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    Hello and welcome to my dream journal dedicated to my persistent realm, Ereos!

    Non-dreaming and normal dreams are marked in plain black, lucid dreams are marked in blue


    Link to current updated timeline

    World Map


    Map Info

    Various landmarks

    Biggest but not the most modern city, contains "Oxiclean" pizzeria, a huge hotel and my college.

    Huge City
    City full of skyscrapers only, seems pretty abandonned though.
    UPDATE: Meteor of 14th of february landed near it, very likely vaporized or in ruins.

    Modern City
    Very modern city with plenty of commercial zones and all.

    My hometown, quite small.

    Small town
    Contains a few commercial zones and my old high school.

    Recently discovered, hybrid city between hong kong and new york.

    Alternate reality part of the US, abandonned farms, old train tracks & various big structures, infested with monsters, mostly zombies.

    Las Vegas
    Nuked city very early on, but it has been rebuilt fairly recently, there's also some sort of army training facility underground near said city.

    Aquatic park island
    Big island dedicated with one single big aquatic park, commercial zone avaliable there too.

    Magic lake
    Beautiful lake where there are magical creatures and the sky is purple-ish pink.

    Nuclear reactor
    Very big powerful nuclear reactor, along with a small town next to it.

    Huge castle that is part of a medieval kingdom, kinda looks like an hybrid between stormwind's castle (WoW) and an average medieval castle.

    Hogwarts is well...Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

    London is pretty much London.

    Governement facility
    Very recent governement research facility of sorts kinda like area 51 right in the middle of the meteor crash site, not sure what
    they're after, but I got there once and I got shot.

    Desolate Town
    Recently discovered in "Near Big City" DJ entry, very desolate town kinda in ruins, there's zombies and a few mentally insane people in there, town is covered in ash and is pretty foggy.


    Misc Pictures

    Ereos National Guard

    Link to Image


    For notable events please read on the DJ or refer to the timeline.

    1. San Francisco Monster?

      by , 02-01-2018 at 12:26 AM (Ereos)
      I was in San Francisco in the outerworld just having a good time and hanging out with some friends.

      After a few hours though, we went to the public bathroom of some place, only to find out that for some reason their toilets are completely broken in some way. They wouldn't flush or they were overfilled and flooding the room slowly.
      At some point, the odor in this public bathroom was so bad that I throw up a little bit, no biggie ultimately but it was pretty gross overall.

      I get out of here with my friends and we go back to the main room of this building.
      We just chill out in this room for a little, but then a young woman along with another man enters the building, kinda confused and a bit scared about something. Not sure what it is though.
      That woman approaches us and start making conversation with us, she has blonde curly hair and she was quite pretty.

      She introduces herself to me: "Hey there! I'm Tina! And you are?" she asked.
      "Hey! I'm-", "Ah Adrien! What a nice name that is." she said, cutting me off.
      "I...uh...thanks, how-?", "How do I know your name? I can read minds, but that's okay, not trying to breach privacy too much..." Cutting my sentence off once again.
      "Oh...you're uhm...I forgot what they're called, people who can read minds." I said.

      Anyways we talk for some more time and that man she came with earlier, he starts freaking out, as if the fact that she can read minds was something to be hidden. He grasped her by the arm, walking away from us.
      "No no! Come on man! Wait up!" I said, the man stops and Tina looks me all like: "No don't say that!", I guess she knew what I was about to say, I didn't even know myself but I take a second to think what I am going to say and eventually I say: "Just...don't take her away like that, it's okay we're cool with it."

      The man lets her go and afterwards she shows us a few other magic tricks she can pull off like the fact that she can write on a whiteboard without a marker, just with her finger she can write on it just like that.

      *slight fuzziness*

      We get out of this building, only to find out that something big is going on in the city, we heard plenty of explosions and like very distant monster roars or something like that.
      One of my friends is running towards the Golden Gate Bridge which is pretty damn far away but then we notice that there is this big tsunami-type wave generated from the east and going to the west towards the ocean...and also towards the bridge.
      I try to catch up to my friend that is running towards it and at this point I notice that I am dreaming.

      Well shit, there I am, in San Francisco, and the brand newly constructed Golden Gate Bridge is about to take a beating again...time to save the day I guess.
      I shapeshift into my dragon form and immediately take off into the skies, going towards the bridge.
      I see that the wave is rather big and it could definitely take out the bridge, I'm not quite sure what I can do in order to maintain the entire integrity of the bridge, but at least I can try to minimize damage and save people who might be still on the bridge.

      I arrive near the bridge and the wave hits pretty hard, the bridge almost collapses but I manage to hold the middle of it a little bit so it stops swinging.
      I notice that one car starts falling into the water so I quickly fly below it and catch it just fine. Then I fly to a safe place and gently drop the car down, there was a full family inside of it.

      Overall the bridge is fine-ish... many cracks on the road now though and a few holes there and there, but it didn't collapse.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    2. Werewolves!

      by , 01-15-2018 at 01:43 AM (Ereos)
      Had my first lucid dream of the night when I was in my house in the dining room and I do the hand reality check sort of out of habit and because I had a few doubts about whetever it was a dream or not.

      I check my left hand, count my fingers and turns out I had 7-8 fingers or thereabouts. I conclude that I am dreaming and head right outside, ready to call out for Vex.
      However it's night-time and I can't see much at all in there. I call out for Vex and I think he said that he was coming (Confirmed by him, yep he was) however the dream fades.


      I was now in a building and I was in full military gear. Some woman was there with me too and it turns out that there are 4-5 werewolves coming for us.

      We quickly shut the big wooden doors and run away, shutting every wooden door in our way. Turns out that most wooden doors needed some kind of coin key of sorts, the woman had a coin key that had a dragon on it or something similar like that and she used it for the first door. I grabbed one coin key just before we got into this room. It had a star logo on it instead, I quickly open the door with it and it works.

      However at the last room we get stuck for a little bit, so that woman and I quickly get some barrels to barricade the door with. I get my shotgun out and prop myself against the barrels for extra weight and just wait there, aiming my shotgun right at the door, just above the barrels.
      I can sense that they're behind this door, they're smashing themselves against it but it doesn't open anyways thankfully.

      After a minute or two though, I get away from the barrels for a bit and then all of the werewolves just go right through the doors and the barrels and attacking us.
      Thankfully I have my shotgun and my aim is pretty good, but I still got attacked by some of 'em as I have a few bite marks on my arm.

      We leave the building and it turns out that I was in Monroe this whole time, not too far away from my home, I run away towards my home but the werewolves are following me, so I shoot them some more and it turns out that when they are weakened enough, they actually shapeshift back into their human form.
      The first one that was weakened and he shapeshifted back into a tall blond man. He seemed to be okay though, just beat up is all...yikes.

      I kinda notice at this point that I am in a dream but I keep going with the scenario for a bit. I run towards one of the other streets to the north west, effectively the street above mine.
      Some people follow me and I think for a second that they might be werewolves so I jump but I don't jump very high at all. Turns out that it was just two women.

      Anyways I go right back towards my house and there is one werewolf left, it bites my right hand but I shoot him straight in his face and he goes down, he's weakened as well.
      I look at my right hand and it's a bit bloody and my glove is all fucked up too. I look at my house and I notice that it has a few holes there and there so I decide to fix it with the help of a little magic.

      I jump towards where the holes are, which is pretty high but I managed to grab on to a ledge and stay up there. Looks like there are 2 small holes but I didn't want to take any chances and decided to fix them right away.
      I grab from my back a blowtorch and made it appear and surely enough that worked. I then start fixing both of the holes as they mend themselves when I put the flame near the holes.

      After I'm done with that I drop the blowtorch and I hop right down, I remembered that my glove was all fucked up, however with a little magic, I hide the teared part under my left hand and blow air into it and concentrate myself a little.
      Turns out that this fixed my glove right up!

      After all that, I wanted to meet with Vex again, so I call him out and he tells me he's coming, however the dream is becoming dark and I'm looking all over the place, eventually the dream fades. I really should fall backwards next time that happens.

      Updated 01-15-2018 at 01:49 AM by 92417

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    3. Weird WILD & 1000 Teraton Nuke

      by , 01-07-2018 at 10:05 PM (Ereos)
      I was in my bed and about to do some WILD, so I move my head from side to side very very subtlely and bam, sleep paralysis just kicks in.

      I get out of bed and try to head towards my window to hop out of it, but there isn't really any window at all, nor light at all. Nothing appears for several seconds, I am just here in the dark, in the void, and then suddenly I see a fractal-y looking eye in front of me, it was purple and green colored on the sides and with a blue iris.

