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      How long is too long to wait with WBTB/WILD?

      I wanted to do WILD tonight after WBTB, but might have missed the window of opportunity. I was really tired and actually layed down about 7:30 pm. I woke up about 9:45 thanks to an alarm because I wanted to get up for something else. I thought I turned it off, but apparently hit some sort of snooze button. This woke me another time or two before I shut it off. I got a call at about 11 or 11:30 and got up. I couldn't sleep. I was feeling emotionally crappy and a tad unwell, physically. I meant to go to bed in about an hour, but since company stopped by it has been about an hour and a half to 2 hours later (nearing 1 a.m.). What is the best thing? To try WILD as soon as I go back to bed or to wake myself in the middle of the night again?

      I layed there for a few minutes before I awoke and tried some tips I saw on this board- Clarity's tips, I believe- concerning the alphabet method of retaining logical thought and staying lucid while falling into sleep. I had only done this for a little bit for fun (knowing I planned to get up) when my leg jerked or twitched. Do you believe that my body was trying to fall asleep already? If I involuntarily twitch will it mess up my WILD and keep me from sleeping?

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      Involunary actions will not ususually hender the Ld'ing process. As for the question of how long is too long to wait with WBTB/WILD I don't think there is an absolute time limit. If anything it's random or at least from experience I'm sure of course the brain knows what's going on. However for one to anticipate having a quick WILD, compared to a longer duration of time passing until WILD is achieved it's pretty hard.

      The normal amount of time for a WILD/WBTB to occur is for the norm I would say 5-45 minutes. After that most people usually give up and try to fall asleep in a comfortable position. But if you "WAIT" long enough eventually it will happen. So really it depends on how much patience you have/when the body actually falls asleep.
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