So ok,
I decided one day to try out WILD because I want another lucid so bad lol. (I've only had one) I didn't think I would try WILD until i got way more experienced with LD but I had 3 hours to burn yesterday so I gave it a shot. I didn't expect to get a lucid out of it, I just wanted to see if I could experience SP and deal with it.

I lay there for ever and then finally I felt a small twitch in my leg, I thought to myself, it's starting! Nothing else came so I started thinking those muscle twitches happen during the day sometimes... I went back to relaxing and counting.... about 50 seconds later the twitches started happening alot! Slowly at first and then just everywhere. I was so excited to see it actually working my heart began to race. I'm like "crap calm down or your gonna ruin it" but it just got worse and then I noticed my breathing was becoming uneven and i had an uncontrollable urge to swallow. I thought wow theres no way this is gonna work with all this deep breathing and swallowing lol. So in my mind I guess i stopped trying (figured it was ruined anyhow) Thats when i started calming down. Everything returned to normal so i decided ok I'll try laying here for awhile longer and maybe I'll get another shot. I lay there for prob 30 more minutes then i was like screw this, I tried moving and I couldn't. I opened my eyes and felt super dazed and just...idk. i kept my eyes open and kept trying to twitch my fingers, eventually i could and then I slowly started to regain movement in my arms and legs. Wow what a feeling, it was like they were all tight and ungreased or something. I was happy to confirm SP and I got alot of confidence from this. My friends called and it was time to go to the movies!!

At the movie I just couldn't wait to get home and try it again, lol. I decided I would try to WILD again before sleep even though I know there no REM phases then, but I wanted to see if I could keep control of my heart/breathing/swallowing. I lay down, I was pleased to see the twitches come quicker and soon after I felt that numbness and disconnected feeling. I tried moving my body a little and I couldn't so I knew SP had at least started to set in, and this time, no heart/abnormal breathing/swallowing!! w00t!

I began trying different ways to get into a dream. I started with focusing on riding a bike, eventually gave up, i tried thinking about my local lake and trying to make it as real as possible... didn't work. Eventually I gave up and decided to try when I WBTB. So I will myself out of SP and roll over. (that tight, decrepit feeling is so weird)

Boom my alarm goes off, I try and remember any dreams but can't, so I go to use bathroom, brush my teeth, wait until I feel sortof awake and then lay back down. Got comfy, here come the twitches, everything is cool. I wait a little while then focus on relaxing even more... then I start to imagine stuff, trying to find my way to a lucid. I start thinking man I've gotta fall asleep I'm too awake, so i start counting, and every now and then I lose track and daydream or drift off or something. Every time I snap back I realize I zoned out and think that is working so I keep counting and doing that. Eventually I decide its not working so I try other things.

BillyBob's WILD tut comes to mind, so I try and imagine myself coming out of myself. I start getting a different feeling, like its relaxing me more. A little while later I took notice of my breathing, it had become way shallow, but not uncomfortable at all, and no urges to swallow, no dry mouth, nothing... almost like the SP had moved to my head. Theres also times where I can almost feel as though I'm continuously falling or spinning, but not quite. I remember BillyBob saying you gotta anchor and then fall asleep so I'm like ok, start imagining a brick wall, what it feels like, and switch from imagining the brick to counting... that when it happened!!

Okay, I'm gonna describe what this felt like and I hope someone can confirm this feeling so I know I'm on the right track. I said before my breathing was way shallow like I could barely notice it. When counting and imagining the brick wall I would sometimes drift off like before, but then I'd snap back, and start counting again.

But one time when I drifted off, It was like a drifted off but I didn't... it was like suddenly this feeling of relaxation came over me beyond anything I felt so far, and I immediately noticed my breathing turned from shallow to deeper and consistent. It was like when you watch someone sleep and there not snoring but breathing deeply. The part that made me excited was it seemed to change uncontrollably. I noticed the difference in my breathing and just the whole feeling so much I slowly came back to normal. I think I was on the brink...

Anyhow this Lucid Dream journey is amazing guys, I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. This forum has been a great help, everyones knowledge and stories have been so inspirational to me and overall helpful. Thanks everyone for taking the time to post, it helps us noobs out alot