      I head towards it, even running towards it at some point and then I find myself floating in this extremely trippy and fractal-y world with many colors and different shapes and fractals and whatnot, truly something that looked like straight out of a DMT trip or something like that.

      I look at my hands and they are made of solid purple colored strings in a neat fractal pattern as well, I look around and it keeps changing around me but no real solid dream scene forms up, eventually the dream fades...


      Back again in my bed and awake, and about to try some more WILDing again. I move my head from side to side and surely enough sleep paralysis kicks in once more.

      I get out of my bed again and try to head towards my window, however this time around I can see some light coming out of where the window would be, and as I approach it the window materializes itself along with the rest of the world.

      I hop out right out of the window and land right outside of my house, it's day-time and it seems to be rather calm in the neighborhood. I had no real clear goal in mind but then I remembered that the 1000 teraton nuke secret weapon was pretty much done, this secret weapon has started development a few days ago, ever since I discovered at the end of the year that the Xin (the aliens threatening us this whole time, where the Hooded Man comes from) threathens to use some kind of black hole machine and swallow the whole Earth and gather its resources as they intended once and for all.

      To begin I needed to go to the Outerworld somehow, as I was still in the Innerworld, in Ereos.
      I get out of my garden and go into the street and to the left of it. I try to find the portal I left when me and Vex wanted to go to the Innerworld's Liberia, but as I head towards it I find out that it's gone now.
      However there is a parked car right into this alleyway where the portal was, it was a rather old looking car from the 90's it looks like, probably manufactured before the 90's War, I wondered...

      I decide to open the trunk and go right inside of it and close it back down, totally pitch black in there, I wait a few seconds and then I open it again...hmm nope, turns out I'm still in the same place, but then I have the idea to knock 3 times while inside it, maybe that will do something right?

      So I go back inside the trunk and close it, knock 3 times inside it and then open it back up again.
      I suddenly find myself inside an underground parking lot, not many cars parked at all, just a few of them including the one I was in.
      I get out of the trunk and look around, try to get out of there, however suddenly the dream fades and I find myself in the void.

      I'm not giving up though, I shake my hand really wildly in front of my eyes and eventually vision comes back and I am now right out of the parking lot it seems. It's dusk, soon about to be night and as I look around I see that we are near a sea/ocean and there are mountains behind us, I look around some more and notice on the roof of a building a Chilean flag, I'm in Chile, one of the very very few remaining countries in the Outerworld as of now.

      However it turns out that the Ereos National Guard is here as well and people are going into bunkers underground, one of the Ereos National Guardsmen sees me and approaches me.

      "Hey you! You're here to see the project in action aren't you?" he asked.
      "Wait, what project?" I asked.
      "Project Moscow." he said.
      "Is that the 1000 teraton nuke?" I asked.
      "Yes, well come on then!" he said.

      I follow him through this really big city and eventually arrive near the ocean and we board this warship of sorts and we head west.
      Eventually it's night-time and we arrive near this little pack of islands pretty far away from Chile. Apparently the nuke was launched just a few minutes ago and is now heading towards the Xin mothership.

      Everyone on the warship started putting on those heat proximity suit along with goggles, I was also offered to put on one of those suits but then I thought: "Wow damn, a 1000 teraton nuke, that is going to pretty much fry the Earth at that distance."
      I refused the suit and instead had the idea to make some sort of protective bubble all around where the nuke will have a thermal and blast effect.

      I start forming up this ball of energy with my hands and then I shoot it up into the sky, forming a blue-ish transparent bubble that extends beyond the horizon, it's pretty beautiful with the night sky actually.

      I was still offered goggles at least because the light this was going to generate is predictably very extremely high. I put my goggles on and then we wait about a minute, a really deep silent arises as everyone just watches the sky, waiting for the big boom, marking the end of an era of terror.

      I almost feel a slight negative pressure for a few...and then an extremely bright light shines in the sky, it's so bright that the sky is pretty much the whitest of whites, same applies to the environment as a whole.
      The light gradually died down though, and as I looked straight at the explosion I could see that the mothership was essentially being vaporized.
      As the light died down some more, I could see in the sky what looks like to be a very intense aurora borealis, it was pretty cool. The dream then fades...

      The Xin are now no more, not around this Earth anyways, this is the end of this story arc, it began with a bang, and ended with a bang. Curious to see where my next adventures takes me!
      memorable , lucid
    4. Babysitting & Tim

      by , 12-19-2017 at 04:01 AM (Ereos)
      I was right outside my house and I was babysitting two babies for some reason, however they looked really odd in the sense that their heads very pretty huge.
      At some point they start fighting each other and it gets pretty bad to the point that one of 'em falls but I catch him just in time before he hits the floor.

      After a while her mom comes in and thanks me for babysitting her babies and she takes 'em with her.
      Then my dad comes right outside towards me and looks rather concerned, he says he keeps hearing noises somewhere in the house, I go ahead and investigate.

      I went into one of the bedrooms when suddenly a cathode TV inside just exploded and started a tiny fire into the room, not much to worry about...yet, but there was something even stranger going on, the noises my dad was talking about just kept getting stronger, like a pounding and growling of sorts and it seems to come from where the cathode TV is.

      First however I go ahead and yell at my dad: "Hey dad! The TV just blew up!", I could hear in the distance a: "What?!?".
      I go ahead and approach the TV slowly, and then suddenly the wooden floor below me just cracks open into a huge hole, my first instinct is to shapeshift into my dragon form and fly up a little bit to prevent myself from falling.
      However this floor collapse has greatly damaged the structure of the house to the point that the room's walls also collapse and to prevent any debris falling on me I just fly right outside of the house.

      I look back and look at the damage...it's pretty damaged but the other rooms are fine, however now this room is exposed to the outside, but as all of the dust just clears up it reveals the big hole in the floor again, revealing an underground room of sorts, there are trees in there, but there is also a fully-grown dragon.

      "Woah...where did that come from?" I thought to myself but then I realized: "Oh...it was the dragon egg that my mother gave me, and now he's here."
      The dragon seems to be asleep but the sudden loud noises of the collapse and the day light coming in startles it a little bit out of sleep, he seems irritated and then just covers himself into those trees and goes back to sleep.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I'm now in this slightly trippy world talking with ghosts about that dragon that is in my house.


      I was now in some sort of abandonned house, but it has been abandonned fairly recently, stuff still looks somewhat in order albeit there are no lights but that's okay because it's still day light.

      Some kid just enters the house and introduces himself to me he has brown short hair, caucasian and has the typical boy face with rather soft features, he seems to be alone and he looks quite angry in a way. "My name is Tim. And you? Who are you?" He said.
      But just before I had time to formulate an answer, I'm not even sure what move he pulls but it knocks me back pretty hard.
      "Wow, you are pretty weak" he said. And as I gather myself and stand back up he's already gone.

      Then a friend of mine comes into the house and tells me that this kid is up to no good and that he wants to steal a few certain items that are in this house.
      So for about the whole day we prepare for that, try to build up some traps and defenses to at least buy us time to potentially escape or something.

      It's about to be night time soon and my friend and I were right outside talking about how we are going to deal with this evil kid. But then I hear something in the distance and I can feel that he's approaching this house.
      However my friend doesn't quite take me seriously and yells for fun but then he also hears this sound I've been hearing and suddenly he's serious about it.

      We go back inside the house and right into this bedroom where we have access to the entirety of the house through some hidden passages, most of the traps were set and we were ready to activate the trap to make the kid stuck right in the room where those precious items are.

      We hear the kid entering the house right by the window of said room where those items are and at this point we are dead silent and we wait.
      However the kid gives us the slip and I go ahead and chase after him, I drop down on the first floor from the stairs and my friend uptop just drops me what seems to be an AK-12, I grab it and I see the kid approaching me in a very menacing manner, I just shoot him, however those shots doesn't even hit him somehow.

      He knocks me back again but then my anger takes the best of me and I just grab my AK by the barrel and use it as a melee weapon instead and hit the kid with it, as soon as I hit him a first time, he's instantly transformed into a lego version of himself, and I keep bashing the legos over and over til they are all destroyed, my friend also shoots at the legos but I tell him to not shoot near me.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Christian Lunatics

      by , 11-29-2017 at 06:47 PM (Ereos)
      I entered this rather weird christian home because I was invited by a bald christian priest for "something", I don't know what it is and I kinda have doubts settling in but who knows, maybe he needs help in something.

