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    Thread: Cannot tell if this was Astral Projection?

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      Cannot tell if this was Astral Projection?

      Alright, this morning I was laying in bed half-asleep. I decided to try to see if I could astral project (I lucid dream frequently but have never had an experience I would classify as astral projection). I laid on my back and imagined myself rocking forward and back, and very quickly I rolled up from out of my laying body and was standing on my bed. My room looked exactly like my room, it was so vivid. Moreso than a lucid dream. It felt exactly like being awake. For some reason I couldn't walk off of my bed onto the floor, so I started jumping a few times on my bed and went through the ceiling.

      Then I "woke up" - into a dream. A false awakening of sorts. Then I "woke up" for real and here I am typing this.

      What do you think happened here? Is it possible to wake up from AP into a dream?
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      I don't know. Sounds perfectly possible that you drifted off into regular dreams because ur not used to this 'mode of consciousness'. Idk, how was ur mind? At the time, was it clear or drifting into mental images?
      I hope that you can keep experimenting with this phase, it sounds fascinating .. sorry I can't say more man

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