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    Thread: Using dreams to Recall Forgotten Thoughts.

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      Using dreams to Recall Forgotten Thoughts.

      When we forget things, I don't think our brain just discards the memory. I think are brain will save it some where and it's just a matter of recalling that thought. This thought could be something that you did when your were 7 years old to just last week. Now what if we could use this to our advantage and use lucid dreaming to achieve this.

      My friend told me a story and it was how he lost is wallet. He had a dream and in that dream it showed him where is wallet was. When he woke up, he went to that place and he found his wallet. Kind of funny don't you think?

      So have you ever had a similar experience? Do you think it would be possible to use are dreams to recall forgotten thoughts even if that thought was something you did when you were 10 years old.

      Post your comment down below saying what you think.

      I have also made a thread that has multiple tests that you can do to test this theory.

      Take a look:

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      Based on what I know and experience....Memories are stored holigraphically, sort of. Although the never really disappear, they do get weaker and corrupted with other related memories. If you intentionally stimulate a stored memory, through lucid dreaming, hypnotic suggestion, electrical stimulation, or other means, it can come back really strong, but its not necessarily accurate. A person can get real information that way, but its worth not trusting it too far.
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      Sort of tacking onto what shadowofwind said, once I read something somewhere that said anytime we recall a memory, we alter things, every time; even if you aren't consciously aware of it. The altering might be nugatory and make no different, but still.
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