      I wasn't in military gear or anything, I had no weapons whatsoever, and I felt like the guy knew me in some way but I just couldn't quite tell how, he was hard to read.
      We gather in his little dining room, it's a pretty standard home so far aside from the fact that there are a bunch of christian stuff all around but I didn't mind it.
      Then it turns out that priest has a wife and his wife joins us in the dining room, and this is where doubts start to fill me with fear deep inside, something was wrong, priests aren't allowed to marry.

      Anyways I keep my cool and ask the priest: "What's going on?"
      The priests answers in a rather calm voice: "Erm, well, it seems you have angered plenty of people back there."
      "Angered? In what way?...I...I'm sorry? I guess?" I said.
      "No, you don't understand, come with me." he said.

      I instantly got really creepy vibes as he said that and he leads me to some room in a rather friendly yet creepy way like I had to "learn a lesson" or something.
      I start to be very alert about what could happen, I'm really on edge but then the good side of me tells me that maybe he's okay and he wants just some help in something after all.

      We then arrive in front of this door which is next to the staircase at the end of the hallway.
      The priest then slowly opens the door, revealing...a room just splattered with bits and pieces of people, guts, blood and smashed brains all over the floor and walls. I also see plenty of saws and torture devices in there.

      I immediately shut down the door and slowly back away.

      "What the fuck is that? Are those people?" I asked.
      "You need to understand that there is a price to be paid." he said in a very angered tone.

      Even his wife just slowly approaches me in the most creepy of manners. I just run for the entrance door and try to open it only to find out that it's locked shut.

      "I will break this fucking door! Don't you dare come near me!" I yelled to 'em.

      I try to give the door a few kicks and all but it barely damages it.
      The wife grabs a very large knife from the kitchen and attempts me to stick me with it, I try to fight back but as I attempt to do a kick with my right leg she gives me a pretty bad cut there.
      At this moment it's almost as if time stops for a brief moment, I get that deep anger inside me again.

      I give a kick to the face to the wife, then the priest grabs a crowbar out of nowhere, he attempts to hit me with it but I manage to grab it and disarm him from it and throw it behind me on the floor.
      The wife tries to stick me with her big knife again and I dodge many times, this is it, I've had enough of this bullshit.

      I flip the table in the dining room towards them and I shift into my anthro dragon form. I hear the wife just yell: "Creature of Satan!" or something along those lines, the priest and the wife attempts to attack me again but I just grab 'em both by the neck and throw 'em really hard at a wall, they're knocked out now.

      I go to the entrance door and just break the door handle along with the door lock and get out of the house.
    6. More PAYDAY 2, Trying more drugs & New Threat Arises

      by , 11-17-2017 at 10:09 PM (Ereos)
      I was playing PAYDAY 2 on the first Firestarter map at the airport, I was doing rather well but at some point we get surrounded by plenty of cops.


      I was outside just walking around in Monroe with a friend, it was dusk and soon to be night.
      Suddenly he tells me to wait where I am because he's going to get "something" for us both. Meanwhile I just actually sat down there, in the middle of the sidewalk and I started comtemplating the environment around me and meditating a little bit.
      I notice that my friend is actually talking to some dudes on a bike and they give him something.

      My friend comes back and asks me what I was doing on the floor, I told him that I was just meditating a little bit and then he gives me a pink pill.
      "What's that?" I asked.
      "That is MDMA." he told me.
      Without much questions nor worry I put the pill inside my mouth but also ask: "Is it okay to bite it and chew it?" and he told me that it's fine, so I did that a little bit just so I can swallow the whole thing properly.

      Then after 5 minutes or so I just go ahead and walk around Monroe more and it's pitch-black night at this point, with only the city lights lighting up a little bit.
      My mom comes in and tells me to follow her because she wants to show me something. We get to the western limit of Monroe, there is barely any light anymore but she tells me to be careful of that thing over "there" as she points north-west, however it's pitch-black where she points and I don't see anything.


      I was in Gemili near the video game section and I was talking with a friend on how to cheat on a game he was about to buy.
      But then one of our very very old teachers shows up and is all like: "Yes...what were you talking about?...Continue..." but we completely switch topic to distract her so that she gets away and we can talk about the real deal.
      After 30 seconds or so she is gone and then my friend and I just head right into another section near the video game section, I even walk over some shelves and stands for some reason, as if we didn't attract enough attention already, I notice one of those security guards but he didn't notice me.


      I was walking around in the city that looks like the New York/Shanghai hybrid, the one east to the Capital, it's day as well.
      Everything seems alright until suddenly there is a bunch of dust just pouring out from one of the streets, then there is a huge explosion at the base of one of the buildings next to it, chaos ensues, civilians scream around in terror and run away.

      Then all the glass of huge skyscraper next to us just shatters, I notice in the middle of the street among the crowd of panicking people a baby/very small child just kinda lost, but those glass shatters were about to fall, and that was going to hurt, I quickly run towards the small child, and throw myself towards him, grab him and slide on the floor right under a safe area.
      Plenty of glass just falls on the road, it's really a lot and it keeps going like that for possibly 10 seconds.

      *slight fuzziness*

      It's getting night now and we're getting out of the city in a car, we're all kinda shocked at how messed up the situation was and rant about it for the whole trip.
      We were going on a rather calm but bumpy road however and I was just in the backseat saying nothing, as if I just had PTSD or something.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Chile Vacation

      by , 11-16-2017 at 08:01 PM (Ereos)
      I was in the living room when suddenly it turns out we have to go somewhere, but like, on vacation, it was dawn or thereabouts and my mom told me to get prepared and pack up some stuff.
      At some point I asked where we were going and she told me that we were going somewhere in Chile at Mount Polo so that we can get some "spiritual enlightement" or something like that.

      We pack up our stuff and we head right outside, it's a little cloudy and the journey was going to be quite long since Chile is at the outerworld and we're in the innerworld right now.
      Turns out that Chile are one of the select very few countries that has been mostly untouched by the effects of the 90's war and the alien strikes.

      We go outside down the street to go somewhere in Monroe where we'll be picked up by a cab.

      *slight fuzziness*

      We're waiting somewhere in Monroe on the street for that cab to take us to Chile, and then that cab finally comes but it looks quite...exotic.
      The car itself looked like a rich man's Cuban car from the 60's.
      We go inside and turns out that the seats have plenty of pillows on them so it's very comfortable to say the least.
      We then drive right out of Monroe.


      We've now arrived in Chile, it's a pretty beautiful place and we're near Mount Polo near a lake as well.
      However I noticed that the colors were shifting and stuff was morphing around, I kinda doubt I am dreaming and do the mouth breathe reality check...it fails. Then I do the noseplug reality check...fails as well.
      Then I do the finger count reality check and my fingers are morphing around and they look like frog fingers, I was probably on some psychedelic or something but despite having an unusual amount of fingers, I wasn't quite sure whetever I was dreaming due to the fact that the "two best reality checks" failed on me.


      I was now back in Ereos near the Capital and my parents and I were about to take a tram to go back where we parked the car in the Capital before going to Chile.
      We buckle up and the tram takes us deeper into the Capital, however the tram rail is right in the middle of the road and even goes right in the middle of a roundabout, cutting any traffic at all.


      I attempted a WILD and eventually I got into sleep paralysis, I tried to crawl out of bed and I could feel something or someone pushing me out of bed, but it wasn't really getting anywhere. I tried to roll out of bed but I wasn't in a good position to perform it.
      Then suddenly I wake up in my bed however my bedroom is pretty dark, I start having doubts whetever it's a false awakening and I do a noseplug reality check and this time around it works!

      I get out of my bed but I feel extremely heavy and sloppy, the effects of the SP are still affecting me a little, but by the time I hop out the window it's fine.
      It's night and raining outside and thought that it sucked. However as a means to stabilize me further into the dream I just lie down on the floor just touching it and paying attention to what I see, feel, hear and smell.

      It anchors me really well into the dream I stand up and try smelling and I can smell the rain, I also go ahead and touch a nearby wall of my house.
      Anyways I wanted to get rid of this rain and I wanted it to be day time instead, so I just said outloud: "No more rain and day time now!" and I snapped my fingers.
      The rain immediately stops and in the matter of 10-20 seconds the sun lights up in the sky and it's no longer night anymore.

      I hop right above the fence and right into the street on the left and ask Vex is he's ready to be summoned and he answers: "I'm as ready as ever".
      I clap two times and fist bump two times and I look around in the skies but no sign of him, the dream fades away and I touch the ground some more, it stabilizes a bit for a few seconds and the dream ends.
      Later on Vex told me that he was right behind me.
    8. Screamer Game & Gemili and Vex house building

      by , 10-29-2017 at 09:59 PM (Ereos)
      I got a little sleep paralysis out of nowhere when I was awake but couldn't make anything out of it.


