The Asklepeion was an ancient Greek temple consecrated to the god Asklepio. These temples were dedicated for healing. Its priests were called "Iatromantis" and his healing consisted in a dream rite. Pilgrims of the entire ancient world travelled to these temples in order to be healed by the Iatromantis a guild of priests, connoisseurs of the healing dream a knowledge transmitted by masters and apprentices which was forgotten many centuries ago.
The patient was received without asking anything in return and was obliged to drink the pure water from the earth and then the priests marked his face. In that moment a priest started the ritual with a knock of his staff: The incubation”. The incubation of dream appear in texts from century VI b.c. In dark galleries consecrated to Apollo and Asklepio the patient slept for entire days in a niche caved in the rock, as a grave. The gods appeared from the other world and meddled inside the dream of them who slept, they could advice, they were the connoisseur of the only truth, and spoke to the mortals and gave them specific keys and advices. Sometimes the entities who appeared in the dream were demons, causing the death of the patient however the most of the time the patient woke up and the Iatromantis interpreted each sign and each word of the deity appeared in the incubation.

I’ve had LD since a lot of time, but I didn’t know that this ability had a name and it could be trained until two years ago. I found out the existence of the oneironautic reading a magazine.
Well, at that time I was living in a city of the south of Spain called Cadiz.
Why am I talking all that?
Because a time ago I watched in a TV program that an Asklepeion was discovered under the soil of that city. Maybe just a coincidence hehehe I know that all of it is mythology, but as Lovecraft said “not everything that has been forgotten is necessarily dead” muahahaha