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    School 2

    Hopping Down the Street

    by , 06-15-2012 at 12:36 AM (748 Views)
    Dream; Semi-Lucid; Lucid; Memorable; 1-4 My Recollection;

    Woke 11am
    Slept great. Lucid after WBTB.

    4; I was lucid but didn't realize that the dream wasn't steady because I had just wbtb. So after being curious why, and I didn't wake or have an FA, I took a moment to focus walking along rubbing my hands and being more present. After that I hopped along the street, flying a bit, looking at the houses. I stopped at my friend Abby's and went in. I slept with a girl in the bedroom.

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    Tags: aby, flight, wbtb