      I was in front of my house, it was night-time, playing a stupid reaction game with screamers and basically the last to react will get a screamer to the face.
      However the screamer wasn't even scary, even for Fouin it wasn't scary at all.


      I was in Gemili with my mom and it turns out that I've smuggled/stole an item of sorts, I have it in a rather long black bag of sorts and the metal detector beeps as we were about to get out so we hide in the photo/telephone booth thingy.
      My mom tells me to pretend that I'm going in the store, it will beep but I won't look suspicious probably.

      I do as my mom said and go right back, the metal detector beeps again but one of the security guards catches me.
      I didn't think much of it until he was actually going to handcuff me, I resisted very quickly and give him an accidental punch I think and I run away inside the mall.

      Then I shoot some windows a bit with my Glock.

      *wake up*

      I wake up and I go back to sleep pretty much immediately.


      I am back in Gemili again and I am near the entrance, but I notice that I am dreaming pretty much immediately.
      Turns out I still have that Glock in my hand and I reload it quickly one time for the sake of reloading it, however the mag looked a bit different, more square-ish and it didn't quite go all the way in because of its height.

      Anyways I went right outside through the exit and it was pretty packed with people as it usually is, same goes for the parking lot.
      I remembered to call out for Vex so that I can go ahead and build his house.
      I did the code to summon Vex, so I slapped my hands two times and fist bumped two times, I looked in the skies but there was nothing so I started looking around in the crowd and then I see a silly white and blue eastern dragon just looking around.

      It was Vex indeed, I approached him at a rather fast pace to give him a big hug and he noticed me eventually and then we hugged!

      Anyways I told him that we were going to build his house and he was pretty excited about it, we go through the parking lot and we arrive near the side of it where it turns out we are on some small cliff, below there is a highway/road going through and there are a few other small cliffs and mountains behind us, there was also a nice sunset, it's pretty beautiful.

      I was about to take off to fly but I make sure my Glock is reloaded once more for some reason.
      I see that Vex just takes off and I do too, he teaches me a bit how to do some improvised flying since I am not in dragon-form but I fly rather well and we go towards Monroe.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I see some chart, a Zipf's law chart about excitation and waking up out of dreams.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am now home, not really sure where Vex is although he's near me, my mom lectures me about something, probably the item I failed to steal or smuggle or something.
      Anyways then I go ahead and go down the street for avaliable terrain, I take a quick look over the school but no avaliable terrain there, however there is some avaliable terrain right behind my house it turns out, it has been leveled to some extent already and it's more or less ready to be constructed on.

      I go ahead and put my hand forward and do motions like as if whatever's behind my hand it would slowly build the house...the floor...walls and all that, but it doesn't work out all that well, and after a minute of trying I only manage to create some wooden foundations and a wooden floor.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. The End of The Hooded Man

      by , 10-16-2017 at 10:37 PM (Ereos)
      I was doing my usual dissociation before bed, except that this time around I figured out how to enter a dream from it.
      All I had to do, is whenever I start floating or I am able to move my limbs in an impossible way, I just roll out of bed.

      I pretty much did dissociation for about 30-40 minutes before those effects started settling in, I let it settle in for a little bit and I attempted a first roll out of bed, it worked briefly but not good enough, so I wait a bit more for the next attempt.

      I feel pretty weightless at this point, and my eyes just can't stop twitching all over the place, literal REM? I don't know.
      But anyways I roll out of bed for one last time...and...

      *slight fuzziness*

      It seems I fell right at the side of my bed indeed, the dream is still pretty unstable and dark though, I quickly make my way around the bed and right to the window, I see a very very blurry light, no more than a traditional phosphene, but as I approach it, it gets clearer and clearer.
      I grab the window, go right through it, and as I hop out there and fall down to the yard of my house, the dream slowly forms around me and I can hear some birds chirping as well.

      "Woah...it worked" I just had to say, pretty amazed at what just happened, I guess I did a proper WILD huh?
      I look at my hands and notice that I am already in military gear, well this is perfect. I look around a little bit more and everything looks pretty vivid.
      I call out for Vex: "Vex?! There I am! I am lucid! Come to me!"

      For a few seconds no clear response or signs at all, but upon looking at the sky, I think I see him!
      And...yep that's him indeed, soaring through the skies and coming to me, he lands gracefully in front of me. Here is a sketch of how he looks like:

      "Heya Ashkore!" says Vex.

      "Oh Vex! You look even more awesome beyond visualizations!" I said. I approached him and just gave him a hug.

      "Guess I am huh? Soooo...this is a lucid dream then?" he said.

      "Yep! It doesn't get any better than this! You can do pretty much anything you want!" I said.

      "Really? But I've just been exploring around this whole time, right here, in Ereos." he said.

      "Yeah I know, pretty sure you can also do whatever you wish to do even outside of my lucid dreams, this is our mindscape after all." I said.

      "Ohhhhhhh cool!" he said.

      "Yeah! But now we have no time to waste, there is still a greater evil going around in here, and today, right here, right now, we're gonna get rid of it. What do you say?" I said.

      "Sounds pretty good to me." he said.

      "Ah! However I need to warn you...the Hooded Man is not someone to be trifled with, he is very dangerous, so please...be wary." I said.

      "Doesn't sound like a nice guy, is he?" he asked.

      "Nope, quite the opposite of that." I said.

      "So...how do we proceed?" he asked.

      "Hmm...well, we have to head that way to the Farlands." I said, as a point south-west.
      "But give me a second first..." I finished.

      "For what?" he asked.

      I gather all of my focus and I slowly shapeshift into my anthro dragon-form, just enough to fly at least. It starts with my hands as they get covered in red scales, black sharp claws at the tip of my fingers.
      I grow a snout and sharp teeth, my vision sharpens as well as the scales cover my face. Wings start to extrude from my back as my feet take a digitigrade kind of stance, black claws emerging from each of my toes as well and my feet just becomes dragon paws.
      A tail grows as it extends my spine...and now there I am, fully morphed into my anthro dragon form.

      "Oh right...I should've guessed." Vex said.

      "Well...are you ready?" I said.

      "Sure." he replied.

      "Off we go then!" I said, as I take off right into the air in the direction I pointed at earlier. I take off pretty fast and I'm pretty sure I hear in the distance: "Hey wait for me!".
      I see Vex catching up to me and now flying by my side, I just glide with my wings fully deployed and giving the occasional flap to maintain my altitude, while Vex just waves around in a fluid and smooth, almost in a sinusoidal manner up and down.

      The dream destabilizes a little bit but I really try to focus into my vision and I manage to stabilize the dream just fine, I'm still flying alongside Vex, at this point we're pretty much above the clouds and every once in a while he shows off by flying in a very cool manner just doing loops in front of me, it was amazing.

      We arrive at our destination, I sense that we're pretty near the Hooded Man now, I land and as I do that I regain my human form. Vex also lands next to me and we're in this fairly abstract wasteland environment, it's pretty flat overrall and there are cliffs all around. The atmosphere is pretty thick as well as there is a fair lot of fog and clouds, letting just enough sunlight for us to see clear enough.

      There are some buildings there and there, they seem freshly built and it looks like there are still some of his goons left in there.
      Vex just wanders around outside to see if there are any goons there, while I make my way inside one of the buildings.
      It looks like some kind of warehouse, plenty of magic supplies and other deadly weapons. I sneak around and I find one of his goons just patrolling around, his back is turned at me.
      I sneak behind him and when I'm close enough, I just break his neck by grabbing him with both of my arms and dislocating it somehow, he dies pretty much instantly.

      It seems that I am alone in the building, not that many goons left... I go right back outside and I see that Vex is just looking down at a body, it was a goon he just killed and he looks like he's in a bit of a shock.
      I go towards Vex and when I am close to him he says in a rather sad and worried tone:
      "I've...I've never done this before...taking somebody's life like that...do we really have to do this?" he asked.

      "Ehhhh, don't worry about it, those guys are like major assholes, been brainwashed by the Hooded Man, no empathy whatsoever, we're doing the world a favor." I said.

      "Right...okay." he said, feeling a bit less worried about that.

      It looks like all of the Hooded Man's goons are just either gone or dead.
      Suddenly, I sense that fear again, and it's coming right in front of me more or less. "He's among us." I said.
      And then there he is, slowly appearing 10 meters in front of us in the fog, with his big dark magic sword that he rattles aganist the ground carelessly.

      He says in his very deep scary voice: "You're quite the troublemaker aren't you?"
      "No, the trouble ends now." I replied as I unsheathed my sword that was given to me by the sage and I get into a correct stance for this. I observe that Vex gets quite a smug look on his face, I think he understands how much I hate the Hooded Man.

