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      Last Night's Visionary Dream

      Last night I had a "lucid dream" that was something other than a dream. Essentially, the dream began when I snapped out of my body, and I could even see my body in the bed. This happened before a few nights ago, but nothing really happened other than regular lucid dream stuff. Essentially, I have been having these OBE like experiences at night lately, and this time something truly profound happened. I talked to my reflection, and I knew I could ask anything to it. I asked about why I have been acting the way I have, irritable and nasty with people at times in real life and why my family has been the same. The reflection became an ugly, creepy figure with a disfigured face. However, I kept talking to this person in the mirror. He told me that there is less God in the world now than in the past, but there is still more of it than through most of human history, and he showed me just how much this was the case with a graph. Then, I was led through a space with a man who was a spirit guide of some kind. He took me to a space where there was water and ships but somehow we were looking up at the ships from the bottom. The spirit guide told me that there have been sharks that have been eating the ships and that only one shark can cause a lot of damage. The sharks have been the reason why there has been less God in the world. While we were there, a large number of sharks came in and destroyed some of the ships. This caused some of the ductwork to rattle at the same time. At the time, I just somehow blindly took him at face value. However, then I ended up asking him about what the metaphorical meaning of this was, while we were standing in the warehouse like space that we had come in through (a different part of it though). He simply said to me that he couldn't tell me that, but I asked him specifically what the sharks meant which I wondered. He simply responded, "The ark of the covenant". It was very vague, but I took this to mean that the fixation on mysterious, unknown sources of various religious "doctrines" have caused a detachment from true spirituality. This was just an idea that I had though, and it seemed that I simply was never meant to know for sure about the true meaning of this dream, because it was some sort of divine truth that humans may not be meant to have access to...... which was why he refused to tell me the metaphorical meaning of this dream. Somehow, I was left with the feeling that this was not a dream but a true spiritual message of some kind, yet the nature of it was intentionally confusing and impossible to know for 100% sure what the message was.

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      Hi, I'll just share my personal view. I can understand why you feel this dream was rather metaphysical, your heart knows. All dreams have metaphysical meanings to some degree, but your dream I can tell it has depth. Especially this part:

      Quote Originally Posted by Stephen022 View Post
      He told me that there is less God in the world now than in the past, but there is still more of it than through most of human history, and he showed me just how much this was the case with a graph.
      I'm not sure if you actually understand this. Please reply, I'm curious. Because this is true. How do I know? All of prophecies from all around the world points that humanity would go through rapid consciousness shift, especially Mayans predicted that this would happen after Dec. 21st, 2012 which marked the end of Precession of Equinox.

      How did the graph look like? Lemme guess, was it exponential?

      By 'conscousness shift' it means that it's gearing more towards to asking metaphysical question, and finding the answers, which would bring something like a 'spark' in your mind or 'mentally evolving' by learning enlightening lessons here and there. In today's case, humanity abandoned extreme belief of god by turning into atheists, but thanks to the internet people came across a lot of information of ancient studies and all religions, philosophies, which gave us bigger picture, thus allowing us more to be 'spiritual'. A study revealed that even among 'atheists' significant percentage of them claim they believe in higher entity without having a religion. (which is different concept of 'god' from religions) So it does makes sense, at least to me, that people are more 'awake' today than most of human history. We are finding the 'truth'.

      About the sharks, although I don't really know what ark of covenant really meant(hey I dont wanna judge your dreams! lol), water is strong symbol for 'subconscious'. Shark is a devouring subconscious, which means misused subconscious power therefore it harms you. In your dream the sharks might have meant particularly 'black sheep'. It's true that belief is like a spread of virus - once you incept a society with belief, it spreads. I think this generally meant the humanity geared more towards to scientific-mindedness so we detached from spirituality.

      Maybe I'm talking too much, but what do you think? I see all the metaphysical connections even with what happened at the first in your dream. Trying to reflect on yourself especially in dream is something very siginificant spiritual act to 'raise consciousness'. I do believe it was at least very meaningful dream with the message of what is currently happening in the world
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