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    1. A peek into the afterlife???? What a peculiar dream!

      by , 06-08-2011 at 02:02 PM
      Hey guys! This is the first dream I ever post from my dream journal (that I write with pen and paper in the morning) because I found it so strange and thought provoking. I would also like to mention that I'm an agnostic theist....

      Okay, so this one night, I decide to sleep on my couch in my living room as my room was a bit too hot to sleep in, plus I wanted to see if I could have a lucid by sleeping somewhere else.

      *Enter Dream*

      So I'm in my high school. Everything looks normal, except there are no people but this one friend of mine. So he tells me to follow him. Then he charges down the hallway and I run after him and he opens the door to one of the classrooms and goes inside. I follow him and when I open the door instead of there being a classroom there was a very long narrow hallway. So I follow my friend down the long hallway and he gets to the other side before me and I lose sight of him.
      As I get to the other side, I enter this interior mall setting where I'm in one of the hallways in the mall and stores all around. But the thing was, all the stores were closed. Around me were people sitting on the floor and benches, similar to the way you would see people in the middle of the night in an airport waiting for their morning plane, all sleeping on the benches or looking very tired and with their luggages next to them (to get a feeling for the atmosphere, a good example would be the movie "Spirited Away" in which Chihiro is on the train around the faceless, characterless strangers that look like lost spirits, that kind of atmostphere ) There is also this one lady in her late 50's that looked like a cafeteria food serving lady standing behind a table.
      Realizing the strangeness of my surroundings (but not to the point where I suspect it is a dream), I walk up to the lady and ask "Hey, how the heck do I get out of here?? There are no windows and no exit doors and everything seems closed." The lady looks at me with the same indifferent face she had before I ever walked up to her and says:
      "There is no way out. This is Purgatory."

      *The dream then fades away*

      As I wake up, the only thing I can think is "Wait a second....! What the hell was that dream supposed to mean??"