      However the Hooded Man dashes right at me, giving a very powerful strike of his sword but I manage to parry it just in time.
      Pretty epic sword fight breaks out as I try to strike him and so does he, I either parry it or dodge it in style, doing some rolls and all, but the Hooded Man seems pretty unimpressed overall.
      I still haven't managed to stick him with my sword at all, while I'm here still kinda struggling to defend. Vex couldn't really come and intervene as it was a very close and dangerous 1v1 fight.

      He gains advantage of me as I fall backwards on the ground and I struggle to block his sword but I just kick him and I stand right back up.
      However he dashes right at me again and it ejects me 15 meters backwards violently, I drop the sword somewhere near me aswell.
      I feel pretty knocked out and dizzy but I let my anger take over me as I shapeshift into my feral 10 meters high dragon form.

      Meanwhile Vex tries to hold the Hooded Man off by charging at him in various ways and breathing fire at him.
      As my transformation is done I charged towards the Hooded Man and let out my fire breath at him, it seems to stagger him a little bit.
      I try to hurt him with my paws but he seems to dodge 'em all.
      I see that he's summoning some of his shadowy demons, they do look pretty scary but they're smaller than me, all they do is distract me, I still manage to kill off a few ones there and there.
      Vex is also helping me in the matter, trying to breathe some more fire at the Hooded Man, but he just keeps enduring it.

      "Is that all you've got?" the Hooded Man said as suddenly a big shock burst emits from the him, shocking and knocking us out backwards violently.
      I try to resist it and I manage to stay upright, a lot of wind builds up and it gets pretty violent, some sort of extremely dark aura, darker than the void just engulfs him and it gets bigger...and bigger...and far FAR bigger than me...
      Eventually this dark aura dissipates revealing a pretty terrifying creature just straight out of the worst hells imaginable, along with his big sword in hand...being even bigger than I am...

      I already saw that particular big sword somewhere...back in Monroe's school when he made an appearance and opened up a hole straight to what looked like Hell. It was the same sword.
      His eyes are void, along with a very tiny almost blinding light inside, serving as a pupil.

      I was kind of frozen in shock by this creature, and just before I could do anything about it, he strikes me with his huge dark magic sword, going right through my lower body, all the way up to my neck.
      The only thing I remember in this moment is just the strike itself...probably being knocked back and I hear in the distance a very echoey: "ASHKORE!" being yelled by Vex.

      And then nothing...the void...did I wake up?
      Doesn't really seem that way as I slowly sense an extremely strong energy coming to my right, I see some sort of turquoise aura taking over me.
      I hear those voices again, the same voice that speaks another language entirely but that I could understand, it was taking over me once again.
      I felt that I was getting far far stronger and bigger, here it goes again, I am taking my 100 meters tall feral dragon form...but something was different, something added up to that.

      I could see that the sword that I dropped earlier was giving me its energy, I also could see some sort of turquoise glowing runes on the sword and it was giving me all of its energy.
      I rose up to find out that I was about two times as big as this creature now, my claws were glowing just like those runes on the sword and this aura all around me.

      I notice Vex just getting out of the way as quickly as he can, and that creature...quite worried now.
      I just start breathing the hottest of fires at him and slowly tearing him apart with my claws, he doesn't even have time to fight back or to defend, I was just going at it and I couldn't stop.
      I just sticked my claws right into his upper body and cut through him all the way down to his lower body, sweet sweet karma!
      As I was just tearing him apart, I notice that the inside of him is just blood and this extremely dark void, I can hear that he's in pain and I'm still going in fully.

      He looks pretty badly shaped at this point and I just breathe fire right at him. He starts to "desintegrate" in a pretty intense and blinding light.
      As this happens I start to get dizzy as energy just leaves me, I fall right down, shifting back into my human form.
      I see Vex coming for me all worried as it looks like I've died for good or something. But I slowly sit up, grab the sword that I dropped and use it as leverage to stand back up.

      I could barely stand yet alone walk, but still...I make my way towards the creature who has now became the Hooded Man again, but lying down extremely injured and in pain.
      He still has his sword next to him so as I am now close to him I just kick the sword out of his reach and point my sword right at him.

      "No...please stop...you're a monster...a MONSTER!" the Hooded Man said choking on his words a little bit.

      "Let it be known, if your alien fellas try anything else at all to spread chaos in this world again, I will come for you all and it will be much worse." I firmly said.

      I point the sword closer to him but it scares him at lot, he struggles to try and get away from me.

      "No.......please..." he said.

      "Fine then." I said as I holster my sword, grab my Glock and just shoot him in the head, he drops down...lifeless.

      Seconds later he desintegrates into ash, and it gets carried away in the wind as that ash just glows in a very subtle way.
      I drop my Glock and just fall sitting down, feeling an extremely strong emotional drain. I felt like I have restored peace to this world, but I also feel a big emptiness inside me. This moment just seems to last forever but then Vex comes and just snuggles me saying: "Hey man, you did the right thing."

      "We did it huh?" I said still kinda letting it sink it.

      "Sure did! Damn you kick some ass when you want to. You have a very strong spirit Ash." he said.

      It was still just sinking in deeply for me, what I did, but after this extreme emotional drought I feel a relief just taking over me, I lay down on the ground still trying to catch my breath.
      The fog and the clouds were slowly going away revealing the sun that almost dimmed down, it was about to be night time and I was just appreciating the fact that I was still alive as I looked up and saw the sky illuminating with the city lights up north, where the natives of the innerworld live.

      I just took a deep breath and then I stood up, the dream was destabilizing a bit so Vex and I just walked out of the area.


      I was right outside my house doing something and then I just go back inside the house because I had to go to the bathroom.
      However in the middle of just sitting on the toilet, I notice that I am dreaming.
      "Oh wow hold up, I'm dreaming" I said.

      I get out of the bathroom, into the living room, everything looks pretty vivid, I go through the dining room, my parents talking about some stuff like usual and they don't pay much mind to me.
      I go right outside and just as I was about to call out for Vex, the dream ends.


      I was in Monroe buying some cheese at some store when the cashier told me that I had to calculate the kilometers per second of my vehicle to find out the price of this cheese (??????).
      Without much question I do it and it turns out I have this little portable pedal to be able to control the vehicle at a distance, the vehicle was at neutral so it wasn't going to move and I proceed into doing this thing...

      However as usual, car controls are pretty wonky in dreams and I manage to crash it into somewhere, I get pretty frustrated to the point that I just throw my bag at some other car, kick a trashcan and even kick an outside bar table. Not so sure why I'm frustrated like that.

      I even go inside the bar, grab a pool cue from another bar and start beating up some dudes inside.
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    10. Rainy Big Cabin & Horrors of the Outerworld

      by , 10-09-2017 at 07:23 PM (Ereos)
      It all began where I was just going back to school or something it seems. I was going back to college as it turns out and I just entered it and tried to find my class and then I see Benoit from high school with me and showing me the way to the class.
      I enter the classroom and I just go ahead and sit down, the room was a standard school room, gray-ish, but there were those small statues lying around of various shapes like cubes and stuff.


      I just entered this big cabin in the middle of the town for some reason, turns out that I wanted to meditate and explore around a little bit.
      Turns out I end up in a room that is mostly fully windowed but then it's starting raining and the rain is actually pouring through the roof.

      I still go ahead and meditate a little bit there, after a few minutes or so I stand back up, still in the same room and yeah, there is definitely rain pouring from the room at like weak spots where water can actually go through.

      I try to find the exit of this cabin but then I just go to the second floor for some reason and go through many doors and hallways and rooms but I don't find the exit.
      It then hits me that the exit must be on the first floor, duh! I go ahead and go all the way downstairs and into the main room, there are also stairs to get down to the entrance door.
      In the way I also notice a fountain of water that emits out of nowhere in the middle of the main room.

      As I go down those stairs there is Sylvie coming up in the cabin and she tells me to come with her.
      However I am kinda naked right now as I just have some pants and that's about it, Sylvie gives me a raincoat.

      We go right outside and yep, it's pretty rainy, also kinda windy too.
      I just traverse the rather big road without a care in the world, it seems that there are barely any cars but then as I approach the other side of the street it turns out there are quite a few cops just about everywhere.

      And then I see them all just going in...somewhere as I hear a cop yelling "DEFCON 5!" on a megaphone for some reason.
      And then I notice in the middle of the road that there is this big white container that is very reminiscent of SCP.
      Apparently there was a very agile and strong SWAT man inside and then he just breaks out of the container.

