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    School 2

    Dream; Semi-Lucid; Lucid; Memorable; 1-4 My Recollection;

    My focus is our local school with a wand, flying and (a body made of good emotion)
    Welcome to the dreams...
    Group: Natalie, Justine, Glitters, Carly.

    I have: Orbited Moon, Seen the center of earth.

    Notes: 1) The pictures get edited down to minies after a few weeks. 2) June I will be adding a section of 5 to 10 favorites from my DJ Archives.

    Current focus: (_____)

    1. Hallway and Book Keys

      by , 06-04-2012 at 08:06 AM (School 2)
      Dream; Semi-Lucid; Lucid; Memorable; 1-4 My Recollection;

      Woke 7am raining
      3; Was at party, Steph was looking at me. I went outside to play some basketball.
      (I always get floaty doing that in dreams.)

      Was lucid and flew around in the bright yard, landed.

      Few scene changes.

      I was going through dim hallways in a house.
      Went out to the window and got lucid again.

      4; A DC was learning how to fly. I walked inside and picked up my keyboard to see what it would do in a dream.
      (It had folded book chapters as the keys.) I went out the front door and used the keyboard to open a window across the street. I flew over to it.
      There where random people inside.

      for art display only, not a close resemblance

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