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    The Realm of the Child

    1. The Long Walk While We Were Being Pricks.

      by , 04-15-2012 at 08:04 PM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid.
      Dream Mood: Bland and Stupid.
      Dream Setting: My Hometown.
      Dream Characters: My Friends.

      This was a short dream, though I didn't quite like it either. It made me feel like a jerk to other people. I was walking home from school, apparently later than most times due to the amount of other people walking home at the same time. Still, I came across a few friends and whatnot, and joined them. We talked about random stuff, and for some reason, we went to walk on the freeway of all places. How we walked home was by simply walking across the freeway, though strangely, the freeway began to look more and more like a bunch of skin with hair. As soon as we noticed that, we all suddenly began to make fun of Armenians with racist remarks and whatnot. I rarely ever make racist remarks, so this was strange. One of my friends from a further off town came up next to us and introduced himself with my other friends. They said that they liked him, though he had to move forward, and we just walked down a spiral path in the freeway to a 7-11 convenient store. We went inside and I don't remember what we did there, but surely enough we were outside again before long. I realized that I had lost my shoes somewhere, and I was very worried. We had a new friend all of a sudden; an artistic girl who dressed in a black coat and black baggy shorts with boots and had dyed blonde hair. Looking at her now, I find myself thinking that she was quite attractive. We snuck onto someone's back porch, where I thought I had found my shoes, but did not. The girl then said "Come on... wake up!" and instead of waking up, I was at the 7-11 again, where there was a pile of shoes there, and I had to find mine in that pile.I did find them after some searching, and asked the man if I could just take them and be on my merry way, but he said no and that I needed proof that those were mine. I got mad, very mad, and I threw a fit. My dad eventually came in to prove the purchase, and because he saw me in my angered state, I started crying for some reason, and he hugged me. He'd soon release me and I'd look over to the counter, where they were happily arranging revolvers for some reason, and then I woke up.