      He's going after some Ereos PSF man that is inside some other white container on the sidewalk and I got kinda scared but it turns out that PSF just kicks ass and he neutralized the SWAT man in a matter of seconds.


      I was in the outerworld...months after the 90's war destroyed everything, I was another person entirely, I am in some sort of jeep/van/car and we're at the border of the USA / Canada, everything seems pretty ravaged and deserty.
      Turns out that we were about to do some sort of shady deal, I had a shotgun equipped with me and I was trying to stay behind the seats as we were being shot at there and there, I was also shooting outside at some enemies.

      Eventually we arrive at our destination and I see someone that kind of looks like a real life version of scout just being mischievious in the distance and about to attack us, I shoot him in the face with my shotgun and he just falls down.

      Then some other guy who also looks like the scout from TF2 comes in a rather peaceful but tense way, I get my finger off the trigger to put him at ease and we're invited inside their little community.
      We all sit down together, my shotgun still in hand and I'm kinda scared that they'll find out that we killed one of their own.

      Then I hear someone panicking to the otherside of the gather up and shit just breaks loose, I decide to just shoot one of their leaders in the face with my shotgun and we run inside some kind of store.
      The people inside the store are pretty scared but we tell 'em that everything is alright and that we're "liberating" them or something, I mean to be fair the leaders of this community are pretty bad and mean.

      We go through the store, not really sure what we were doing, and then we get out through another exit through the back, there is a security guard and I shoot him too.
      I reload some shells into my shotgun.

      Then we go right outside but my buddies aren't waiting for me and there is some guy wandering around that hasn't seen us yet.
      I sneak around past him with the help of a rather big wall and I just run away.

      I then have a vision of the outerworld as a whole, and it's pretty terrible, I saw the first wave of nuclear strikes of the 90's war, then a big global war broke out, chaos and anarchy ensued and even more nukes detonated just about everywhere.
      It got so fucked up that the world as a whole changed, temperatures dropped drastically, water migrated to the equator causing a massive flooding at the equator and a big drought at the poles, causing a massive change in how the world's landmasses look.

      In the north and south for about 55 degrees of latitude away from the pole, it just entirely transformed into land only, merging all the continents into this super pangea that is connected through the poles, yet separated through the equator.
      The land itself got dry and scorched, and as the war calmed, it was just raw survival in a very desolate Earth.

      The vision stops and I just run towards one of the hangars of the community we pretty much decimated its leaders from.


      Back in the innerworld, going through some calm roads in nature and small villages in a car, now I am me again and we're just parading through these roads as the Ereos military, and me as an agent of the Secret Service.


      I was in front of my computer when suddenly the screen just froze and it slowly turned red and then completly red only to tell me in bold white letters "OWNED" or "HACKED" or something like that.
      I knew something was wrong, but not quite yet. I decided to quickly turn off my computer but then I notice that the power LED is red, and that LED is never ever red, it's blue, I knew it was a dream!

      I turned off my PC, did the noseplug reality check and it worked. I went through my living room to the dining room, my parents were there and it seems we were going to go some place or something but they just ignore me as I think they know what's up.

      I go right outside and the colors of the dream gets very contrasted in an odd way.
      I call out for Vex to come (It's my tulpa) but then the dream just kinda slowly fades, and I know that the way it's fading it means that REM is actually ending, I try to shout for more clarity and it works a tid bit but eventually everything just slowly goes out of focus...

      I try to grab the ground as a last attempt but nope, woke up and can't DEILD my way back in there.
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    11. Tripping out on LSD & JBZ

      by , 10-03-2017 at 07:08 PM (Ereos)
      (Whole dream lasted what seemed to be 10 hours or so, I was at least semi-lucid the whole time more or less)

      I was in some dude's very nice apartement, turns out that dude pretty much looks like Bob Marley, he was a pretty chill dude and we were on his couch watching TV and just munching away at some snacks like chips and stuff.

      There was quite some weird stuff going on the TV, and then Bob Marley just breaks out to me quite the proposal.
      He gets up and gets quite a big bowl full of green, yellow and red candy. He's honest with me and tells me that it's LSD, the green ones being the lowest dose all the way to red being the highest dose.
      I look around this big bowl and just go ahead and take a red candy.

      It looks like a pretty standard candy on first sight, albeit there's a big of a concave valley going on in the middle of the candy, like it was squished a bit, the candy is also a hardcandy.
      I just go ahead and put it in my mouth and eat it like any hardcandy ever, it has some sort of strawberry taste but a bit weirder.

      I then continued talking about stuff with Bob, munching on snacks and watching TV.
      After 30 minutes or so I notice that things get a bit weird, in the sense that I am suddenly getting quite euphoric and I notice that my vision is getting a bit "bloomy".
      I think Bob notices that I'm slowly getting the effects so as my tripsitter he does a little exercise for me, he tells me to close my eyes and describe what I see.

      So I go ahead and close my eyes and immediately see two cubes, one green and one purple just battling aganist eachother or something, then those two cubes merge together to sort of form the Nintendo Switch logo, it's still green and purple however...
      I tell Bob what I see as this happens and then I open my eyes back up.

      We watch some more TV but things get weirder, everything around me seems to be "breathing", every single thought I would have I would sometimes get stuck on it and follow it for what seems to be an eternity while only a few seconds have passed. It was pretty trippy in that sense.

      Bob then goes ahead and turns off the lights. I could suddenly see plenty of red, white & blue lights representing various things to my right.

      *wake up*

      I wake up but at this point I'm pretty conscious of the fact that it is a dream so without opening my eyes or moving I just think back on what happened a few minutes ago and I dive right back in.


      I am right back where I was, and at this point everything is breathing pretty hard, the colors are extremely vivid and some stuff (notably cloth & other various patterns) just flows in a neat way.
      Turns out that someone arrived in his apartement and Bob tells me to follow him, he's by my side, trying to make sure I don't fall or something.

      We're now in a much nicer part of his apartement, plenty of day-light there. And turns out that the person who entered his apartement was some girl who brought a bottle of JBZ.
      Now apparently, JBZ is comparable to liquid DMT according to what the girl told me, you take a little q-tip and wet one extremity with JBZ and then smell it gently.

      The girl's nice enough to do that kind of operation for me since I have no idea of this really works.
      I was a tiny bit worried though: "Shouldn't I lay off this kind of stuff? I mean I've never done any drugs before and now LSD and now this at the same time?..."
      Bob and the girl put my mind at ease though and then the JBZ q-tip was finally ready.

      The girl brought the q-tip right below my nose, telling me to smell slowly and gently. And I smelled it for possibly only 2 seconds, had quite the acidic smell and pretty quickly I get a huge rush of euphoria and become hyper-aware, my vision is projected backwards, every single shape and thing in the room just goes very geometrical and abstract in a very neat fractal manner, the room was pretty much infinite neon glowing squares & cubes for about 10 seconds before it slowly stopped and everything regained it's normal form.

      I then described this very trippy experience as I came out of it to the girl and Bob, we talked a bit more and then I was going for another whiff of JBZ, but this time much longer as I had an idea in mind.
      I took a much bigger whiff this time and I pretty much instantly just dropped limp on the couch. I could feel both Bob and the girl easing my fall.

      Every single thing went abstract as before, but even further to the point that I couldn't distinguish anything at all and I got sucked into this light vortex, I felt like I was going faster than the speed of light, but then it got quite calm and I was pretty euphoric.
      It seemed that I was in this infinitely huge tunnel and I became pretty lucid at this point, I obviously wasn't going to do my other dream goals, especially not in such a state, but then I remembered that I could do the DreamViews task, which was asking the awareness behind the dream a question or something.

      So what a better question to ask in such a state: "What is real?".
      Initially no response for about severeal seconds, but then I heard a very reassuring voice echoing in the distance telling me: "There isn't such a thing as a true reality, what's real to you is what you cherish and hold dear in your heart."

      After a little while I finally got out of this state and I woke up outside this time, still with the girl and Bob, I talked a little bit about my experience and then I took yet another whiff of that JBZ.

      *wake up*

      As last time, I did the same thing, so pretty much DEILD I suppose


      I was in my parent's bedroom and I had immediate doubts that I was dreaming. I do the nose pinch reality check and I can't breathe through it...
      I do the mouth breathe reality check and I can't breathe through my mouth either...
      However I do the hand reality check by counting my fingers and I had 6 fingers, however those two failed reality checks which are the most effective casted doubt into whetever I was actually dreaming.
    12. Gemili again & Abandoned Prison

      by , 09-26-2017 at 07:16 PM (Ereos)
      (Semi-Lucid the whole time once again, lasted several hours)

      I was in Gemili again, in this infinite mall, the same one as last time.

