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      Should I switch my LD techniques?

      I've been trying MILD for the past 4 months(focusing on prospective memory to be exact) and I haven't had a full lenght LD yet, though I had a very small one at one point. Due to this, should I switch my technique? I used to try FILD and SSILD with no luck, so should I go back to them perhaps or stick with SSILD?

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      It's probably best to stick with one technique, but also, it's important to know which ones are more likely to work for you through how near you got by using them/how well they worked etc. and that can take a bit of experimentation. FILD has never worked for me despite how easy people say it is, mainly because it's a type of WILD and I cannot WILD, so I know it's not the best for me. You want something reliable and that you can do every time. Imo I'd say stick with MILD, but you could try and adjust it to suit you so it becomes easier.

      Edit: the most important thing in LD'ing is mindset, but I do think having a solid method or set of techniques in place encourages a mindset that creates lucid dreams, even if the technique isn't doing it. It's all about intent at the end of the day
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