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    1. Spider Apocalypse

      by , 08-29-2011 at 04:55 AM
      Had this one last night, really weird. Includes Britt, Laura, Dani, Niki, and myself.

      So I'm at my old house on that dead end street again, and I'm in the living room with my dog (he's a wiener dog). I'm petting him while he's knawing on his basketball toy, when I hear this sound coming from outside, under the window facing the driveway. The best I can describe it is someone sucking jello through a straw, mixed with a dying animal and chewing. It was really gross. I stood up and tried to look out the window to see what it was, but that didn't work. Suddenly my stepmom came stampeding into the living room shouting about something or other, looking really freaked out. She scooped up my dog and said we had to leave town, and went out the back door. I followed her asking why as we walked down the driveway, heading to the street where my car was parked. When we got to where the noise came from my stepmom stopped walking and looked down at the ground. There was a look of pure horror on her face, and she started to cry. I took this chance to snatch my dog from her. She plopped down on the ground and started poking whatever was there, muttering something about "the spiders". Somehow I knew what she meant by that, and started to get really scared. I didn't want to look at what was on the ground, but I felt I had to. I took a quick glimpse, and saw the body of a small dog, or what used to be one. (Don't know where this dog came from; I only had one.) It looked like it used to be a pit bull, but was shrunken down to the size of a chihuahua. All of it's flesh, blood, and organs had been "sucked" out of it, leaving only a pile of bones vacuum-wrapped in it's skin. Also, what used to be the head was nearly separated from the rest of the body. I knew this had been the work of a spider, and started hustling to my car.

      (Random 'facts' I knew about the situation that I was thinking about as I was going to my car: 1) In this world, there are grey/black spiders the size of your hand. They are growing in numbers and slowly taking over the Earth. 2) The spiders are really hard to kill, but can easily kill you. 3)The spiders attack you by jumping on your neck, biting you, and sucking everything up, like a vampire dust buster thingy. Then they crawl inside the wound and eat everything else. 4) In some rare cases the spiders don't eat the flesh of humans; instead they kill them, enter their brain, and control them like zombies. 5) In order to escape the spiders, I needed to leave where I was and head south, FAST.)

      Once I got to my car, I put my dog in the back, along with a big duffel bag of stuff I suddenly had with me. There was already a bunch of stuff in my car. It like we had already planned an evacuation, but didn't want to leave until we were sure the spiders were going to invade. I got in the driver's seat. My stepmom, who had managed to snap out of it, went in the passenger seat. I really hated her (I do in real life, too), but I wasn't mean enough to abandon her in the spider apocalypse. (At this point my thoughts turned to the "past": my dad had died from fighting the spiders; somehow my stepmom and I decided to ignore the fact that we hated each other, and just stick together to better survive the spider-thing. You know, like how when people are stranded on a desert island, they're sort of forced to work together or die.) I started driving off. While I was driving I noticed the whole town looked really spooky. All the trees were dead and black, and the grass was yellow and patchy, mixed with dry dirt. There was nobody outside at all, except some dead bodies. There were no lights on, anywhere. Everything looked really run-down and crappy. All the cars were rusty and junky (broken windows, doors left open, flat tires, turned over, crashed, etc.) and were just lying around wherever, while the houses were abandoned and destroyed (broken windows, doors open, nasty shingles, empty, etc.). The sky was sepia tone (which is cool because the sky really was like this one day), but I couldn't see the sun or any clouds. I drove for a while before my stepmom started telling me some directions to a "safe house". We stopped at a building that was once white, but now almost grey. It looked like a trailer home without the wheels, or windows. We went up to the door, and my stepmom knocked. A lady answered the door; she was tall and skinny, with greasy black hair pulled back into a pony tail. She wore way too much makeup, but her eyes still looked sunken in and tired. Oh, and she wore orange shorts and a white shirt. "Hiii, welcome to Hooters!" she said. I gave my stepmom a "WTF" look as we went inside. The Hooters lady closed the door. Not only did the building look like a trailer home on the outside, but it did on the inside too. It was really long to my left and right, but so narrow that I could barely turn around. There was nasty, thin carpeting on the floors, and nothing on the walls. Besides some other random people lying in the hall, the only thing there was a round wooden table with a pile of wadded blankets on it. The Hooters lady went to the table and grabbed a ragged, thin blue blanket. "Will you be sleeping here tonight?" I wondered why she was still acting like this place was a restaurant; it didn't look like one, and I doubted she had any food to serve us. My stepmom said yes, and so the lady led us down the hall to the left until she got to a door. She opened it up and threw the blanket inside, let us go in, and then closed the door. There wasn't any light, so it was hard to see, but I knew there was a bunch of people in this room too. I 'went to sleep', and woke up the next day. I went out of the room to try and find the Hooters lady to pay her, but she was nowhere to be found. I went back to ask my stepmom what to do about this, but I couldn't find her either. I decided I would just leave, since my stepmom was probably dead, and I didn't want to hang back and get killed myself.

