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    Thread: How do I remember my dreams vividly? Any tips?

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      How do I remember my dreams vividly? Any tips?

      Been having trouble with this, anyone got any tips?

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      Write down everything you know about your dreams right after you get up. So really every little detail you know, even if it seems unnecessary to you. (what people you saw,what emotions you had, what objects you saw and what colors, what you felt and smelled, whether you knew the place in the dream...just everything)

      I went through my past dreams several times a day in my head.
      With the time I could then write down more and more and remember my dreams as if I really had these situations in reality. I was able to reconstruct it clearly and perfectly in my head.
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      It's like a gymnastic exercise.
      But really not impossible for anyone if you put the chances by your side.

      Make your brain feel that it's important to remember, buy a nice journal to write them down, go to sleep with the intention to remember them vividly while you wake up.

      Write down as much as details of your dreams you can remember. If writing down don't work well, try to record you with your smartphone.

      Sleep enough (for me it's between 7h30 and 9hours sleeping time, if i sleep less i can't remember nothing vividly)

      Don't eat junk food before sleep (well, i eat a lot of junk food and I remember my dreams but that's an usual advice)

      If you don't remember nothing, then write down in your journal that you can't remember the night's dreams. Make your brain feel that it's important for you to remember. It's sounds weird, I know, but that's the way it works for me.

      If you struggle a lot with dream recall, you can also try B6 vitamin for a while (it helps me with 100mg pyroxidine before sleep, but not everyday). It's the cheapest complement and easily available in a lot of countries in random drugstore .

      All the things I say here are just things who worked for me, but also for the people who helped me to improve my dream recall and vividity.

      I wish you good luck to your journey.
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