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    AmazeO XD's Dream Journal

    A detailed journal of all my dreams, with categorization and lucid/non-lucid. Very exciting stuff.

    1. September 19th, 2012

      by , 09-19-2012 at 08:22 PM (AmazeO XD's Dream Journal)
      Date: September 19th, 2012
      Lucid: No?
      Location: A river, a town in the past (1981), a subway system?
      Tone: Scary, fun, entertaining

      The River

      Going as far back as I can remember into this dream, I recall sitting in a small clear-water river two other people. There is a raft behind us, made of logs tied together. The river has clear water, and lots of brush on the skirts of it, meaning there is no beach around most of it. The river is in the shape of a “T”, with us being situated at the bottom part of the “T”. To the north of us, there is a small beach with a few stereotypical looking tipi huts. To the west, the river extends into a bend, and to the east, the river continues a bit further. A woman sits on the beach, staring longingly out into the river. Suddenly tons of tiny little arrows start being shot at in our general location. We swim back a little bit towards the raft, but do not go under it. One of the small arrows hits one of the people I'm with in the head. It does not kill, or even seriously injure her. Even so, we make the assumption that these arrows in large doses are deadly.

      I decide to get under the raft, and swim my way (using the raft as coverage) to the beach. The others think this is a bad idea, but I do it anyway. The river opens up and is much wider in the upper beach section. There is no current moving me at all, in any part of the river. I arrive to the woman on the beach, and my memory is foggy at this point, but I recall swapping out the raft for a blowup horse that I use as cover. I switch back to the raft at some point, and I recall the woman being upset that she isn't able to leave the beach. At this point, I assume that the arrows are other “tribesmen” or something sitting in the brush beyond my sight, protecting her. Set around the brush by the river near the beach, there are giant traps. They are giant planks with nails and spikes in them, that swing down into the water if you trip them. The raft does trip one of the traps, and I am not harmed, but this is how I see them in action.

      I use my raft to swim over to the east side of the “T” river, and find myself at land. However, it is simply a set of three doors in a very small tunnel. One is to my left, one is to my right, and the other straight ahead. I remember the door to the left being orange. On the door, there things written (like how most doors have “Emergency Stair Case” or “First Floor”), but are in another language. I recall it reading something like “Dans Alfred”. From the other two doors, I can hear that they are like large staircases (like the kinds you find in hotel). The echo of the staircase makes me able to hear people. I can hear them running up the stairs, so I open the door in front of me, and run down.

      The Diner

      As I run down the stairs, there are a set of men with guns and in uniform (similar looking to the police, but more military) facing down the stairs (opposite of my direction). There is a gap where there seems to be two men missing from the unit. I jump through the gap and when the rest of the unit take notice, I yell “Alred is the other way!”. This is the only thing I remember repeating. I'm very keen on making sure they know I'm not “Alfred”, whomever he is.

      I open the door on the other end of the short staircase, and find myself in a diner. I recall a slight flight/tussle with someone here, but I do not remember the specifics. I walk towards the entrance of the diner (which is shaped more like a coffee shop), and find people sitting at a table there. I recognize them in my dream, but I do not remember who they are now. After sitting there, my father walks up. He is holding a stack of newspapers that are taped to his chest with pink duct tape. For some reason, I believe that they are hiding a piece of bulletproof material, in case someone wants to shoot him. We speak, I do not remember of what, and he gives me one of the newspapers in his large stack. I look down, and it seems to be a catalog of sorts. Everything is super expensive in the catalog.

      The Town/Convenient Store

      I walk across the street, and judging from the cars and atmosphere, I have deducted that I am in the past. It feels like late 60's, but I come to later find out the year is 1981. I walk into a store that has a layout of a general store. The shelves are stocked with random items. Inside, there is also a man selling tattoo stuff. I decide that I need some lotion for my fresh tattoo (which in real life, I do not have any recent tattoos that would need this), and ask for assistance. One of the cashier clerks walks me to the back section of this small general store (there is only three or four isles), and I find a bunch of specialty tattoo lotion. There are all sleekly designed. It's sort of the setup you would see at a high-end fashion salon or hair stylist. He suggests two types of lotion to me, both orange in color. He says that most people don't like one of the things he has suggested, but he finds it “amazing.” I set down the forementioned item and explore the store a bit. Lotion in hand, I find the store stocked with various items, such as perishable food, toys, etc. It's like a convenient store for everything. On the side closet to the front of the store, there are old video arcade games (old time-wise, not in condition or look), that are available to play. There is a man at the front of the store, who asks me what kind of candy I would like. As I tell him my choices out of the selection, he begins filling up different cups with different candy combinations and then hands them to me. I didn't ask for them, he just gave them to me. I walk to the counter to ring out my purchase (which is now lotion and some candy), and there is two long lines. I get in the left line, where the checkout counter is set up like a spare table, with an old man sitting down. There is a small boy and an older man in front of me. They are taking forever ringing out. The old man clerk tries to entertain the boy by showing him that he is on surveillance camera. The clerk points an old camcorder at him, which then immediately shows the young boy on the closed circuit television. I laugh for a while with them.

      Note: I'm not sure if I was lucid at this point, but you'll understand why I'm confused soon.

      I then slam down my hands on the counter and tell everyone to hurry up. I'm not truly mad, just feigning it. I then smile at everyone, and set my candy and lotion down on a nearby counter, and then focus myself, and spin in a circle a few times. I'm doing this in my dream to regain focus. I do not remember being lucid here. Perhaps I was lucid for a short period of time and do not recall it, or somehow the idea of spinning to gain clarity in a lucid dream has found its way into a non-lucid dream. Either way, I pay for my things. The man asks me tons of questions about my age, birth year, car, etc. He is filling out things on a form. Realizing that I am in the past, but truly from the future, I have to do some quick math to figure out what my fake birthdate and car stuff should be.

      It is at this point in which I figure that I'm 18 years old (I'm actually 21 in waking life), and that the year is 1981. I give him my information, he gives me a keychain of some sort, and I walk out. I consider stealing a reese's bar on the way out, but don't.

      The Train/Bus

      Everything from the past section to now is a bit fuzzy, and I do not remember getting here. The next thing I remember is sitting in a car with my friend (we are still in the past), when my friend gets out to get into an argument with a man in a large bus. It is now night time, and I step out to hear their argument. The bus is large, and my friend is on the other side arguing with the driver. I crawl under the bus (which is very highly suspended, might I add), and start pulling switches and levers. The lights start flickering in the bus, and other things start going wrong with it. The argument ends with my friend and the driver, and as I drive away, I see all the passengers of the bus looking very frightened out the window at me.

      The Rest

      Everything else after that is fuzzy. I remember being in a subway like tunnel, and meeting up with my friend. The “bus” that I had early messed with turned out to be a train that I had crashed. I have no clue how this happened, but I take my friend's word for it. My friend Jeff and I stand on a balcony, throwing panties (yes, panties) off the balcony towards this small hole in the ground. The panties stack in the hole, making a sort of netting around it. In the distance, there are horses feeding and frolicking about. The horses seem drawn to the large stack/net of panties, and surround the hole. They all fall into the hole, which sucks them down and out of sight, like the hole is on the ceiling of a giant cave.

      This is all I can remember


      The only thing that really interested me (besides the idea of being in the past in a dream, which I've never done) was the fact that I cannot remember if I was lucid or not. If I wasn't lucid, I'm even more interested in why I was doing clarity stabilizers in a normal dream. Oh well.
      non-lucid , memorable