      I got in my car and drove until the sky was blue again, and there was plant life/people around me. I got off the road, stopped at a motel (it was white on the outside, but I didn't see the name of it), and got a room. The guy led me to my room, explaining I'd have to buddy up with someone because they didn't have any open rooms, with everybody trying to escape the spiders. He opened the door for me, gave me my key, and left. There were two twin beds in the room, with a window in the middle and white walls (like my dorm room, except plainer looking and sorta junky). To my surprise, the other person in the room was my friend Brittany. We were both surprised to see each other, and happy we had both survived the spiders. I asked her where the rest of her family was; she was quiet for a few seconds, and instead of answering, she showed me around the room. She had some clothes in the sliding door closet next to the door, and some bags/clothes around her bed. It was sort of cluttered, but that's to be expected. (It's hard to be organized when you're on the run from spiders, and have to live with everything you own in a motel room.) She told me she'd been living here for a while, and that it was really safe, and the people running the hotel didn't even charge anyone because it was a safe house now. I set down my one bag next to my bed (which only had one old sheet on it), and went back to my car to get the rest of my stuff. Once I had everything inside the room, it was even more cluttered, but we could still walk around easily enough. My dog suddenly appeared in the room, which is weird because I lost track of him for a while there. I was about to close the door, when suddenly a gray spider ran through. Britt and I screamed. I just so happened to have a crowbar in my hand, so when it jumped at me, I whacked it really hard. It made a 'crack' sound, and blood spattered everywhere. The spider flew over to the window, but disappeared when if fell in our junk.

      I shut the door all the way and locked it. We knew the spider was only stunned because I had hit it with a blunt object, so we had to find it and kill it before it woke up. I started searching for the spider while Britt looked for a sharp object. While we searched we were freaking out. I said, "Where did that come from?! I thought this was a spider free area! Are they migrating that fast?!" Britt said, "Dude I don't know! Just find it! Maybe it hitched a ride on somebody's stuff when they came here? Like somebody didn't look over their shit properly or something?" Britt pulled out an old rusty handsaw from somewhere. It had a red handle, and all the teeth were worn off, but it was still sharp. She demonstrated how we would properly kill the spider when we found it. "I think it might have fallen below the window," she said. I moved some of my stuff from below the window, and found the grey spider. It was just lying there, still stunned. Britt rushed over with the handsaw, put it on the spider, and pushed down. I helped push too. We managed to cut the spider in half (the outside of it was steel hard, but the inside was soft and fleshy, so once we pushed hard enough to cut through the skin the rest took no effort). Blood spattered from the spider again. Once we knew we had killed it, we did a high five. Britt went to get somebody to dispose of the body. When she opened the door, Laura was on the other side.

      Britt and I were surprised/happy to see Laura. She came inside holding a cleaver. We asked her how she found us, and she told us she was staying in the motel with Niki, and had seen me bring my stuff inside. She showed us her cleaver like it was her prized possession, and told us how it was really good at killing spiders. I talked to her while Britt went to get someone to take care of the spider. After a while I looked outside the window. The view was really pretty. It was an ocean bank, surrounded by long grass with two trees on each side. One was a palm tree (right) and one was a willow (left). The sky was blue with a few white clouds. In the middle was some random guy fishing. He was all decked out in fishing gear and stuff. After catching a small silver fish he left, so I could see the water better. It was clear blue and sparkly. It dropped off from the bank immediately. While I was looking at the pretty view an orca swam up and purposely beached itself on the bank. I wasn't sure whether to be worried or not. At first I freaked out, thinking it was a sign of the spiders coming, but when I looked at it, it was smiling and rolling around happily, so I knew it was okay. After it went back in the water I looked back to Laura, who was still talking about all the spiders she had killed with her cleaver.

      Britt came back in the room, and with her was Dani. She said she had found her while looking for someone to clean up the spider. We were all happy to see each other, but after a while I asked Britt if she had actually found anyone to take care of the spider. Dani answered by saying her dad was coming with a wood chipper. We all looked at her, surprised. "Your dad is here?" I said, since everyone else seemed to be parentless. "Yeahhh...?" said Dani. "He has a woodchipper? Cool!" said Laura. Dani's dad entered the room carrying his "handheld woodchipper" (he had to duck to get through the door). We all said hi. Dani's dad grabbed the two pieces of the spider and threw it in the wood chipper. He left to go outside so he could finish the job without getting spider-puree in out room. We all started talking about what we were planning to do. Dani apparently had just gotten here, so she had no idea. Britt said she had been here for a while, and was planning to move further south soon. I agreed that that was a good idea (since I wasn't sure about where that spider came from). Laura agreed too, and we decided to head out tonight together. Laura went back to her room to pack up, while Britt and I packed up too. Dani stood there until her dad came back to show us his spider killing tool, which was like a shiny dagger. Dani and her dad left the room, leaving Britt and I packing. This is where I woke up.

