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    The Realm of the Child

    1. My Father, Taken By Social Services. (Fragment)

      by , 04-18-2012 at 05:58 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid, Fragment.
      Dream Mood: Confused, Saddened.
      Dream Setting: My Dad's Apartment.
      Dream Characters: My Dad, The Police.

      I have no clue how this dream protruded into what it did, but my dad was talking and rambling about something to me, and for some reason, the police came to the door and began questioning my father about something, though he pushed them off and went back to lecturing me. Soon enough, they were outside with sirens blowing, shouting with the megaphone things like "Come out, now!" and he ignored it, still. Soon enough though, they yelled out "We have social services here! Come out and stand in the orange circle!" and as soon as they said that, his face turned into something that could worry a man almost instantly. He nodded and looked at me and said "Alright, I should be back by the time you get home from school tomorrow... you can walk to school, right?" I nodded "Good... I'll see ya around, alright?" And so he walked out the door and I said "Thank you, dad." before heading out. This is where the dream ended, strangely.
    2. A Trip to Gamestop

      by , 04-04-2012 at 12:36 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      (Trying out a new format. Hooray!)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid
      Mood: Awkward, Angering, Somewhat Eerie
      Settings: Gamestop... Somewhere.
      Characters: My friend Anthony.

      During the start of the dream, not much comes to mind besides me driving on a strange freeway, which is strange. I usually never take the freeway, much less have to. Still, I was in a car that I did not know very well, though I was driving with my friend Anthony who has made our friendly relationship very awkward because of his advances to try to 'get with me', even though I am not gay. So in this dream, things were much the same. We were quiet in the car. We barely said a word to each other, until we got to our destination; Gamestop, which is also strange, because I don't see why I'd go on a freeway to get to Gamestop, when they have a store right up the street from where I live. Whatever, still, we poofed into the shop. I was apparently looking for a game (dunno what else I would be doing there...) and so I looked around. He suggested a few games, all of which seemed uninteresting or just dumb. I then found a game, which I thought was Fable II, but in reality was not. Still, I waited in line with the game, while he awkwardly waited next to me in a submissive stance that made me feel embarrassed. Not much after that thought. A very static dream.

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    3. Time Travel and How It Effected Today (and Easter).

      by , 04-02-2012 at 01:38 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      Well, back from my lack of dream recall, I woke up remembering the strangest of dreams that I had last night.

      There was not much foreplay I could remember of the first part of my dream, but what I do remember of it was strange and somewhat disturbing. I was with another person, though me and him were very similar, actually, in the way that we weren't actually humans, but white boxes with plain faces. Still, the other box told me that he had made a time machine. This was in the room of my dad's house, actually, so it all felt too strange. Still, we debated, and eventually used it. I believe we went back to the 60's, 70's and 80's. I don't remember going anywhere else, but I do distinctively remember going into a cliche 70's store and looking through 70's rocker clothing, in otherwords, baggy torn jeans, vests and headbands. Realizing that I couldn't wear any of it, due to my shape, we went back to the present. Things seemed quiet and eerie, though had a sad tone to it. The other guy told me that we couldn't go back anymore, due to a reason unknown. I went to go look into the living room and kitchen, and it was all empty, save for the kitchen, which on the chair sat the other guy, or so I thought. He now looked like me in my pre-teen years; Long hair, red t-shirt, acne ridden and with cargo shorts. I shook my head and went back into the room and told the other "Everyone's gone. No one is on this planet!" and he replied with "No one?" I nodded and looked at the other again with a concerned face "Well, you are sitting in the kitchen." he looked terrified as I said that and began ranting on about how bad this was.

      That was the end of the first part of my dream, some sort of end of the world scenario. Things were similar in my next dream though, but very different as well. I believe we were in a spaceship of sorts, a very futuristic one at that. It was close to Easter, and my dad was buying me a bunch of animals for pets, and I mean a lot. Rabbits, cats, chicks, ducks. Loads of animals, even small cheetahs and other wild cats, though all of them would need to grow from their cub state. Still, My dad for some reason told me to pack all of the animals into a storage area on the ship. Soon enough, Easter (I guess...) would come and I would open the storage thing to find the creatures. I wanted the small cheetah-like kitten the most, though I found the... "cub", though it was like a small bug, spotted like a cheetah, but I even questioned it in my dream. Still, I don't remember what quite happened between there and the next event, but suddenly, all the animals were gone, just vanished. Something after than happened, and there was mention that it was "The end of the world".

      What's with all these apocalypse dreams? Hmm... Maybe I can predict the future, eh?