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    1. Plateau of my Consciousness

      by , Yesterday at 06:47 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      Two dreams.

      I was in a very large group home for people my age. I wasn't sure what it was for, but it was massive and all on one level. The floorplan was like this: there was a center, wide hallway that was more like a living/lounge space full of couches and coffee tables. On either side, on the other side of a wall, a large extensive bathrooms/locker rooms stretched parallel. The right side was for guys and the left for ladies. (bath/locker rooms are a really common dream sign).

      I had a pet garter snake who had wiggled its way from my hands and escaped. I was running around frantically, crawling on my hands and knees, peering under furniture, sticking my head into the bathrooms, but I lost all track of my pet. I was about to give up as the dream ended.


      The beginning of this one is a bit fuzzy. I remember walking down a dirt road or path surrounded by tall trees and deep green ivy. I walked with one or two other people, female. There was some sense of an apparition that floated above a wooden sign covered in vines. It was almost like just as I looked to focus on it, the ghost vanished entirely. I turned and began running off the road and into the woods. I soon came out on the other side to see a white, two story house and garage sitting on a wide and perfectly flat plateau. No lights were on and it seemed vacant. The sparse grass held an orange-ish glow that seemed to mirror the fiery sun setting in the sky. I walked out onto the plateau and was awe struck by the scene in front of me. The plateau gave way to a sheer cliff that dropped down into a deep and lush valley. The valley stretched for miles before extending up into a mountain range that cut through the horizon.

      I was on the verge of lucidity, I could feel it. I was so captivated. My thoughts sped up. I began questioning everything I was experiencing. The dream ended before I could get much further. I feel if it had lasted longer, I would have broken into lucidity easily.
    2. Afloat on the Town's Water

      by , 01-18-2019 at 03:55 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I wish I could have remembered more from last night. I know I dreamed intensely, but recall becomes strange when I wake up frequently.

      I dreamed of a town that had merged itself with a nearby lake. The crystal clear, blue water filled the streets intentionally. Cars were adapted to float and travel on the surface. The buildings stretched several stories up. In the center was wide open water where waves could grow and rock the surface. This was such an incredibly vivid and surreal scene. I was in a large speedboat. With me I had a child and a kitten. I had to get the kitten into a small cage to make sure it wouldn't go somewhere it shouldn't and get hurt. We had just came from a street and made it out onto open water. I told the child to hold the steering wheel until I could manage the kitten situation. When finished and looked up, a sizeable wave was about to hit us from the side. I quickly grabbed the wheel and whipped the boat around to hit it head on so we wouldn't capsize. Being tossed around in the air like that was kind of fun. To my right I saw an approaching police boat, but they didn't seem too concerned. More curious than anything.
    3. Train Tracks

      by , 01-18-2019 at 02:51 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      A few snippets of last night's dreamage:

      I found work creating custom motorcycles from the ground up. It paid really well, was hard but satisfying work, and the business was really taking off.

      I dreamed about being in a cafeteria full of people I knew. I had loaded my tray up with food from the buffet style islands and found a set.

      I can't remember what I was doing, but I realized I had forgotten something. Or maybe I had just realized that if I had something in particular, it would make whatever it was I was doing so much better. Carrying my backpack and winter coat, I bolted from the building and ran down the street. I cross railroad tracks just as the crossing gate began closing and the bells started chiming, warning of an impending train on its way. I dodged the gate as it came down right next to my head and glanced down the tracks, seeing a moving train unnervingly close. On the other side, I dropped my coat and bag onto the ground and kept running. I looked back, wondering, worrying if I should have kept these items that I thought were slowing me down.

      The translation for the Train Tracks dream is really clear to me. The past two nights I've asked myself a question and have gotten translatable answers from my dreams that have made some sense. I'll keep experimenting and writing down the results.
    4. Andy Samberg the Mars Murderer

      by , 01-16-2019 at 12:25 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      Very rarely will I dream of being on planets other than Earth. Last night I dreamt of landing on a very nicely terraformed version of Mars. The trees and vegetation was strikingly similar to Earth, but the sky had a unique yellow hue, and grass seemed a bit of a sandy color.

