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    1. Loading the Delivery Truck

      by , 07-30-2015 at 02:08 PM
      This dream occurred at a place I worked during my college years. The job involved delivering fruits and donuts overnight to gas stations. The location of the dream was the dock where we would load the box trucks before starting the route.

      I come in through the truck bay door. I know I have not been on the job in a few years, but I am eager to prove that I'm still the best driver around. I go looking for my clipboard of route papers, but instead find a black binder which seems to be in really nice condition. I think this is an improvement over the old system, and I toss the binder on top of my "store cart". *note: this is the cart I would use to wheel trays of donuts into the gas stations from the truck. We each had our own with our name on the top.*

      I look at the pallet of banana boxes and I'm about to start picking the ones I take with me. Some of the boxes are open and only partially full with yellow, splotchy bananas. I knew these were left over from the night before. Other newer boxes were full with semi-green bananas. These are the ideal ones for sales because they last longer in the stores, but before I start picking my boxes, I see the head driver. He never liked me much because I worked to hard, but I somehow knew that he had covered my route the night before. Since he has a history of doing a poor job on my route, and loading only old bananas, I knew that I would need extra boxes to account for a lot of replacement tonight. I asked him how the bananas went last night and he just blew me off saying it was fine.

      One of the other drivers shows up, and he's panicked. He's goes around asking everyone "Have you seen my black, 3-inch binder?" He comes to me and I say I haven't seen it. Then he points to the top of my store cart and asks, "What's that?" I pull down the binder and suddenly realize that his name is printed on the front. Embarrassed, I hand it to him. It occurs to me that we don't all have binders. He bought this one just to help on his route.

      I'm ready to start loading my truck, but the head driver is already grumbling that I'm working too fast. Meanwhile, others are waiting on me to back my truck in since we can only load one at a time. I walk out to where the trucks are, but another truck is in the way so I know I won't be able to position mine. I walk back inside feeling the pressure of the others waiting on me.

      All of a sudden I am in the rafters of the ceiling, peeking down at the others working. I know that they are talking about me and I am trying to eavesdrop. I hear the head driver griping about me going too fast and making him look bad. I specifically remember him saying "I don't get a 55 dollar salary to put up with this!"
      The alarm goes off and I wake up.

      Much of this dream is very similar to how the job actually went. The head driver in the dream was the same one from my job. When I worked, I focused on efficiency. The head driver was the only salaried employee and would stick around to help the bakery boss after his route, so he was never in a hurry. The rest of us were paid for 8 hours per day, regardless of finishing the route early or late. It was in our best interest to finish early. By hustling in the stores and at the dock (but never on the road! ) I typically finished my route in 5 hours. The head driver, who didn't have a route of his own and covered us on our days off, took at least 8 hours on every route. Over time he started to resent me and he didn't hide it very well.

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    2. My Crispy Cat

      by , 07-29-2015 at 06:28 PM
      I'm in a different unknown house from the previous dream. Somehow I know that this is my mother's house. It's very large and ornate - like a mansion. It is night time and everything is quiet in the house. A door is shut upstairs and I know that it's Mom's room and she's in bed. I start walking around the house downstairs to make sure that everything is locked up and the lights are off. As I walk by a big window, I hear noises outside. When I look through, I see that there is a pool out there and the lights are on around it. People are swimming in it. I start yelling at them from inside that they need to get out of the pool, it's not theirs. One of them gets out and I realize it's my sister. She says the others are her friends and its okay. Unfortunately, I woke my mom up. She is telling me the same thing, that it's okay for them to swim.

      Suddenly we're all outside and it's midday. I can't remember what all we were doing, but it was a festive atmosphere and really really hot out. After that, I'm back at the house at night again. A cat I had during childhood comes walking by and I pick her up. Her fur is soft, but her skin is flaky and crackles like tissue paper. It freaks me out because her skin should not be like that. I set her down and she runs off, but I'm still really concerned. Finally I realize that she was outside during the party and that she just happens to be the type of breed that can get sunburned through her fur. Now I'm afraid I was hurting when I petted her earlier. I realize she is very burnt and that her skin is peeling so badly that you can hear the dry flakes cracking as the layers separate. I start going upstairs to inform my mom of the cat's injury, and then I wake up.

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    3. Too much of everything!

      by , 07-29-2015 at 05:46 PM
      This is my first ever dream journal entry. The dream described occurred two nights ago. Due to similarities between that dream and the one I had last night (which I also intend to record), I figured it would be best to record the older one first to make sure I am talking about the right dream.

      Up to this point, I have had 2 lucid experiences, each lasting for a matter of seconds. In both cases I did the nose-pinch RC, and then woke up almost immediately due to excitement.

      Now for the dream:

      I start off in an unknown house, but somehow I know it belongs to my brother. My brother, sister, and parents are there. I am told of the good news that my brother now has a baby. When I go into the other room to check it out, there are babies everywhere! I know that they are all his and I feel somewhat judgmental toward him as I know that this is too much for him to handle. Beyond that, he isn't even home at the moment. I go out the back door of the house onto a raised (15 feet or so) patio and I see my brother's 20 or so dogs and cats running around near a stream. Again I feel judgmental.

      In the next scene I am leaving a school building and decide to ride the bus home. I am carrying notebooks and papers and a bunch of other stuff in my arms and can barely keep it all together. Once I'm on the bus, start talking with some of my old elementary school friends and showing them things on the iPad that is also in my collection of stuff. The bus makes its rounds until there are only about 5 of us left. I look under the seat in front of me and see two really large octopus tentacles. I thought it was strange, but think nothing more of it. I start wondering when I can finally get off. At that point the bus stops and the driver tells us that the route is done and we all need to get off. I get off and I'm right back at the school. I realize that this bus drove a route on the opposite side of town from where I live. Carrying all my things, I call my wife and tell her that I've decided to walk home. I'm afraid she is going to be mad at me for wasting so much time.

      Suddenly I'm back at that unknown house again. The babies are now kids around 3 years old. I am surrounded by kids and pets. I go to the back door again and step out on the patio. I see another patio, beside me, but it is rickety and planks are falling off. One of the little girls is standing on. I tell her to go back inside because the stairs are dangerous. She just looks at me. I tell that she could die. She replies that she doesn't really care if she dies or not. I try telling her that she's too young to think like that and too young to die. I know that I'm not getting through to her, but I keep trying to explain.
      As I'm talking, I wake up.

      It is worth noting that I am 30 years old and have not ridden a bus in over a decade. My family all lives in a different city and my brother has one daughter about 5 years old. I have been dreaming about my family a lot lately. I reflected shortly after waking up that the underlying theme was that there was too much of everything. Too many babies and kids, too many pets, to much clutter that had to carry on the bus.

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