    2. Party/Weird Board Game

      by , 08-29-2011 at 03:11 AM
      Had this one a while ago but didn't bother to record it.

      So my friends (Britt and Laura) and I were at Laura's house in her basement. Actually it wasn't her basement, because it looked completely different and had windows, but for whatever reason I felt like that's where we were. Anyways, we were partying it up and dancing around. There was music and a bunch of balloons and some food. After a while we all got bored. I suggested we go to my house so I could pick up this board game. My friends hate board games, but I convinced them this one was super fun, so we hopped in Laura's Tahoe and drove to my house. Instead of going where I actually lived at the time of the dream, we headed towards my old house on a dead end street. Laura was driving and Britt and I were in the back; she was on the right and I was on the left. A couple of times Laura teleported to the middle back, and the car drove itself. When we got near the intersection of 76th and Morgan, I pointed out to Laura there was construction ahead. She climbed back to the front of the car and slowed down, because the construction zone hadn't been taped off or anything, it was just a bunch of potholes and equipment and stuff lying around the road. There was one guy standing there directing traffic (we were the only ones though), and he had us drive on the other side until we got to the lights. (Side note: in my dream it's evening now, so it's sort of dark but the street lights aren't on yet.) When we got to the traffic lights (still on the wrong side of the road) Laura stopped and said she'd just drop me off here. I didn't understand why because I still had to go like 14 blocks West and a few more blocks North, but I didn't complain since it wasn't a big deal. I said I'd be right back with the game, got out of the car, and crossed the street. I saw Laura drive into the used car lot on the corner and park before I started running to my house. I ran a few blocks up Morgan when I looked down at my feet and noticed I suddenly had some funky chicken-looking boots on. They were neon-pink and went up to my knees, and the ends looked like chicken feet (which means in order for anyone to really fit in these, half of their feet would be chopped off). I wondered why I was wearing them, but then realized I was running faster than I normally would be able to without them, so I just kept them on. After a while longer I heard footsteps behind me. I looked back (still running) and saw a girl jogging behind me. She was blonde with a pony tail, and had a sports bra and shorts on. She was also wearing tennis shoes that were the same color as my chicken boot things. And she had a creepy ass smile on her face. I wasn't sure whether I should be scared or not, but it didn't seem like she was following me at all. Still, I decided to pick up the pace. When I got to 84th and Morgan I turned right, and when I looked back the jogging girl was gone. I continued on into the little suburb area where my old house was, and I started to get really nervous. For whatever reason I felt like I shouldn't be going back to my house, because my parents might still be there and I'd wake them up (but in real life they've been out of that house for like a year). (Another side note: it felt like I was 'hiding' from them or something.) When I got to my house it was night time. The whole thing was dark and empty looking (as it should be). I opened the door without any keys and went into my old bedroom in a hurry. Oddly enough, my bedroom was untouched. Everything was as it was before I moved out. On my bed was the board game I was supposed to get. I sat down on my bed and opened up the lid of the game, and got sucked into it.

      When I 'woke up' in the board game, I was in this really big castle-ish room. (I say castle-ish because it had stone walls and floors, churchy windows, and candle lamps.) It was dark except for the light coming from the candles. Around me were ceiling high mounds of crap, like a hoarder lived in the room. I wandered around through the maze of junk until I ran into an old man. He was holding something, but I don't remember what. Also he said something to me that I don't remember. I followed the old man until we came to a clearing in the junk. There were like five random kids my age gathered around a campfire. They looked like they were from an 80's tv show. When we got there, the kids started gathering around us. The old guy pulled out some weird bracelet thingy and put it on me. He told me something was going to happen, and if I lived I would get my board game. (At this point I started to wonder why I would go through all this effort to get the game... and why I was getting the game from IN the game... but I didn't feel panicky or anything because I knew I had done this before.) This really loud windy-noise came from somewhere, and things around me started to get blue and blurry as the noise got louder. All the people around me sort of fell down; I think they died. I looked down at the bracelet on my arm, and saw that it was now IN my arm, under my skin. As the noise continued to get louder, and the background turned completely blue/purpley and whooshy, the bracelet started to grow. It really hurt, but the old man's voice came from somewhere and told me if I made it through without my arm exploding I would get the board game. Unfortunately I woke up before I found out if I made it.

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    3. Gun/Moosehead Fragments

      by , 06-30-2011 at 06:42 AM
      Had these dreams last night, but now I can hardly remember any of them. Still wanna record them though.

      First part: I was shooting a gun. It was really big and silver, but had glowy purple streaks on it and the bullets exploded when they hit things. I was at a target range but instead of shooting at the fake paper-people I was shooting at real people. But they just kind of stood there like they were drugged up or something.