      I stepped out of a space ship with 3 other people, noticing a house and a few sheds next to a barren field and patch of woods. We were all wearing high-tech space suits. Our mission was to regain contact with a farming settlement that had a broken communication system. Andy Samberg was one of one of people on my team.

      We split up and began walking the property; we couldn't find a single soul. No life seemed to be coming from the house or any of the buildings. Walking around back, we found the door leading down to the basement open. Peering into the darkness, I had the feeling that it led into a deep formation of catacombs. I wasn't sure I was ready to go that far yet.

      I heard Andy Samberg start yelling, "Alien! Alien! Oh god I got him!" I then heard gunshots coming from the other side of the house. Everyone rushed over to him to find that he had, in his great ignorance, shot and killed an old man who had come to greet us. We were all speechless and serious with the exception of the smug "oops" grin Andy Samberg typically has. Just then, a large rover the size of a monster truck pulls up to the property, and the remaining settlers we were looking for came out and greeted us. They quickly realized what had happened, luckily knowing it was only the fault of Andy Samberg. We tied him up and continued on with the mission, unanimously deciding that later we would decide what to do with him.

      I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Andy Samberg as an actor.
    5. The Dragon Chase - A successful DEILD

      by , 01-13-2019 at 04:59 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I was finally successful with the DEILD methos, and managed to chain two lucid dreams together.

      I was in the form of Stan from American Dad initially. I just caught wind that a dangerous organization was after me and my family. I ran back to my house,which was a decent sized tree house a couple stories up in a tree. My family was the wife and two kids in the Incredibles. We were all frantically packing the things we needed when I started catching wind that they were about to roll up on us. I shouted for everyone to leave immediately. They were on it. They jumped from the back door and glided down effortlessly. My wife lead them on foot through the fields that stretched as far as the eye can see. I started getting that familiar feeling and began to realize I was dreaming.

      I looked out a window and saw a black limo pull up and park beneath my front door. It was them. I shouldered my bag and jumped out the back door, gliding down and then used that momentum to take a couple steps and launch myself into the air once more. It felt like low gravity mixed with being on a hang glider, or Crouching tiger hidden dragon. As I gently descended, I would push off the ground and launch back into the sky at great speed.

      I repeated this process of jumping - gliding - jumping and began getting faster and faster. I was conscious that looking down even when I was 30 or 40 feet in the air didn't bother me. The ground turned to flooded, barren corn fields up ahead. I could see I had almost caught up with my family. As I got within earshot, I greeted them to let them know I was safe and then kept at the rear of the group. We dashed around tree lines that separated the square acres of field and came upon a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I took one last jump and made it on top of the room that hangs over the gas pump. The wife and kids dashed inside for drinks and snacks. I surveyed the area briefly. It wasn't a tiny gas station, but a Sheetz that would get a good deal of business. We all felt it was a safe place to take a rest. I dropped down from the roof and walked inside. My wife approached me and said "Honey, they have a place we can stay for a while. It's a motel." I and everyone else was relieved.

      I woke up and without thinking, rolled over and opened my eyes a bit. I was really hoping to get back into this dream using the DEILD method. As quickly as I could, I got comfortable and began trying to envision those flooded corn fields, walking on the surface of the water, jumping high into the air. And before I knew it this reality faded, and the dream world I was envisioning materialized right before my mind's eye.

      I was standing outside the motel side of the gas station, staring into the wispy blue sky, feeling the cool air calmly blow past me. I thought to myself "Alright, I'm back. But what should I do now?" The ground began to rumble and a deep roar vibrated the air. To my left coming down the dirt road was a dragon, and it was coming straight for me. I guess my dream wanted to make things interesting for me. I took off, pushing hard against the ground and launching myself into the air just as before. But this time there was a real sense of danger and franticness, because this dragon had no problems keeping up with me. As I covered some distance, maybe 1/4 mile, the ground became more and more saturated until it was all just flood water with broken bits of corn stalks poking through. I thought of my experience walking on water in a lucid dream I had a few weeks ago, and found I was much improved. Every time my feet touched the surface, I was able to push off with plenty of force to send me flying. I looked back to see the dragon had gave up running, and is now swimming towards me. And it was MUCH faster at swimming. So much so that he would be on me within a minute.

