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    Aeolus' Lucids

    1. My First Lucid

      by , 05-27-2012 at 05:42 PM (Aeolus' Lucids)

      Lucid dreaming was on my mind around the time I had my first Lucid Dream.

      I don't know where it started but the furthest I remember was jumping from platform to platform in a dark voidish room. The platforms were colorful cubes, there was someone with me, a partner, I think it was a female. It felt similar to a game. I got to the end and it was the front of my foyer, I opened the door. The front of my house had a lot of details, a mailbox, car, garden, steps, driveway. They were all in the right place but I don't know if they were right. There were armed people too, looking at me. For a moment I was ignoring them, just observing the front of my house, then I got lucid.

      The 'soldiers' disappeared, and so did my partner. I was scared and excited which was a pretty bad combination, so I made the decision to distract myself, and just run around to the back of my house. The grass was unrealisticly detailed, and everything was vivid. In my backyard I looked past the pond and fences and looked at the street. I closed my eyes and told myself that when I opened them I would be on the street.

      But I woke up instead.

      Notes: I can't remember when I had it but I think it was around last summer. I still haven't forgotten it at all. Once I got lucid the dream lasted around 7 seconds.
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