      Second part (There was a lot more, but I only remember this part): I was like this lion-thing, and my friend was like this deer-thing. I was normal colored, but my friend was dark grey. We weren't exactly those types of animals but that's as close as i can get to describing our appearances. At first we were regular people, though. We were standing in a wheat field talking about something, and I don't remember what, but my friend was getting really angry at me. She was giving me these death glares for whatever reason, and I felt like I didn't deserve them. She turned around and started to ignore me. Then a group of people came running at us. They were all decked out in tribal paint and had on hula skirts and stuff, and they wanted to kill us. We ran away and managed to get a good distance between us and the people, but then I tripped over a bump in the ground. When I stood up we were the animals I mentioned earlier.

      There was fire everywhere, and I was about to run through it and hope I didn't die when my friend pointed out that the 'bump' I tripped over was actually a hole. We went down the hole to an underground cave. It was really big, and had a green glow. For some reason I kept calling it a limestone cave. There were all sorts of dangerous ledges and paths, and below us was pure blackness. It looked like if you fell of you'd keep falling. We wandered around for a bit until we found a ladder back up to the prairie. Somehow, even though we were still animals, we climbed the ladder. When we were above ground again, instead of being on the field, we were climbing up the side of a canyon. There wasn't any ground anymore, just the bottom of the canyon, and I don't know what happened to the cave, so we had to keep climbing the ladder.

      We made it to a ledge and got off the ladder, so it was behind us acting as a 'guard rail' so we couldn't fall off. There was a split in the canyonside in front of us, and it looked like rocks had tumbled into the split filling it up. It was really narrow, and almost vertical, but we were still able to climb up it. My friend had made it to the top where it was flat, but I was still climbing when the tribal people showed up again. I couldn't really defend myself where I was so I just kept climbing. One of them wearing this weird moosehead type of hat started stabbing me with his spear. (His hat looked like moose antlers, and was about the same size, but it was made of gold.) One time when he stabbed me his spear got stuck in me, so when he tried to yank it back he fell off. His hat fell off too, and landed on my head somehow.

      When I got to the top finally, all the tribal people gasped and started clapping and cheering. I just looked around like 'wtf', and my friend told me the moosehead hat was a symbol to them or something. I said, "well I guess they don't care that i just killed that guy then", but then the original moosehead guy popped up from where we climbed and was clapping too. His head was really gross; it was all lumpy and disfigured like the hat was hollow and his head had grown into it, leaving it the shape of the moose antlers. Which makes me question how the hat came off his head in the first place... Anyways, we were back to being people now. I gave them back their hat and we ran away (on the field again now) in case they changed their minds and wanted to kill us again. Then I woke up.

    4. End of the World/Creation of Colors

      by , 06-27-2011 at 06:02 AM
      Okay, so I had this one a really long time ago, and only remembered snippets of it in the first place. But for some reason while I was reading my friends' latest dreams, I remembered this, and so I wanna record what I can so I don't forget it completely.

      It was a really epic dream, and it felt like it lasted a long time. At one point I think I was God, or something. All I remember is: 1) Something about being in a city and being decapitated by my friends, then being the friends and trying to hide 'my' body by wrapping it in plastic wrap and burying it somewhere. The city was like on fire/collapsing and everyone was dying. When it turned into a third person view, everyone turned on each other and started cutting off their friends' heads, like that would save them or something. 2) Eventually the view zoomed out so I could see the whole world. Like I said before, I felt all powerful, like I was the one ending the world. For some reason Earth had no gravity. I don't know how to describe this, but people were grabbing onto the edge of the world (even though it's a circle), holding on for dear life, but eventually they all fell off and died. Some people let go willingly. I remember one of the last people to fall off was a 'friend', one of the people who killed 'me', but she let go on purpose. (A good way of describing this scene: Titanic, when the boat is completely vertical. Except the boat is now the world. And some people want to die.) 3) Now I am most definitely God. I watch the city-world burn down. Volcanoes erupt and cover the world in magma. When it hardens the world is brown, then black and dark. Everything is on fast forward, so the time lapse here is like millions of years, but it goes by super fast. This last part there's no way of describing. It's like trying to explain to a blind person what a color looks like, damn near impossible. But, as God, I watched all the colors be created. At the end of this, the visible colors formed a rainbow (don't ask what I mean by 'visible'). Something happened with the rainbow that again, i can't describe, but afterwards everything was in color. 4) After the freaky color thing was over, water and plants came back. It was like I was starting the world over. I started to make an amoeba type thing (well, watch it be made, but it felt like I was doing it). Then the dream ended.

    5. Cat in a Bag (Err, Purse...)

      by , 06-15-2011 at 08:21 AM
      sorry for missing caps, etc.: too lazy, on my ithing, blah blah blah... you get it.

      So this isn't gonna be very detailed cause it's been a while since I had this one so I don't remember much.