      I changed course and shot off through a line of trees. I saw the back of a very large building up ahead, what seemed like a mall. I ran and jumped once more, using my feet to push myself vertically. I couldn't take it all in one leap so I pounded up the rest of the way with my feet and hands against the brick. Looking back, the dragon had resurfaced and was definitely slowed down by the tree line, but it was quickly figuring out how to squeeze through. I still had several ledges to climb before I would be out of the dragon's reach. I continued my ascent, leaping 10-15 feet in the air and catching the brick corners, then pulling myself up. On one of the highest ledges, I saw a hole the size of a football in the brick. I tried to peer inside, but I couldn't. It almost seemed like this was here intentionally, like a video game designer put this here as a reward for the curious gamer who explored this part of the map. I opened my palms and gave a mighty shove, yelling "HAH!" The brick exploded back into a hollow cavern that contained and jeweled, stone rabbit and two small treasure chests. I grabbed the stone rabbit by the ears and began running again. I didn't have time to waste with this dragon still hot on my tail.

      I woke.

      It seemed that my lucidity gradually wore out as the dream progressed. It definitely peaked when I was looking at the sky outside of the motel, when I had a chance to calm myself and wonder what to do next in the dream. But the more preoccupied I was with the action going on, the less I was able to think clearly about anything else. However, my DEILD was successful, and that makes me happy and excited to expand upon it!
    6. Biting Ants

      by , 01-12-2019 at 01:12 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of helping preparre for a summer BBQ party. I had to run down to the basement of a house I had lived in a long time ago. I walked across the carpeted concrete floor barefoot. I had grabbed a bag of red plastic cups when I felt a stinging sensation in my toes. I looked down to see the floor crawling with ants. A few looked to be fused together, latched onto one of my toes and continually chomping down. I tried over and over to shake them off to no avail.


      I was in the dairy section of a grocery store. In this dream, for some reason I had a 5 year old daughter I was looking after. I remember keeping a close eye on her as she browsed the items on the shelves and in the coolers. She came upon a rack that was filled with colorful pool noodles, and she seemed fascinated. For the first time in a long time, I thought to do a reality check in my dream. I held my nose and inhaled, breathing in a full lungful of air. I was able to consciously think to myself that I was indeed in a dream, but everything was so blurry and faded I couldn't hold onto any small bit of lucidity. I soon lost what little focus I had and the dream soon ended.

      This is a step in the right direction; I'm noticing my efforts paying off and it hasn't been a full two weeks yet! I have no intention of slowing down, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before I'm fully lucid regularly.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Late for the Bus // FA's a result of the SSILD method?

      by , 01-10-2019 at 02:18 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      For the first time last night, I attempted the SSILD method. I'm struggling to find the original thread and author, but the description of it intrigued me enough to give it a shot.

      I dreamed of getting ready for the bus at my old house I lived in through high school. The sky was still dark; it was in the early hours of the morning. I had just ate breakfast and was getting my coat on as I heard the tell-tale squeal of noisy bus brakes outside my front door. I hadn't brushed my teeth yet and I was sure as hell not going to leave without doing that. I opened the door and waved to signal that I was here and would be right now. I was sure they had not noticed. The bus driver released the air brakes and started rolling forward. I ran and put a small gob of toothepaste on my lip and ran outside. The bus had pulled into my neighbors driveway and was turning around. Ironically I didn't realize that was odd, because the street was a loop that took you back to the main road no matter which way you went. I woke up soon after, anyways.

      Throughout the night I had 2 or 3 false awakenings, which I find very odd. I haven't had a single one for what seems like years. At least, not that I can remember. But multiple in one night... It could have been the mental note I made to try and wake up naturally after dreaming to try and WILD or SSILD like I had read about the night before. I need to start RCing every time I wake up from now on.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    8. Dusk Rider // Lockers Upon Lockers

      by , 03-21-2017 at 09:08 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed I had a light up skate board. My friend Tommy was there along with several other dream people. I was riding up and down this smooth road at dusk. Is pick up a good bit of speed before deftly maneuvering around a few small potholes and pebbles. It was getting late so I was going around telling everyone in the area goodnight, and that I was about to skate home. There were two girls digging through a pantry for something. I knew them, so I said goodnight. I remember seeing a big Tupperware tub filled with small, peeled onions.

