vivid dreams? Do you keep a DJ?
      I see your LD count is 30 on your profile, so you know what LDs feel like. What has changed since you last had a run of LDs?
      Often the answer is that you need to get your waking life in order (minimise stress etc.), get plenty of sleep, and do some day work (DJ, reality checks etc. ).

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