[SIZE=7]the two queens

some years ago, i dont recall the date; i had one of the coolest lucid dreams i ever had! i am posting this in beyond dreaming because of the spiritual nature of this experience.
i was in front of these two women, i am unsure how i knew it, but i had to choose one of these queens to be my queen, with the choice of either queen, there was a conquence that came with the choice.
to the left was the young, pure of heart and of sin, she was innocent, she looked somewhat like you would expect mary to look, her conquence was; i had to give up all my dream powers i have ever learnt to use, if i chose her i would be powerless.
to the right was a old bag of a women, she was somewhat a whore.
when i looked at her she projected visual/video into my mind, she showed me what she would do to me if i chose her! it was epic!
her conquence, i had to kill her old king; the choice in my opinion was a easy one! i chose the older woman, now because i was choosing the older woman, the younger one was going to be killed, and i really did not like that! there was these two people just standing a bit away from us, i felt that these two people were arranging all of this, so i walked up to them and pretty much threatened them, i told them if you want me to play your little game your gonna do me something first, i arranged for the younger queen to be spared, she however is restricted to one room, she is never aloud out, but she gets everything that she needs and is under constant guard, i am somewhat confused if i did the right thing!
i said to these two people, well i made my choice, i chose the older woman, so send me now to where i have to be.
a second or two later i appeared somewhere else, i was a little shocked because, i was now face to face with the king i had to kill! i didnt expect that!! so i took a few steps back from him and got over my shock, i took everything in.
the king wore a type of blue robe, i cant recall to much detail of it.
i started to look around more and to my suprise there was alot of people around! knights soliders and all of the kingdoms people!
the people were dead set silent, not even a whisper came from them! it was unnerving! i was hoping all of these people wouldnt jump me all at once! they didnt thankfully!
the king came at me with a sword, i teleported behind him, and stabbed him with black spikes from my finger tips <void energy>
i then used my death touch on him and snapped his neck.
he was done, and all of a sudden the kingdoms people roared and cheered for me! it was a awesome feeling! i then slowly dawned on something, i was there new king! i walked up to the front line of these people and stuck both arms into the air and roared my self, and they roared even alouder.
i started to realise that i was probaley going to awaken soon, i spoke loudly to the people, and asked them who was the most respected man among them, they started to whisper among themselves, a man walked towards me eventually and i made him the new king until my return, i told him i will make you a adviser upon my return, i soon awoken and was amazed by this experience, i hope my kingdom will wait for me.