      I then remember being in a locker room trying to find a toilet. I wandered around the vast space filled with lockers, stalls, and people changing. I kept my eyes up and made sure not to look at anything I wasn't supposed to be seeing. The toilets I found were at an unmarked coed section. I approached hesitantly, thinking how strange it was that both men and women of all ages were using these six stalls together without thinking anything was out of the ordinary. What REALLY caught me off guard was the fact that the stalls were only half there! It seemed like someone took a chainsaw and very neatly cut off the entire top half of the stalls, leaving them only waist high.

      I went with the flow. I took a leak and left.
    9. Robin Williams -- Swimming in the Lake

      by , 02-07-2017 at 07:04 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of being coached through life by Robin Williams. I dreamed he and I sat in a dark room lit by only one ceiling light. We talked like we were good friends; he imparted his vast wisdom to me bit by bit. I felt like I knew him on a deeper level and that we understood each other.


      I dreamed I jumped off the dock at camp and was swimming in the lake. I couldn't touch the bottom and the water was unclear, but calm and cool. I was swimming with someone else but I can't remember who. Possibly Scott. A camper (girl) tossed a ball of some sort in the lake near me. The ball was off white with dimples like a golf ball, but it floated. It was about the size of a grapefruit and had a hole on one end. I swam over to grab it but woke up.

      I can't say I've ever really paid much attention to Robin Williams before so I have no idea what that's about.
      The symbolism behind jumping in the lake is interesting, however. The lake would probably symbolize emotion. The water was still and undisturbed until I jumped in. It was the typical greenish water you couldn't see too far in.
    10. Pillows for Sails

      by , 02-04-2017 at 06:05 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of being at a dinner table. Familiar people were sitting around me, but we weren't having dinner. We were just finishing up being briefed on a big game we were about to help lead and play in. There were lots of kids waiting to jump in and play. We were going to use these tennis courts on a hill.

      We were about to start the game, but I was slightly unprepared; I didn't have any shoes! I knew I could do it without shoes, but for the sake of my own enjoyment, I got up and quickly started running down the main road in town to find my car where I left my shoes.

      I had a pillow from my couch in my hand for some reason. As I ran, it caught the wind like a full sized sail. I held the pillow in front of me at different angles until I found the best one. I flew down the road, up onto the side of a middle school building and across the front railing. I managed to stop myself to peek inside. A young boy came out and his father quickly followed. I asked if this building was no longer being used as a laundromat. The man gave me a strange look and told me no. Not for a very long time.

      The wind started picking up, and I said "Catch me if you can!" I slid on my feet down the railing and flew on down the street once more.

      I came across a different laundromat and saw someone I was looking for inside. Chris had just put his laundry in and sat down with a small group of other college kids to start class in the middle of the laundromat. I literally make a grand entrance. Without stopping, I burst into the room and slide Casanova style into an empty space between two people sitting down. Chris takes one look at me and asks what drugs I'm on. I could feel the eyes of every student there on me mercilessly. I shrugged it off. "None right now." I said. It seemed like class hasn't started yet, so I took that chance to ask Chris a question. I woke up.

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    11. Essential High School Reunion

      by , 02-04-2017 at 06:03 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of going back to Dover for some reason. I was with some friends I currently have now. I think R was there for sure. We had our own intentions, but those were quickly halted when lots of people I used to know began appearing in the halls as we walked through.

      I ended up having a very small reunion with each of them. It seemed a lot like the Camp Christmas party, where you literally greet every single guest with equal amounts of enthusiasm and joy. I meant it with these guys, though. The one person that stood out from the crowd to me was Mike Thornton. I hadn't seen him in years. At first we both looked at each other in disbelief, but that soon erupted into a bear hug.

