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    1. Nap dream...

      by , 03-27-2013 at 09:08 PM
      This entry will be short and sweet because I made a coffee before I wrote down little reminders. Oops, I might leave my little notepad at my desk and remember so I have more details.

      The first dream probably lasted longer than I can remember, all I remember is being on the hill down my street, and my best friend Gem(My best friend); looking quite ill shouting at me. I somehow went baliistic and ended up trying to take an overdose. I think I ran back to the shop near me and back again, and her mom drove up in a car or something. I can't remember much else from that although I do feel that there is more to the story.

      The second dream I was arguing with a man about wether I was lucid dreaming or not and kept slipping in and out of my dream. We discussed about other things that I have forgotten about. However, I do know it was one of those slight weird astral dream states where conversations and such-like happen. I think I was getting annoyed because I kind of knew I was dreaming, but it was almost like I was being PREVENTED from clicking this time... Huh.