      I was at a garbage dump type of place, a big lot surrounded by a short rusty fence and a mound of greenish brown trash in the middle. There were seagulls circling the top of the crap pile. There was a guy there in a dirty blue jumpsuit and a milkman hat who was shoveling trash from the mound and throwing it in another smaller mound. So basically his job was to shovel the trash around for no reason... lol poor guy. I went up to the big trash mound and started digging around (ew), and i found a brown paper bag. I opened it up and there were a bunch of kitties in it, and a cat (mom I think.) I grabbed the bag and showed it to the trash guy, asking if I could take them since I didn't think they should be thrown away like that. He told me I could only take one, somethinb about having to fill his "dead cat trash quota". I grabbed a gray one and gave the rest back to the trash man. For some reason I had to hide the kitty though, like it was illegal to have it or something? I don't know. But anyways, I put it in my purse and very carefully walked home.

      Something happened happened on the walk but I don't remember...

      I ran in my 'house' and locked the door. The place was actually like a really dark and scary dorm room. I think I had a roomate but I don't really remember. I dumped the cat out of my purse onto the table, but it was flat as a pancake and dead.

    6. School and Indian Kids, & Fighting That Guy Who Wants to Kill Me

      by , 06-15-2011 at 06:21 AM
      Soo I don't really remember this one all that much, but I wrote it down when I first had it a couple of days ago. Here goes:

      I was walking down the hallway in my high school (just graduated btw), going between second hour and first hour. For some reason I couldn't remember if it was an A or B day, what class I just had, or where I was going. I got to my locker and remembered that I was going to ApCalc next. I tried to open my locker using 6-12-24, but it didn't work. Then I tried 30-18-40, then 6-37-24, but nothing was working. The bell rang and I managed to sprint to class without being late, but I didn't have any of my stuff. Also, the class was in the front hallway where the library should be instead of where it really is. The teacher told me to sit down so I did, in a desk in the far back middle to the right of a white brick column. The classroom was really weird, the walls were all white and everyone was wearing white, but the desks were tan and so was the tile floor. The whole front wall was a whiteboard and the whole back wall was made of windows, it was like some sort of vista resort or something. Oh, and the desks were really far apart. I guess we started presenting our 'projects', but I don't even know what they were supposed to be or how they had anything to do with calculus. Each student would come up and show a little model they made. They were white and looked like the kids had slapped together random items around their house then covered them with paper mache and plaster. Each one looked different, some were towers, others human figures or geometric shapes, and some were just piles of crap. My turn came to present and I told the teacher I couldn't go because my project was in my locker, which wouldn't open. He got angry for some reason and told me I should have said something when I got into the classroom.

      The middle bell rang and people passed through the halls going to split lunch like usual. A chubby female teacher came out of a sliding closet to my right. With her was a little Indian kid (like actually from India, not Native American), about 8 years old and wearing a white collared shirt with a red boy scout scarf and blue shorts. It was like some weird school uniform. My math teacher said, "Mrs. ___ (don't remember her name) is going to escort this kid through the halls, so if anyone needs to go to their lockers go now." I guess I wasn't the only one who was having locker problems, since a lot of kids came and gathered around the teacher. Also I don't know why we needed to be escorted, since normally the teacher just would have let us go without passes or anything. Before our group left the classroom, the teacher said, "For all you guys who complain about getting here too early, this kid gets here before the hamburgers," and pointed at the little kid. I don't know what he meant but I guess that's really early, and a lot of us gasped. We started walking down the front hallway towards the lunchroom and I broke off to go down the side hallway where my locker was. I did my combination, which was 32-18-24, and it worked. (I don't remember what my real combo is(was) anymore.) I got my materials and went back to class but the door was locked, and inside I could hear they were watching a movie. A group of us gathered outside the door and waited for it to be unlocked but it never was. A bell rang, which meant we could go home (completely scratching lunch and fourth hour out of my day I guess).

      I walked outside the main doors without going back to my locker for my stuff, and went towards the student lot. On the side of the driveway leading to the student lot there was a short white bus, like one of those transit handicapped buses, except it didn't have any logos on it or anything, and there weren't any panes in the windows. I now was the little Indian kid, and I went on the bus, except there were a ton of other kids on the bus who were exact copies of me. (I was watching myself get on btw, from outside the bus, like a third person view.) There were so many kids on the bus that we filled it up to the roof, so there wasn't any space in it at all. The bus driver told them all (I say them because at this point I'm not one of the kids anymore) to duck down so they wouldn't be seen, and they managed to squish themselves so only their eyes and the tops of their heads popped up from below the windows. I think the bus driver didn't want to be seen having too many kids on a bus. By this time the bus was driving down an empty freeway through a pine forest. I became me again, driving a blue subaru. I passed the bus and looked at all the kids in the windows, and though, 'well, that's weird.'