      I kept apologizing to R for taking up our time to see all these people I haven't seen in so long. We eventually made our way out of that area and on down the hall. I can't remember what we were doing now but it seemed business related.

      I also remember something involving skateboarding, but no other details can be recalled.


      There's also a very foggy and unclear bit of dream I remember. I don't know if I was lucid or not, but I remember feeling as if everything was my creation. Like I was in a sealed off world inside my head. Time seemed to go by slower than usual dreams. I felt like I was engulfed in my element. I was so at ease and felt so in control (or so at ease I felt no need to have any kind of control) of whatever situation was going on around me.
    12. Walkie Talkies

      by , 11-14-2016 at 12:40 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of you again last night. It had been a while since the last dream of mine you inhabited. I'd nearly forgotten about you. Well, not forgotten entirely. I had just put you on the back shelf and turned off the light. I had gotten used to you not being on my mind anymore. Which may have been for the best, because it seems all you bring me is pain and frustration. At least, after my dreams fade and I wake up.

      This dream was a little different from the others, but not much. I remember we both had walkie talkies. We took turns talking and saying what was on our minds. I soon found I couldn't hold back anymore. The dam I'd built couldn't hold the weight of the water I was holding back. In a flurry of verbalized, raw emotion, I let it out. I held down the button on the walkie talkie and told you everything. How I felt my life was falling apart. How I felt alone. And how I loved you so incredibly much. How I cared about you, and worried about you, and felt so disconnected from you. And how it all felt so hopeless.

      And finally when I was done, I let my finger off the button. There was nothing but silence and static.

      And then I heard you crying softly through the radio. My relief was overshadowed by what I knew you were going through. Or rather, what I could only guess. I wanted nothing more than to be with you. I begged and begged and begged whatever higher power that could've existed right then and there.

      And suddenly you were before me, lying on a bed. Tightly curled into a ball of surrender, quietly crying. I lied down next to you and hugged you tightly. I felt your frail body, and your cool yet warm skin. For the first time ever, I cuddled you. I held you as close as our bodies let us.

      The dream faded, but the memory and the loneliness remain.
    13. Vacancy

      by , 09-08-2016 at 04:38 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of looking at a map of a section of a town about the size of the town i grew up in. I recognized how some parts contained different groups of people and why. How they had a little bit of racism within them and how they segregated themselves. There was a long stretch of road running alongside a river that cut through the town. And a nearby mall or walmart or something I recognized that as a very white neighborhood. Possibly very trashy and racist.

      I woke, but fell back asleep later.


      I dreamed of driving a van down a street in a neighborhood of houses being worked on. I believe it was the neighborhood I saw on the map. I was masturbating while I drove. The few people I saw were going in and out of their houses, working on them. I stopped in front of a vacant house with the door open. I walked inside. I observed the dimly lit, empty rooms and the scattered paint tools, and patchy walls. I walked out and found a nearby bike. Yellow with curved handlebars. I continued down the street on that. I didn't see many people. The ones I did see were busy working on their house.

      But a man walked into the middle of the road, about 30 feet ahead of me. He stood right in my path and watched me. I instantly didn't trust him. I slowed to a stop as I neared and he immediately greeted me. He told me to follow him as he walked down the road to my left. I did. We walked through an aluminum gate and started passing signs advertising a street festival. There were rows and rows of merchant tents and food carts, all with brightly colored toys and items. However, the streets were empty. I thought to myself, Maybe they would have had more success if they actually marketed this to the entire town. I don't remember seeing any posters or flyers.

      He began speaking but I can't remember what he said. He casually walked over to a stand, took out a necklace of plastic flowers, (a lei is the traditional Hawaiian name) and put it over my head. It caught on my bun, but he quickly figured that out and fixed it. I vaguely remember some of the other residences wearing these. The man had also been wearing one. I don't remember too much after that.


      I dreamed of being a fair. The sun was setting and creating such a beautiful scene, silhouetting the ferriswheel and creating the illusion of burning golden mountains with the shape of the clouds just over the horizon. I watched this happen and soon noticed people scrambling with their cameras, running in front of me to get a better view and grab the picture. I had thought about my camera but quickly dismissed it. I was perfectly fine enjoying the moment.


