Hey everybody!

I promised this for a handful of people, and I’m glad to say HERE IT IS I will be going over the many ways I induce trance states.

**Beware, this gets pretty deep**

I’ll be breaking it up into these categories:

Introductory - Just that, an introduction to inducing a trance-state and what it is in my own experience, and explaining it at a beginner level.

Advanced - Building off of the introductions, using those techniques to make complex techniques, by combining/finding out more past the basic level of meditation

WOKE - The deeper more profound/interesting things you can do with such states. (it’s kinda funny I named it “WOKE”, it should just be like “Mastery” or something )


First… What is a trance-state?
It’s really simple, yet it’s hard to put into the correct wording that will give it justice. Trance states are deeper feelings of disconnect from waking, conscious reality, you are at the bridge between waking and sleeping, but more on the side of deep slumber. Here is where your subconscious is readily accessible and is very simple to give it commands without the conscious mind overthinking. In a trance state, there are REALLY, no thoughts, you would have to consciously/slightly forcibly induce a thought. It’s clear, it’s crystal clear. The trance state is more than just mindfulness, it is slight/full dissolution of the separations made by the mind for a time, you are going into the subconscious mind DIRECTLY, within a trance state.

To access this trance state, is simple as well, but it takes practice. So read carefully.
It’s down to meditation, concentrated focus on oneness. When I say “Oneness”, It doesn’t have to mean that spiritual mumbo jumbo, i just mean seeing a different perspective. Your body, is one body, sure it may have arms and legs, but keep diving deep and putting it back to the bigger perspective.

Your fingers are made of bones, fingernails, flesh, blood, and what makes the bones are other smaller bones, and what makes the smaller bones, is based on the minerals and vitamins, and the minerals and vitamins are made of atoms, and so on…. BUT you can’t deny it’s one purpose. The purpose, is simply to be, and live. Through this, all of your body parts work towards oneness, and IS one, since it is ONE body, working for ONE purpose, there is no separation, because even in separation, there is more and more simplicity and it leads back to the one purpose.

Now seeing that perspective, apply it to meditation. Don’t see you as “disconnecting from the mind” see yourself BECOMING the mind, you BECOME your body, YOU BECOME YOU. See and feel yourself as one essence, one consciousness that makes many thoughts and does many things, but it still retreats to one consciousness.

As you slowly realize and realize this as you let go of the separation and become the mind, you will start to tend towards this. You are not your past, you are not your future, you are YOU determining the future, therefore you are determining this moment, what you think of, and what you ARE.

This is the key, as it’s a feeling of straight being. As you become yourself again, there isn’t any thoughts bothering you, as you being you, YOU DEFINE EVERYTHING. Once again, therefore knowing this, you can simply let go, relax, and let the moment be the moment, and then simply, INTEND.

Intend this.
Intend your focus to be on deep relaxation, and deep feelings. By deep i mean finding the most relaxed possible point of consciousness you can obtain before fully going to sleep (You might go to sleep with this, as really, you induce a trance like state right before you go to sleep anyways!)

In this deep state, you move very slowly, and you are able to see your subconscious and work as ONE.

Something like placing your intention behind a similar feeling to these words:
“I only focus on focusing”,
“I am deeply relaxed and come back to my pure state of being”,
“I AM my subconscious mind acting as ONE relaxed consciousness”

You’ll know you’re in a trance state, if you find it a bit hard to get out of it! Haha. Trust me it’s easy, you won’t get “stuck” there or anything. It’s just like waking up in the morning. Nine times out of ten, it will take you a fewwwww seconds to gain full waking consciousness. That’s the major difference with regular mindfulness meditation and trance states. With a meditation, it’s simple and really you can literally walk up out of it and be back to doing whatever, granted you have more mental clarity, it’s not like, purposefully waking up and feeling yourself back in your body as you do with waking and making a conscious effort to re associate with coming back from this deeper level.

Practice, practice, practice. First enter the mindfulness meditation, then actively try to ascend past that, by being mindful OF your mindfulness. Since really, this is concentrated focus.

One thing you can do is imagine warm water flowing all around your body, cleansing you and giving you mental clarity and stability.

Or you can imagine that there is a light coming from your mind that illuminates your entire body as one light, imagining you feeling as ONE light without any absence of it near you.

Doing the mindfulness meditation can be as simple as follows.
Really, all you have to do is kick start the movement, as your subconscious will take care of the rest.
*”An object in motion, tends to stay in motion, an object at rest tends to stay at rest”* type thing applies here. The more you move towards something, the more it stays there.

Notice your focus on things… “I notice myself focusing on my typing.”
Just saying that applied to whatever you are doing, has a profound effect! As this will get you quickly into that mindfulness, and then you can use it to get into the trance state.