      I got to my apartment building and went inside. (My apartment building has three sets of doors: a locked outside one, an unlocked middle one between the outside and the entrance where the mailboxes are, and the locked door to my apartment.) Everything was normal, but when I opened the door to my actual apartment room, everything was empty. I was on the second floor now too. The whole back wall to every room was made of windows (like the school), and the livingroom had a sliding glass door where you could go out onto a balcony. There was a guy standing in the livingroom, and apparently he was my friend. I was now a guy too, and we were both wearing futuristic silverish armor. There was another guy in my bedroom wearing the same armor, except it was black, and he wanted to kill us. The scene turned into an 8-bit 'side scroller' video game type of thing. My friend and I had short purple health bars in the top left corner and the 'boss' had a big red one along the bottom. We used old style Mortal Kombat attacks to hurt him, but then our health got too low so I had to go into the menu. It was back to normal 2011 type graphics, and had a pink background with items you could select from a list. I highlighted 'max heath', which I had 77 of. The item that gave you 'max health' was a pack of two hot dogs. No buns or anything, just the dogs. I clicked two of the items so I had four hot dogs total, two for each of us, and heard a noise that meant we were all better.

      The menu scene went away, and so did the side scroller view. I was now myself and watching things in a first person point of view. Everyone was taking a break or something, my friend was standing in the living room. We started talking, and he said, "I hope he doesn't do an orange lazer I can never avoid those." I said, "Yeah, same here, except I can't avoid the blue cannons." Suddenly I heard the evil guy giggling from my bedroom, which was his base of operations. I walked over to see what he was doing, which was typing furiously on a computer. He said to me, "You just told me your weaknesses! I'm aiming all lazers at him and all cannons at you!" I said, "Oh, shit," and ran into the living room to tell my friend to hide. The cannon/lazer beams popped out of the walls and starting hissing and steaming while glowing their respective colors as they charged up. I tried to hide by ducking down in my kitchen but the things in the walls were like locked on, and they followed me around everywhere, and I knew they could cut through walls. I ran outside (through all three doors) and just as I closed the last door the cannons fired. Luckily at the right moment I did a handstand on the doorknob and avoided it. (**I remember going lucid for a second here, thinking, "this is bullshit, this guy's cheating, screw this," etc, so I slowed down the 'blue cannon' which was like a really big blue lazer and made myself flip up and do the doorknob handstand. But then I lost it and went right back to dreaming normally.) I went back to standing and looked at the door wondering A) why the cannon didn't leave a hole and B) how the hell was I going to get inside without my keys? But I guess the cannon had 'weakened' the door, so I kicked it in, ran through the unlocked second door, and through my door which I had bolted out of without locking (cause really, who has time to lock their door when they're gonna be blasted with a giant blue lazer?) My friend was lying on my livingroom floor, dead. I could see part of the evil guy's body on my bedroom floor from where I was standing, he was dead too. As I ran over to check out my friend my phone rang and I woke up. (thanks, Laura! XP)

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    7. Onion People?

      by , 01-13-2011 at 10:11 PM
      so i had this dream last night, and i feel like i should post it before i forget about it. (again, please ignore all typing errors...)

      so my friend laura and i were in school, and we were going from lunch to ap psych class. while we were walking the bell rang, so we were late, but neither of us seemed to care. instead of going to the ap psych classroom, we walked to my japanese classroom. but oddly enough, the class we were going to was gym (which we dont even have senior year), taught by my freshman year gym teacher (lets call him mr. j). when we got inside the classroom, there were no desks, but a dirt floor, and the students were playing football. mr. j yelled at us for being late, but didnt give us a dt or anything. instead he told us to join a team and play. so we played football in the classroom until mr. j decided it was time to take notes on how to play football instead. desks sort of faded in, but in the dream it was like they were always there. we sat down and started taking notes.

      suddenly i heard a noise behind me. i turned around and noticed a little onion person (who apparently was a student) having a hiccup attack. the onion person was probably about two feet tall, with an onion for a head and a body made out of an oniony material. after hiccuping for a while, the onion person flew out of its seat and dropped dead to the floor. "god damn it all, there goes another one of thosr onion people!" mr. j proclaimed. he called up a janitor to get rid of the onion persons body on his cell phone, then went over to the body. "hey, you kids want to see what an onion person heart looks like?" he reached into the onion persons layers and pulled out what looked like... an onion (no surprise there). then he peeled it open to reveal that on the inside was a lot of brownish juice, i guess what would be its "blood", but really it looked like rotten veggie puree. mr. j procedes to explain to the class that "all onion people have hearts like this since they come from zedden. thats spelled h-k-x-w." i was about to ask how the hell he came up with that spelling when i woke up.

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    8. Elderly Pirate and Something About Being in the Army

      by , 11-28-2010 at 07:42 PM
      i havent posted in a while because i havent had any dreams i could remember. today i had two, but could only remember part of the second one. sorry about this being all in lowercase, and for any typing errors... once again im in an ipod. im just too lazy to start my computer up.

      the first one starts out as me being a pirate. apparantly im an old, retired pirate, and my hobby is collecting coins. im digging around in a shallow swamplike pond, grabbing at the shiny things i can see under the surface, lifting them up to look at them, then puttung them in a basket. the coins are all old ones, varying in size and shape. they dont look like anything ive seen before. im veey excited, because ive "hit the jackpot" and found a puddle with lots of coins in it. a pirate friend comes along, and is jealous that im finding all the good coins. i tell him that ice been looking for years for one certain coin, and i cant find it.

