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    Exploring My Mind

    My dream journal. I'll try to make things as interesting as possible, and try to recall as many dreams as I can.
    Anything in orange text is just part of a non-lucid. Anything in blue text is a lucid dream. Purple text is a dream sign, or possible dream sign. If the text isn't colored, it's not a dream and it's usually just me commenting on various things.
    I'm hoping to fill this journal with tons of dreams over the coming years, and ultimately, get better at lucid dreaming~

    1. Identifying a Sign

      by , 09-13-2016 at 09:31 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Back on a steadier pace, and I think it helps that things haven't been so busy. Today's dream brought about, yet again, another recurring person.
      I was in a huge hotel of sorts, that had all sorts of lavish rooms, hallways, and lobbies to explore. Present in the dream with me were my family, the girl who I've been referring to as K in a lot of my previous entries, her boyfriend, and her family. We were all there on vacation, and more than ready to relax and have a good time. Said good time is hazy, but two key moments I remembered happened in chronlogical order. First, that night, we all set up on this very cozy balcony and watched a movie that was projected onto the wall in front of us. Despite being a projection, the movie looked to be in full HD. Can't quite remember what the movie was, but it was in black and white, oddly enough.
      K, sitting next to me, glanced over at me and laughed. I did the same. Everyone else with us was a little more quiet than usual, but I think they just seemed like they were absorbed into the movie. Just behind the projection, you could see the sky outside through a large opening in the hotel building, the setting sun burning up everything it could touch.
      Later on the next day, we all decided to go swimming. K and I were the first ones to arrive at the pool, which as it so happened was inlaid right next to a beach. It struck me then that the whole place looked similar to a place my family and I go on vacation every year for Thanksgiving. Shaking the thought, K and I had fun swimming. However, at one point when I went under to see how long I could hold my breath, I discovered upon emerging from the water that K was no where in sight! She was just next to me a second ago, but she seemingly vanished out of thin air. I was frantic. What could have happened to her? I sprinted out of the pool, and noticed her boyfriend running down the stairs by the pool. He looked equally as frantic. I explained to him what happened, and the search began.
      Man, why does the plot always ramp up when the recall drops off? One thing I can say for sure: Once I get much better at having lucids, I'd love to visit this place again.
      There was another smaller dream recalled when I went back to sleep. Seems my current no-alarm, wake-up-twice schedule is producing similar amounts of dreams.
      I was in a virtual space. Best way I can describe it is it looked like a dream scene straight out of TRON. By my side was a cute little fluffy dog. Apparently he and I were tasked with taking down this deadly, gigantic machine that was in the middle of the area. The machine was shooting off blasts of electricity all over the place. Along the ground, however, were glowing arrows that flashed red and green corresponding to when we had to move or stop. Using these, we quickly dashed our way to the machine.
      So there's the daily couple. What's interesting to me is the prevalence of K in my dreams lately. I said in my last entry that she may be a dream sign, but now I'm starting to believe it fully. As to why she's been so prevalent...well, that's a whole different thing. Her and I don't speak much IRL except for a few comments here and there on social media. Thing is, K is from a time in my life, in my past, where things were really nice. She's from one of the happier periods in my life, a period full of day-long stretches spent with friends doing fun things like we did in this dream. Lately, I've been longing for these things, and to get back to something akin to that. Therefore, I think her appearing so much in my dreams is a reflection of that. Maybe it's something else. Maybe a mix. Who can say? Ramble done.
    2. Fast and Flirty Times

      by , 04-18-2015 at 08:07 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Thankfully, I recalled a pretty good amount of a dream this morning! A very weird, kind of sensual dream at that. And it's a weekend, no less, which my recall has tended to be crappy on lately. But first, a very small fragment from when I woke up in the middle of the night:
      My dog, Jesse, was tackling me and licking my face (as he does constantly IRL). However, it soon got to the point where I could no longer breathe, and I was gasping for air as Jesse continued to try to love on me. Running (or nearly running) out of breath caused me to wake up with a start, but I quickly fell back asleep to have the former, more vivid dream I mentioned.
      I was at a large mansion on a school trip with a lot of classmates whom I don't actually know. There were about...40 or so of us altogether, including myself. The trip involved us going on a guided tour of the mansion. All of the students were about the same age as me.
      In any case, soon after the tour started, one of the girl classmates came up to me and started whispering flirty comments into my ear. Shocked, and a little embarrassed, I turned to face her. Strangely, she did have a familiar quality about her, like I should know her from some where but in reality I don't actually know who she is. Her hair was short, messy, and light brown, and she had very fierce eyes.
      I asked her why she was doing that, but I don't quite remember her response. The rest of the tour went on like this, with me trying to pay attention to the tour guide while she continually tried to seduce me, whispering comments and hugging me without anyone around us even noticing (somehow).
      Eventually when the tour ended, we decided to hang out and discuss a whole number of things. As we were wrapping up this discussion, she decided to take more physical action, and pulled closer to me. I tried to pull away, and that was when my parents walked in on us and scolded me, with me being like and telling them it's not what it looks like.
      After all of this happened, my girlfriend joined me on a wild ride in a futuristic car in an even more futuristic looking city. Weirdly enough, this was in the same dream, and followed immediately after the prior events, with the mysterious girl just vanishing without a trace. The city glowed neon, and I was awed by the sights.

      Annnnd that's everything. Very odd dream, but nice and vivid.
    3. A Gathering

      by , 04-04-2015 at 01:38 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Lots of recall from this morning (or rather, last night)! Remembered two separate dreams. The first one was one I recalled upon waking up in the middle of the night, so the details didn't come back to me as clearly as they did the second one.

      I went about my daily business at a new company for work. Only, this wasn't just your average job. The workplace was also a school. I frequently went with my coworker from real life, and we went about our daily grind. At some point this part is just a fragment for me I ended up playing a hyper-advanced version of a PS2. After doing some more work, it then occurred to me that somebody was behind me. Somebody with sinister intentions. They ended up holding a cloth to my mouth and wrapping their arms around me so that I couldn't escape. I had been drugged.
      And with THAT really unnerving ending, that's all I can remember from the first dream. Not a whole lot, but something nonetheless.
      Now for the SECOND dream, which I remembered upon waking up for good. This one was quite longer, and more vivid.
      I had bought a fancy new apartment for myself, and was looking after my dog Jesse one bright morning. Jesse ended up peeing all over the place (which is what he does in real life). :canislucidus:
      I tried bringing him downstairs to a safer area to pee, but my girlfriend and her mom disapproved of it, and scolded me extremely badly, almost to the point of insulting. I felt extremely bad, and for some silly reason that I assume only goes by dream logic, Stephen Hawking was nearby while they scolded me, and he was smiling a big smile and ramming into me with his wheelchair. ...make of that what you guys will.
      But I digress, after they scolded me, I screamed really loudly out of frustration.
      Soon after, all of us went to a concert hall, where the DJ and producer was none other than my Japanese teacher! This brought up my mood quite a bit, and we caught up for a while. He then let me take control of the stage, as a play was going on (though I don't remember what it was). I messed around with the lights, and background music, amusing myself for a while.
      And finally, after THAT was done, my teacher, girlfriend, and her mom all went with me to this little girl's house for her birthday party. Oddly, I didn't recognize this girl from anybody I know IRL, yet I treated her like a little sister.
      My girlfriend's uncle was at the party too, scoffing at people getting references wrong. Scarily enough, just like the ending of the last dream, this one ended with a bit of an unsettling note, as news got around about a killer on the loose while we were singing happy birthday, of all things.