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      Easy HI technique for WILD

      So what I do every morning when I wake up is go get something to eat then I lay down, it's like that very relaxed state in which you can't fall asleep your just sitting there not thinking about anything just awake, well I close my eyes and look where my fan is going on my cealing, and since I can see the fan flashing through my eyes and my brain isn't really going all the way it starts to take shape within a few minutes and my room comes into focus, well in the last few days I havn't been able to achieve a LD with it, but today I did, now I know what SP is like, I noticed that alot of people are unsure what it's like, well I can just say that I really knew this time, it was like the room came into focus and BAM my entire body went super numb, I heard a bunch of muttering and babbling from all around me, and I made it into the dream, but it wasn't really all the way clear and I wasn't thinking to well so instead of trying something to make my lucidity increase I tried closeing and opening my eyes in my dream like if I was clearing my eyes in real life

      Anyways I am going to keep doing this because I can get HI within a few minutes of laying down even in the middle of the day, I though this might work for some people or whatever, it makes it really easy for me, like I don't have to activeley search for HI it just comes.
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      I sort of did this today and it might have been a contributing factor to my first LD (among other things). After I woke up (for WBTB) I was dead tired and my room was really cold so I just jumped under the covers sitting up learning against a pillow next to my wall.

      Stayed there for a good half an hour listening to music in my room and resting my eyes every now and then before getting up and going to read some posts here. The only thing I didn't do was eat anything. I'm going to continue doing this and see if it helps my success.


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