      I entered it and explored some more once again, but then some worker guys of the mall notice me and are talking about me. I try to ignore 'em and go past 'em.
      I arrive in what looks like the video game section of the mall, it's actually not that big, and I encounter one of my friends there, I tell him once again that maybe I'm being watched again.

      I hear those dudes from earlier coming in, I try to walk away behind some sections of the mall so that they can't find me, my friend comes along with me.
      Then there's one of the dudes who looks over a section, I have to squat down and he doesn't see me, but then he comes back around from the right, I tell my friend to come with me as we once again sneak past 'em, looking quite dumb to everyone else, and we quit the mall.


      I was raiding an abandoned prison along with a few more National Guard dudes, this time around I had a MP7 as my SMG.

      The prison had this really creepy and grunge look to it, almost like a very very old prison for insane people, I could feel that we were pretty near from the Hooded Man's location.
      Anyways we explore it, clearing rooms and all, we kill a few mercenaries there and there, they look like Hooded Man's goons.

      At some point I go solo in some big room, I find a sniper rifle but then it turns out that there is a big juggernaut coming towards me, I try to dodge him by running around him and I radio-in the fact that there is a juggernaut.

      But then pretty much all the lights go out, I try to find some sort of flashlight and the only thing I find is this little pocket flashlight for now, it barely lights up anything at all but at least it's a start.
      After some more exploring I can't find any of my buddies again and the environment changed, it seems I have arrived in the mental hospital part of this insane prison. It still looks pretty creepy and with the lights out it feels like a horror game.

      I explore through every hallway, they almost all feel the same to the point that I kinda get lost, and with the lights out and my lame flashlight, the atmosphere feels pretty tense, there is barely any noise at all whatsoever.

      Then I enter this rather small room, looks like a server room of some sort and one server was still on, I still couldn't see much with this flashlight so I quit the room searching for a new one and eventually I did find one!
      I light it up and it works so much better, I can actually see the hallways properly now.
      However I feel like I'm being followed in some way, I can't really see how or why, I just feel it.

      I go back to that little server room with that new flashlight, it turns out that this server is connected somewhere but I can't really see to what network it's connected at.
      So I decide to follow one of the ethernet cables to see where it leads, I quit the server room but as I quit it, I feel a very strong sense that something is wrong, that I was being followed indeed.
      I hurry back right into the server room and I discover two mercenaries, probably Hooded Man's goons, but before I could do anything, one of 'em just hit the server with a crowbar and destroyed it entirely.

      My flashlight also went out, I just had to yell: "I saw you!".
      But right as I was grabbing my pistol I just get shot in the chest multiple times, causing me to fall right on my back.
      "Goddamnit not again." I thought to myself. But despite all of that, it didn't hurt at all this time, I still couldn't move at all but...there was something, like an energy slowly taking over me, like I was meditating and dissociating at the same time, but in a much more powerful way.

      Anger also took over me, but then something else happened, it's like I wasn't in control of my thoughts at all, and then a fairly deep voice was talking to me.
      It wasn't talking to me in English or French nor any language I know at all, not even a language of this world, but somehow I could understand it, I could understand his feelings, and it was motivating me to be even more angry and just "burst out" in some way.

      Turns out that I was transforming into a dragon, but it wasn't like the other times, this time it was much MUCH more powerful. Grew wings, claws, a tail and a snout.
      This voice just kept going, I wasn't really in control of myself anymore. And as the transformation finished, it turns out that I have broken multiple hallways due to the fact that I was now about 100 meters tall or thereabouts.

      I just proceeded to crush absolutely everything, the entire prison went down more or less, and any goons that were trying to escape were just squished.
      I took a big flame breath and the whole prison just caught on fire, then I just flew away and blacked out.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    13. Pearls deal & Being watched

      by , 09-25-2017 at 07:39 PM (Ereos)
      (I was semi-lucid the whole time, dream lasted about a day total)

      I was with someone trying to gather around all the pearls that we have found for some kind of deal.
      Pretty much every pearl had this grey/beige color and they were opaque but not quite, more like very very troubled glass looking.


      I was at Gemili again, the big infinite mall. It was day-time but it was about to be night-time in an hour or so.
      I look around for something to buy in pretty much as much of the mall as I can, I take about a good hour looking through pretty much everything but I don't really find anything of interest.

      I make my way to leave Gemili, I am in this big hallway, plenty of stores/snack shops at the sides of the hallway along with ads, I notice to my right a person that is looking at some ad, I realize that it's my history teacher from high school!

      Anyways I keep going towards the exit of the mall, I arrive in this central little park area thingy with plenty of benches and all, I notice some of my friends are there and I go ahead and chat up with 'em.
      We're talking about how Baptiste got his driver's license finally but he had to do something called a "driver's workshop" before, I told him that it was pretty odd as I never had to do that.

      After 10-15 minutes or so I say goodbye to 'em and I make my way back to the exit of the mall. I had some trouble with my jacket as it turns out for some reason I had 3 bonnets with me in my pockets, a white, gray and black one.
      I try to put 'em in my pocket, I notice a security guard of the mall and he's watching me in a kinda funny way.
      Anyways I finally manage to put my 3 bonnets somewhere and I finally reach the exit of the mall. Right in the middle of the doorway, there seems to be this big guy that honestly looks like a stereotypical bully, he eyeballs me as if I looked funny trying to put my bonnets in my jacket but I ignore him.

      I am finally outside but then this big bully just yells at me: "Hey you!".
      I hear him but I still ignore him, thinking that I have far more urgent matters to attend to, like defeating the Hooded Man.
      But then as I look behind me I notice that he's coming after me on his weird hoverboard/bike mix thing that doesn't look like much, but it is indeed hovering above the ground.

      He's coming at me with this hoverbike thingy, and right at me too! I gracefully dodge him as he was going to run me over with it.
      "What's wrong with you?" I asked him.
      He didn't answer at all for about 10 seconds, just being pretentious with his hoverbike, hovering around me a little bit. I just thought that it was pretty stupid.
      "What's up with your bonnets there sir?" He asked.
      "I asked you first." I said. But then he just grabs a bonnet out of my jacket and throws it pretty far from here.
      I just rolled my eyes, I didn't have time to deal with this bullshit, so I just turned back and left.
      But then he's approaching me with his hoverbike again, almost running me over once more.
      "Just fuck off." I tell him while pushing him off his hoverbike.

      I make my leave again but he becomes just a tad pissed, he catches up to me by running towards me and grabs the neck of my shirt stereotypical of a bully once again, trying to look real threatening and telling me bad stuff.

      I grabbed him by the neck and pushed him a little bit. "Look, just stay away from me, I am an Ereos official on duty."

      I turned back and left again for good this time, I could notice the security guard from earlier and he asked me if everything was okay.


      I was on my way to Los Angeles but I stopped a bit on the way to appreciate the scenery, I could see the eastern mountains of Ereos in the distance.


      I was in my governement-issued car and I arrive at some small city near Los Angeles and it seems that something's wrong in there, I see plenty of military personel all around, and at some point I see what looks like a very high grade person of the military, but he had a rather strange flag on his jacket, it wasn't the Ereos flag at all. It was one:

      I'm not sure what that flag is but it sorta reminds me of the United States flag.
      Anyways right before leaving the car, I leave my military gear in there, don't want to attract attention and I want to find out what's going on.

      I explore a little bit and go down this rather weird road, there are plenty of parked vehicles right in the middle of it.
      This big swole dude approaches me, he's in a black suit and has dark sunglasses along with a bluetooth speaker/phone on his right ear. I figure he's in the Secret Service or something, I actually haven't really seen much of my secret service buddies but he approached me in this very creepy way and he starts asking:
      "Hey, give me a list of names of your fellow buddies.".

      I felt pretty creeped out by this, I just knew I had to lie as this whole thing was mischievious. I try to think up of something...
      "Come on, names! Now!".
      "Uhm...right, first names only though okay? I don't have a good memory. So uhm...Michael and uh Speedo." I said.
      Those were completly random names I made up and he seemed satisfied by my answer, I just walk away from him.
      I notice one of my friends walking around this area, I approach him and tell him: "Hey, we have to talk." in a rather quiet tone. We go into another smaller street connected to this one.
      "What's up?" he said.
      "Yeah right so...I think we're being watched or something. They're onto me." I said.
      A garbage truck passes right by us, making a lot of dust in the street in general. I look a tiny bit right behind me and there is this big swole dude from earlier following us.

