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    acillis's dream journal

    Hello everyone, i haven't really wrote in here before, so i thought i would change that
    here i wil post some of the most frightening and epic lucid dreams i have ever had ! i do hope you enjoy your stay within my dimension

    1. first lucid in a long time

      by , 06-20-2014 at 12:11 AM (acillis's dream journal)
      im a pretty good lucid dreamer usually, but i smoke way to much pot to be at my greatest form.
      i was involved with a girl for about 6 or 7 weeks, and in that time i didnt smoke anything, and i had a pretty hard core lucid i would like to share.

      i really do not know where this lucid began, for i was pretty much lucid the whole dream! i was at a party with a bunch of black people, at first i felt a little intimated, but i payed attention to how they were just enjoying them selves, they were really nice people! i ended up sitting beside 2 black chicks, one was skinnky the whole was larger, i ended up taking them to a room in the house, strangly i knew where this room was, i even knew my way around it somehow.
      i jumped on to my back on the bed, and watched as the skinny chick jumped onto me, but i was slowly awakening.... fuck it!
      laying on my back not moving at all, i reenter a dream, i must of lost lucidity at some point but regained it again.
      i was still hanging with black people, one guy i really liked for some reason i lost track of him, found him sleeping in some bed, tried to wake him up, acted like he didnt know who i was! i was hanging with this guy for ages i may of lost lucidity but i knew wat i was still doing!
      i figured he lost lucidity like i did, and i had to get him to question things before he regained his own lucidity, when he did he remembered who i was! we left there together, but i lost track of him again but before i lost him agian we started forming a exploring group! a team! i remember walking past what looked like a theater, just it wasnt like any other one you coud possibly imagine, they had dvd's instead... and you choose one and actually experience it! i lost a few people to this distraction! walking some more, transition shift.
      for some reason now i am following a car and harassing the people in the car, i think they must of been really rude to me!
      after a bit of this, i realize police are now coming, so i fly onto the top of a bridge to remain out of sight, it didnt work tho they knew were i was! lol
      the oddest part here... is that the dream police started flying up towards me! i think they had special belts that allowed em to fly! they came at me!, firing tazor like things at me, kinda silly... for i am good with energy!!!! i absorbed the energy of some some of the tazor's fired at me, i shocked one of them with some of the energy.. and he started falling, i used my power and made him float before he hit the ground, the police were kinda shocked!! and got off my case after that, actually i think we became somewhat friends, they gave me one of the tazor like things, which i happily used on my self lol
      now holding this device in my hands, one of the police says something about a screen, and im thinking what fucking screen???? suddenly the device changes in my hand and becomes something like a camcorder?
      looking at the screen i can see i can change channels, alot of them were dark and evil, but some of em were beautiful
      i came upon one channel, and the strangest part of it, they could see me too!!!! looking at em through a big screen lol
      they actually thought i was a god, i could alter there world by blowing through the screen! lol
      i think i may of looked at the screen longer then i should have done, for the next thing i realize is that im within wat i was looking at! lost lucidity again, and got it back, next i find my self in what looks like a brady bunch famly environment, i was outside the sun was out, a happy family playing in the sun.
      in the background were 3 people, nobody else could see but me. 2 of these people were riding around on a type of motor bike, strangely this bike made sounds out of star wars lol! i see this other guy tho.... sitting on a tree stump... he had bubble wrap completly covering his face, i go up to him... ask who the fuck are you, no answer i left the plasic off his face, and he flashes razor sharp teeth at me, i guess fear got to me, for i fell onto my back, and he started dragging me away by one of my feet, saying as he pulled me along im gonna show you how to sling up a corpse, few seconds later the guys on the motor bike ride past, almost flying! and deliver a big boot to the guys head as they go past! i awakening a bit shaken lol