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    Thread: All RCs Fails - loss of lucidity???

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      Question All RCs Fails - loss of lucidity???

      What I can do if I know/or very suspicious that I'm dreaming, but I can't get the full lucidity(the awe experience feeling). In such moments I always try multiple RC, but they all fail. I can't control anything.

      Here an example of this:

      It's 9,30am and I'm doing my 'mojo', but it's like I can't fall asleep, so I open my eyes and look at the my portable digital watch to see how much time I wasted and it says 8am. So I jump out of bed while thinking I'm already dreaming, but my room look totally indetical, so I'm starting to RC one after another. Look away and back to the watch, but it still say 8.05am(in fact the clock is counting minutes normally) - fail, noseplug - fail, finger counting - fail, lamps - fail, float - fail, Reading rc - fail, phasing through walls - fails. So I'm just starting to think that I misread the watch in the first place and getting back to bed, only to awaken seconds later and to see it's 9.40am.

      I have great number of these. So how to get lucid in these super realistic FA, if all RC fails?

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      I think the root of the loss of lucidity and RC fails is an understandable fear of possibly doing something unsafe due to mistaking the waking state for the dream state. This fear results in a bias towards thinking we are awake, which can cause us to look for evidence that we are awake while disregarding evidence we are dreaming.

      To become fully lucid, we need evidence that we are dreaming and confidence in that evidence.

      This confidence in evidence we are dreaming is increased by the assumption we are dreaming and decreased by the assumption we are awake. If we do things during a dream that would be safe to do if we were awake, there is no reason to assume we are awake during the dream.

      With an assumption we are dreaming, we can find evidence we are dreaming by looking for it while doing things that would be safe to do if we were awake. For example, we could play pretend (in a safe way), change clothes, go for a walk, get something to eat, ect.

      Once we know we are dreaming, becoming fully lucid is a matter of fully realizing the dream is coming from our minds.
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      Perhaps consider incorporating the ADA (all day awareness) technique into your waking life in conjunction with your reality checks. The problem I find with reality checks as a whole is that it becomes routine. A reality check is only useful if there is already awareness of your surroundings. Dreams have a very distinct feeling to them. As you become more adept, you learn to recognise this feeling.

      When I was at the peak of my lucid dreaming journey I found I could distinguish between dreams and reality by how it felt alone. I would still reality check now and then just to be sure, but only when I was seriously questioning my reality.
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