      "Run!" I yell to my friend, while we start running pretty fast.
      My friend manages to get away pretty quick, I seem to be rather tired and have a rather slow running pace than usual.
      This dude catches up to me in the matter of about 10-15 seconds. And grabs me entirely with his two strong arms in a very tight manner, to the point that my feet don't even touch the ground.

      I struggle to get off of his grip, even my arms and trapped, I get pretty damn angry at this point and partially transform my face into one of a dragon, to the point that I get super sharp teeth.
      I bite his left arm pretty strongly to the point that I just tear off a 15cm wide, 7cm deep chunk of flesh off his arm. I spit it off immediately, eww I don't want to taste human flesh at all.

      That dude just falls down in pain and I just run away from him, after 30 seconds or so of running, I take a time out, spit all the blood out of my mouth, trying to not look like a freak.
      I arrive at some kind of lottery/bar thingy and I notice another friend in there, I just go right into the bar.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Legendary sword & Outerworld

      by , 09-14-2017 at 09:30 PM (Ereos)
      I was right outside of my house just entering my garden through the car gate, it was day-time about to be night in a few hours.

      Then it turns out that the sage is right behind me, helping me close the gate when he suddenly tells me: "You are dreaming."
      I said: "Nah that's not possible."
      He replied: "Yes it is, you are dreaming."
      I said: "Nonsense..."
      He replied in a more convincing and excited tone: "Yes yes yes! You are dreaming I swear!"

      At this point I became pretty aware and it indeed looked like I was dreaming...I did the mouth breathing reality check, my cheeks puffed up but I was still able to breathe out through my mouth, I was dreaming indeed.

      I look around a little bit and remember that I had to acquire the legendary magic sword in order to defeat the Hooded Man properly.
      I hop right above the gate and into the wide open street on the left, turns out that the sage is on this street now, like waiting for me but as I approach him he just morphs into some kind of tree.
      I still approach him anyways and ask him: "Heyyyy, could I please have that legendary sword?"
      The tree branches moves and points at me, as if he was looking at me, and a sword materializes from one of the tree branches, falling right into my right hand.

      The sword looked like this:

      I swing it around a little bit, it's a pretty good sword.


      I am now doing some kind of rugby match sport or something, I was in the red team and I just joined in the middle of the match, match is quickly over however and we go back into this train that is actually an extremely large subway transportation system.
      I take a seat next to one of my friends and at some point I sorta become lucid because of the very monotonous tone of the ride so far.
      I notice that we arrive at some station but we kinda skip past it and then we just go straight down and we pretty much do a 180, and from there on we go upwards and very quickly we get into this very open world, it was the outerworld but this time much further away from the pole holes.

      The train itself was traveling extremely fast and we had a little digital live map showing where we were, and it seems like we were going right between the Antartic and the bottom tip of South America from right to left at quite the speed.
      We were just enjoying the ride, riding on the ocean basically there were a few islands there and there and we passed over some.
      Then right as we go past the bottom tip of South America, we stop at some station and I take time to appreciate the outerworld for a bit. In the far far distance I could see the start of the Antartic along with it's big hole leading to the innerworld, my home.
      The water was spiraling towards it the closer it was to the hole, it was pretty neat, I explain my friend how all of this works mostly.


      I woke up but it turns out that for some reason I was in full military gear, it was still a bit night-time and I could hear my brother and my parents going up the stairs, I pretended to be asleep.
      But then they come right into my room and I try to quickly undo my balaclava and all but my parents and brother sees it and asks me what's going on.
      I guess my parents and brothers still don't know about my double life of being in the Secret Service huh?
      Well in the end I explained it to them and they took it rather okay it seems, they go out of my bedroom and let me sleep.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Hodded Man's terror attacks

      by , 09-10-2017 at 08:15 PM (Ereos)
      I was home and I was prepping up for a mission or something as I was reloading my guns and gearing up in my military gear.


      I was in the forest along with my friend from the last few dreams, and it turns out that we found a small abandoned city.
      However pretty quickly it seems that my friend got into a trap and goons of the Hooded Man were coming, I got my friend out of the trap and then a bunch of armed guys show up so I just shoot at them all with my M249, it's pretty effective.


      I woke up somewhere...very dark place, I was pretty dizzy and banged up. It was also raining outside as far as I could tell.
      I looked around a little bit to find out that I was either in a bus or in a train, and after looking around some more it turns out I am probably on a bridge, as I look down and find only water. It's also pretty foggy, I can't see beyond the structure that holds us or the water.

      I still can't see a thing inside that train or bus, I try to search for my weapons and stuff but so far I only find my bag that seems to be empty for now.
      I attempt to transform into a dragon to get out of this mess and also be able to see in the dark, but as I attempt that I suddenly get pretty dizzy and my head hurts, I guess I'm too weak to do that now?

      I kinda panic as I look around pretty much everywhere rather quickly, but I discover that on the right side of me I can get out of I just get this stupid metal bar out of there.
      I muster all of my strength and I manage to break it off, it falls right in the very stormy water.

      I take a last look around but it seems that I am alone, however very quickly there are many small boats with huge spotlights that gather around me and points the spotlight right where I am. Hooded Man goons again? It just never stops does it?
      I just jump off right into the water, hoping for the best. I then quickly swim out of there, it seems they have seen me, but they didn't shoot at me yet.
      I take a look back to find out that it was indeed a bridge and a train we were on, and the bridge was completly destroyed in the middle, planned C4 explosion? I don't know, it's all gone or very fuzzy in my memory.

      Anyways I also see someone else jumping from the bridge, it was my friend that was with me this whole time!
      The goons start shooting at him, thankfully he isn't hit yet, I go ahead and go back to help him a little. I still have no weapons and it turns out he has my UMP-45 that he gathered from the train.
      He also has my black bulletproof helmet and he tosses it to me, I catch it and put it on.

      We quickly make foot on land, turns out we are in the north-west of Monroe. We run towards the center of Monroe, going through a rather big street, but the goons catch up to us, I hear shots and I look back and it turns out my friend has been shot...dead...

      Situation got pretty scary, I was furious and sad, I quickly take cover however and I find right beside me a very conviniently placed FAMAS rifle.
      I take it and decide to take a few peeks right at the street, plenty of goons are coming and I just start peeking and shooting back and forth, that took care of a good chunk of 'em, but there was still dozens left.

      I quickly run to the street on my right, and then in this street I take a right, turns out they saw me though as I hear one of 'em yelling: "He took a right!".
      I quickly hide behind some more cover in a corner along with a bush and wait for a goon to show up.
      I see one right in front of me but he didn't see me yet, I just shoot him right in the face.
      I then burst out of my cover, retreating even more while going some supressive fire there and there.

      However it turns out that I head right into a small wizardry school, plenty of wizard students and teachers and everything.
      There is this very tall blonde rather old wizard who sees me and then sees the goons, he just casts a spell right at the goons, shattering them out of existence entirely.
      "Whew, that was close." I said outloud.


      I was flying in the skies as I was already a dragon and I was following this train, I was in the middle of the Farlands but not too far off the Ereos border.
      I flew quickly and swiftly into the train...to find out that there was a rather big troll/ogre creature right in the train, along with plenty of radioactive stuff as geiger counters were going bananas inside the train.

      The ogre isn't too happy that I'm there, he also had a big club but before he could do anything I just swiftly do a big tail slap at him, knocking him out instantly.

      Anyways the inside of the train itself was pretty radioactive to the point that I felt rather dizzy really quickly, there wasn't much I could do, I looked around but aside from plenty of radioactive material there wasn't much, I just fly out of there.

      I go straight up and gain some altitude, only to find out when I look back at the train that it's currently derailing straight into some military base.
      Very quickly a light emits from that military base, a rather big implosion happens as things nearby are being sucked in and then...
      A very bright flash engulfs everything, not really sure what happens but I feel a bit of heat. "Oh great, a nuke?" I think to myself.

      I crash into the ground but survive the nuke itself thankfully, I guess it's a good thing I'm still in dragon form.
      But as I look around again, big mushroom cloud right where it exploded, and now the entire environment around me, just scorched to hell, the sky adopts a slightly green tint now.

      I stand up again and fly straight up into the sky to see the true damage done by this rather odd nuke, I notice in the horizon a city, it was Los Angeles!
      I just rushed in the air towards Los Angeles as quickly as I could, it looks like the nuke didn't go that far, but the overall environment is still kinda scorched, windows shattered, thankfully it looks like everyone is alive, albeit a bit hurt.
      I do rounds and fly all around the buildings to see for any further damage, but the buildings are still very well intact.
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