      in the same dream, im not the pirate anymore, but a servant to a queen. she brought me into her bedroom and is showing me the wood floor, complaining about it always being wet. i notice she has a lot of crap on the floor thats getting wet, so i throw it onto her bed, and look at the floor. one side is completely dry, the other looks like a puddle. i guess she wants me to figure out whats leaking, so i look closely. i then notice that the puddle now looks more like left over mop water, like someone was mopping the floor there and it hadnt completely dried yet. i poinr it out to her. "see those streak marks?" "no, i cant see anything." i grab her and place her in the right light. she gets surprised, and tells me that the ghost of the elderly pirate must be making her floor wet, since he used to be the guy who swabbed the deck. i didnt know that he had died, so she explains to me how he died. the scene turns into a flashback, with the queen talking in the background, explaining what was going on.

      the old pirate gave up in coin collecting and tried to tame water girrafes (girrafes that lived in water) and teach them tricks. every time he blew a whistle the girrafes would jump out of the water at the same time. for some readon, this was cruel, the girrafes plotted and tried to find a way to kill him. one time, when he blew his whistle, a panther jumped out of nowhere and killed him. just then his old friend came along and pulled a crayfish catchy thing out of the water. inside was the coin the old piratw was looking for his whole life. the friend showed it to the dead pirate, and he somehow smiled.

      after that, i had a dream about being in the army. all i can remember is that they had to test you to make sure you were capable of being in the army by making you walk across a canyon on a thin beam of wood. i was afraid of falling, so i crawled across. the other army people said i was cheating, but the drill instructor was very impressed and commended me on thinking outside the box. then there was something about playing badminton and hunting impalas, but i dont really remember anything about it.

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    9. High Carbon Cheesesticks

      by , 08-06-2010 at 08:03 AM
      So I was on a school bus going on a field trip to somewhere. One of the teachers passed out cheesesticks for a snack because it was a long trip. We all ate our cheesesticks happily. We got to our destination which was like this forest, and we all started taking pictures with our cameras. All of the sudden I fell to the ground. I tried to get up, and once or twice I managed to get to my feet, but I just fell right back down. Soon I couldn't even get up anymore. The teacher who passed out the cheesesticks ran up to me screaming "OH MY GOD!" An ambulance came and shipped me off to a hospital.

      I was in the hospital bed getting checked out. A male doctor said, "Oh no, it seems you are paralyzed from the waste down. Now we have to do reconstructive surgery and physical therapy to get you walking again." The teacher was in the corner crying. The doctor asked her why she was crying. She pulled out a cheesestick from her purse and pointed at the label. "It's all my fault! These cheesesticks are high in carbon!" Then she went back to crying. Apparantly carbon causes paralysis.

      The next thing I remember I am walking around in my school. For some reason I go to the guidance office. Walking for me is very hard, it seems like I'm stumbling and about to fall any minute. A kid in the guidance office is sitting in a chair crying. Somehow he got paralyzed too. The guidance people question me and ask me if I could have accidentally given the kid my paralysis germs. Then I wake up.

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    10. Alien Spaceship, and Hiding in Pots

      by , 08-01-2010 at 04:09 AM
      The dream starts out with me riding my bike along a suburban neighborhood road. It curves to the left constantly, and judging by the surroundings, the curve of the road, and my distance from home, I'm riding my bike home from the neighborhood park. The sky is orange and purple, so I assume the sun is setting. Something catches my eye and I look up.

      Floating a ways in the distance above the sky is an alien spaceship, slowly heading towards my house. My heart starts to race and I bike as fast as I can, trying to beat it home. Somehow I manage to get home before it, but not before crossing its path. I'm positive the aliens can see me entering my house.

      I lock all the doors and try to find a place to hide. For some reason the most logical place is in front of my couch, which is in front of a giant window. I duck down and cower. After a few seconds I get my courage up to look out my window. My heart skips a beat. The spaceship is landing in the street right in front of my house. I watch as the main door hisses and slowly lowers itself open. At this point I get up and sprint into my room, slam the door shut, and hide under my bed. I can feel my heart pounding a million miles an hour.

      Somehow the aliens managed to get inside. I can hear footsteps walking down the hall towards my room, and my doorknob turning. Then I wake up.

      For some reason when I remember this dream, I also remember a fragment of me being a ghost. People can see me and are chasing me, so I fly away and hide in decorative oil pots. But they always break them open and try to catch me. I don't know how they know where I'm hiding...

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    11. Steve Irwin and the Living/Dead Animals

      by , 08-01-2010 at 03:56 AM
      I had this dream a while back, like when Steve Irwin was still alive.
      So me and my friend Brittany were going on a roadtrip to Wisconsin Dells. They have this waterpark there called the Kalahari, which is for like little kids but that's not the point. So we checked into the Kalahari, and when we opened the door to our room, it opened into the real live African Kalahari. So we ventured inside, and looked around. We started to walk to nowhere in particular. Along the way we saw lots of different animals like girrafes and snakes, except they were made from paper like origami animals. I went to touch them, but when i did they died. However, their angel spirit floating up to heaven was a real animal. So they were fake when they were living but real when they were dead? Anyways, I cried when they died. In the background Britt was turning into a tree.