      I dreamed of being on a very large snowy mountain. I vaguely remember thinking something along the lines of "What if I lost a cat up here?" It was as if my vision was on a drone moving up and to the right. I saw everything from its perspective. I became smaller and smaller as I started seeing the landscape around me, beyond immense. Everything was snow, steep rock, pine trees. The landscape changed and shifted as I saw more and more. I finally got to the summit after a minute of flying upward.

      I thought about how I would try to find the cat. How I would hike as far as I could for days and days. Calling its name. Trying to avoid the attention of animals like bears or mountain lions. I thought of how futile it would feel, but the reward of finally finding and saving him. And then I thought, What if he just went right back up the mountain? That would make a good children's book. If they want to leave, let them leave and accept it, sort of thing.
    14. Know It All Boy

      by , 08-22-2016 at 03:11 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      In my dream last night, I knew everything. It was as if I had been given all the details of the dream, like the layout of all the houses, the people and their personalities, the backstory, my history with this world and relationships with it all. I knew it all before the dream even started. It made my actions and thoughts more expectant and judgmental as opposed to if I were observing it all for the first time. Even though this was the first time, my prior knowledge changed how I would've reacted.

      Things I remember in particular, was a boy who lived in a house near a gas station with really old pumps. The house had previously belonged to an old friend. Tanner, I think. I knew the layout of all the rooms on every floor. I was invited in to hang out. I wanted to tell him I knew about all this but the words never made it to my mouth. I knew about his little sister upstairs, probably 4 years old. I knew about his mom in the kitchen, 60ish years old. But I didn't really know much about him for some reason. He was maybe 10-12 or so. Being that he was the only unknown part of the dream. I naturally wanted to know more. Mainly because what else was I going to do?

      I remember his mother coming in the room and talking with me. I didn't really want anything to do with her. She didn't seem like she could let us advance in any way, but I didn't vocalize this and she didn't leave on her own. The dream ended shortly after that.
    15. Running Up That Hill / Baby's First Faceplant

      by , 08-22-2016 at 03:07 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of running. I was running from a point in Strasburg to somewhere in Dover. I had made it a good distance already but I had a massive hill coming up ahead of me. I didn't hesitate. I trucked up the sidewalk. It felt like the hill lasted forever. And that gravity had gotten heavier. I was on my hands and knees, still crawling trough my sore muscles. There was a tree with very low lying branches, thick with leaves, almost blocking the sidewalk. I crawled underneath and through the obstacle.

      I finally managed to shuffle my way to the top. I shakily stood up and looked back on the hill I conquered. It felt right. Exhausted, I walked into a building to my right. A police officer pulled up. They wee friendly. They asked where I came from, what I'm doing. I told them I was on a run. A guy in a white lab coat came in, and the two of them handed me a paper and asked me to fill it out. It had a whole bunch of random yes/no questions on it. However, they wouldn't tell me what it was for.

      I vaguely remember filling it out before. I recognized it as a psychiatric test. "It's just to be sure. Just protocol." They said. I scribbled down my answers quickly ad gave it back to them. And then I left and continued on my run.
      I dreamed of being at a beach side town. I remember being in a local business, a really busy restaurant/pizza shop hybrid. Some young local workers were screwing up orders and getting yelled at by the white, rich owner. I walked out.

      I was at the beach; it was rather crowded. There was a flat plateau of sand, a sharp decline and then a thin shoreline with waves crashing in. Most of the people were sitting on the plateau. I watched a 2 year old girl and her aunt down on the shoreline. The girl ran towards the waves but tripped over her own feet and faceplanted. I laughed so hard and ran to my friend to tell him what happened. I must've been standing by the girls mother when it happened. Before I could get to my friend, the two year old girl appeared next to me, looked up at me with sad, teary eyes and said, "My mom told me to tell you to apologize."

      I knelt down and whole heartedly said, "I am so sorry. That was so rude of me to laugh at you like that. I shouldn't have done that." And I hugged her. She still had the teary eyed expression on her face when I let go. She turned around and walked back to her mother.
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