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      Can someone tell me where I go wrong?

      Alright I tried a WILD last night. I got up after around five or six hours then went to the bathroom and walked around until I felt like I was tired, but not tired enought to fall right back asleep. I got into my bed found a comfortable position, I didn't move and I started counting my breathes. I think I managed to count to around the 700 range. I kept getting distracted no matter how hard I focused. I just couldn't keep my head clear. There would even be times where I would be counting and there would be images to go along with the counting like it went from being just black to a guy picking up and moving signs with the numbers on them. I kept clearing the images away and tried to focus on my counting because I didn't want to fall into non-lucid sleep. Eventually I just got stuck counting and was so tired that I didn't even care anymore then just gave up and went to sleep. All before then I didn't seem to be progressing at all. I know the stages are first SP, which I think I got I had that "tingly" feeling, plus a lack of feeling, but I could roll over when I just decided to give up and go to sleep. The next step is hypnotic imagery, but I kept getting things that were far far more like random thoughts then any parts of a dream. How do I WILD correctly? I really want to LD. Besides just for fun I really want to do it for understanding things about my self and trying to understand others (through use of DC's)

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      I'm not saying you went wrong anywhere. Everyone's methods are different and you can't lucid every attempt unless of course you've mastered it. I would concentrate on the visuals images and work with that. Counting is a way to stay focused but easily distracted. I feel; it's easier to follow an image into the dream world than it would be to count to some high number only to keep yourself awake.
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      And you can try other methods like self-hypnosis. Theres a whole tutorial on it in the Tutorials Section.


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