      All of a sudden we hear a rustling coming from a bush. (Britt is no longer a tree.) We look over at it, and suddenly this crazy guy wearing a comical wolf mask with a huge nose jumps out screaming, "RAAAHRBOOGABOOGABOOGA!!!" We look at him like, what the fuck is wrong with you? He whips off his mask. "AHA!" he says in an Australian accent. Apparently Steve Irwin has found his way into the dream. "I bet I fooled you lassies didn't I? Ha, no, you two youngsters are smart enough to know that the REAL African Wolfhound has a much LARGER snout!" he says as he makes a circular motion around the mask's nose. Britt and I look at eachother like, whats with this clown? Suddenly he's right in our faces, smiling as wide as possible. "Say, how would you two like to join me on a wild Native American horse hunt?" without our consent he throws us each on a spotted white and brown horse, then jumps on his own, and we ride of into the sunset with Steve laughing maniacally.

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    12. Youtube is EVIL!

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:33 AM
      I'm sitting on my bed, watching Youtube on my computer. It is pitch black outside, and perfectly silent. Judging by the darkness and the quiet atmosphere, it must be like three in the morning. I am the only one awake. The video I am watching is very disturbing. A man is chopping off his own fingers with a steak knife, one by one. He screams so loud it makes my stomach sick. Strangely, there is an English narrator describing the whole event in detail. “And now,” he says, “the man proceeds to chop of his middle finger. Watch closely as the steak knife severs the finger, revealing the inner layers of muscle, and the bone.” Eventually I can’t take it anymore, and I try to turn my computer off. But for some reason, instead of turning off, the volume just gets louder and louder, until my ears hurt. I turn away from the video and cover my ears, but the man’s screaming still manages to get through. I attempt to drown him out by screaming myself, as loud as I can. Everything goes black.

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    13. What People Really Do on Their Yachts

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:32 AM
      In this next clip, I am not included. However, I can see everything clearly through the lens of a video camera. I can tell I am watching a home video taken by a wife of her husband and son. They are on a yacht, sailing around in a little lake on a sunny day. The husband is sitting in a plastic lawn chair by the edge of the boat, but I can’t see his head. The camera is focused on his leg.
      In his hand he holds a large knife. He stretches his leg out on the long chair, and makes a long, deep cut in his leg. Almost instantly his innards spill out of his leg like a bucket of chum being poured out, and it falls into the ocean, leaving a flappy skin-baggy leg behind. The man doesn’t stop there, he continues to mutilate himself. This time, he makes a wide gash across his stomach. Again, his guts and muscles and everything else pour out of him, leaving a skin bag stomach. The little son is crying and screaming in the background. “Daddy, please stop!” he shouts, but the father continues. “Whee, isn’t this fun?” says the mother.

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    14. Stab :P

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:30 AM
      I've been having this one a lot lately.
      I am seventeen. There is nothing around me except darkness. Then, I can hear a woman screaming loudly. Suddenly I can see myself tackling someone to the ground and stabbing them violently in the back. Everything goes black again, but I can still hear the screaming. I’m not sure if it’s me, or the woman I was stabbing.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Does god Know Man Has Already Invented Boneless Meat?

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:29 AM
      I am outside my house, planting flowers with a little shovel. I am humming an unknown tune to myself. I stand up and wipe the dirt off my knees. Then I hear a shot echo through the air, and a sharp pain in my chest. I look down, and I see a large bullet wound in my heart. I cover my face with my hands and start to cry. I collapse to the ground, curl up in a ball, and die. Then, my ghost rises from my body. I stand there and look at my body, wondering what happens next. Then, a ray of light appears from above my head. A female angel dressed in white floats down, and holds her hand out to me. “Come,” she says. I reach my hand out to go with her, when somebody starts to pound on the window of our house from the inside.
      I look to the window, and see my mom inside, yelling and pointing her finger at me. “Aubery Ruth, don’t you DARE go to heaven! You don’t deserve to go there, you can go straight to hell!” I start to cry, when the angel grabs my hand and drags me to heaven. “Don’t mind her,” she says, “she is going to hell.”

      I appear in a dark room, and I'm sitting at a long table. I can hear voices muttering and laughing, but I can't see anything, since it's all dark except a ring of light around me. I look down at a plate in front of me. On it is like some sort of stir fry, mostly yellow with red cubes of meat and broccoli. I pick up my fork and take a bite. Eh, its ok. I thought Heaven food would taste better. A big booming voice says from somewhere, "So, Aubrey, I bet you haven't ever eaten BOOONELESS meat before, eh?" I look around, and say, "Umm actually, we have boneless meat on Earth. Like chicken wings and stuff."

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