Hello you all there,

i have had in the past (those of which i was aware) a few OBE's.

Here is a recount (i wrote them down, but due to a psychosis state of mind i burned all dreamjournals, i kept from 1998, i started a new one since februari 5th, 2004).

- somewhere in the summer of 1997, Rotterdam :

....I was jogging around Ahoy (a big sports and performance arena in Rotterdam) and suddenly i remembered what happened to me the night before :
I was or sleeping or in some sort of "yoga nidra" the state between sleeping and waking. I remembered that i "crystalized" out of my body,
from the space between the eyebrows, the eyebrowcentre.
I was afraid and every time i was "out" a bit, i came back. This went on for a while untill i allowed myself to fully get out.
When i was out of my body, i remembered that i was in great joy, everything around me was so quiet and peacefull, it was magic.
I thought by myself "wow, now i am out of my body" and decided to check this by looking at my fysical body, so i did. I saw myself lying on the bed, sleeping peacefully, surrounded by red lights, more "beams".
So i thought "now i can go flying over Rotterdam" and moved myself to the curtains covering the windows of the balcony. I remembered moving towards them and that was it, i don't remember anything more......

Question :
how is it possible that i couldn't remember going out of the window ?
what do the red colours, surrounding my fysical body, mean ?

-summer 1997, Rotterdam :

..... i was thinking that i could move out of my body by moving my body to the right or to the left and became suddenly aware that i already was out of the body, i had to smile in myself, thought it was quite funny.
I was floating before the stereo and heard a song playing on the radio, simultaneously i was in my body again, waking up and realizing all this.
So very quickly i turned on my stereo set next to the bed to listen to the radio, checking if the same song was playing and yes....the same song (however unknown to me) was playing. I was pondering about the fact that i was aware of the song, while the stereo was turned off.......

Question :
in the first OBE i "crystalized" out trough my eyebrowcentre and now i "moved from the left to the right", are there different techniques ?

-summer 1997, Rotterdam :

.....i was again moving from the left to the right or vice versa and remembered that i didn't feel like it (before i had a crazy lucid dream, my bedcover was "waving" like a madman, i jumped out my bed in great fear, floated down the stairs to notice two women having a terrble fight, then returning to my bed, making gestures on the wall, while the face of an old man appeared on the wall), anyway, i was afraid that this pooh would happen again to me, luckily i heard a door slamming in the distance and i slowly woke up......

No questions.

- october 7th or 8th 1998, Rishikesh, India :

this was the first day that i stayed in the Ved Niketan Ashram, determend to learn more about yoga.

.....i was a little bit out of my body, it appeared that the wall was leaning towards me, i could clearly sense i was a bit out. Then i heard voices on the right side of me, talking in a language i didn't know, could be Hindi, could be Sanskrit.
I was just begging these voices to get me out of my body, to assist me doing that, when suddenly they faded away.......

I woke up and this made me writing down all my dreams from then on.

No questions.

- october 2002, Rishikesh, India :

I was in a psychotic state of mind, praying to God or Shiva, at that time, to help me.

.....I was listening to my neighbour's voice telling me to become fearless, courageous, lecturing me about things i forgot, but the last sentence i remembered was him saying to me : "YOU ARE ALIVE!!!, LIVE, LIVE!!", then i realized i was out of my body, i was bowing down on the floor, he was standing there before me and i had the urge to go to my body as soon as possible, it scared the hell out of me, so i did.......

-october 2002, Rishikesh, India :

.....i was asleep and became aware of me trying to get out of the body, while i noticed and felt 3 black creatures sticking to my astral body, they were very annoying, but were just there, doing nothing but sticking to my astral body, i decided to go back in my body, cause i didn't know how to deal with this......so i fell asleep again and when i woke up i remembered that i had a dream that i was walking down the road on the Ram Jhula side from the Ashram to the right, i saw 3 black creatures sitting along this road,they were a little embarrased and shy, like they were "caught"......

question ;
would these dreamlike creatures be the same entities as the one sticking to my body ?
did i still manage to go out of my body, walking down the road ?

I hope to hear some feedback soon,