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    1. Hungry Kitty

      by , 08-14-2011 at 03:39 AM
      Teens twice my size are chasing my friend and I. I get the feeling that if they catch me I might not live. Without them seeing, I jump into a grassy slope next to the pavement and lay flat. [In real life my house is only next door to that, I dont think it was safe for me to go there in my dream though.] My friend keeps running around the corner where presumably she finds safety in her house. [ which is technically my other friends house in real life]
      The mother of a boy in my class unknowingly sat on top of me to eat her picnik. Bones crunch. My kitten comes up to me and licks my hand. I fall asleep. When I awake I have no body and am merely a presence looking down on the scene. The boys mother is standing with her sandwich looking dazed. Where I once lay was on only several bones and a boot. I am pretty fucking pissed. How did that woman not notice me being eaten in my sleep by a kitten?! People begin to gather. My friend is there unharmed and possible the teen boys as well. My dead presence slowly fades.
      Tags: death, eaten, kitten
    2. Eyes

      by , 08-13-2011 at 11:33 AM
      A few days before I had the dream when i was a second year, we were drawing queens. Every queen had cirvular eyes but mine. My queen had thin lemon shaped eyes. The other kids made fun of my eyes.

      In my dream, I was walking around the classroom. In my hand I carried an air tight food storage container. Inside it were my eyes. They were thin lemon shaped eyes, covered in blood. No one around me gave a shit. Technically I was blind but I could see enough. My vision was cloudy and smudged with blood though. I then lost one eye. I couldnt help myself because it was on the floor and being blind, my movement was somehow restricted. I was in a state of panic, confusion, anger and sadness. I was covered in bloidy tears. All the children around me were happy and colourful. I was almost colourless.

      I was the hard real drawing and they were an easier alternative
      Tags: bloody tears, eye
    3. Pulling the plug

      by , 08-13-2011 at 11:22 AM
      This isnt a nightmare persae, but a dream that filled me with horrible emotions and made me sick. (Not literally)

      My Grandmother was in hospital. As it turns out it was me who could decide when to pull the plug. My grandma was talking, smiling and looking more alive then ever. But she left an essence of hatrid and betrayal. I saw the plug and pulled it. She died upright mid-sentence. That was all i had ever wanted and it made me feel so satisfied. But then i started crying. Tears of sadness washed down my cheeks. I couldnt speak. I talked with my eyes, trying to show my happiness. I was left in a state of mixed emotions and everything around me became a blur.
      I dont recall the ending but I think I leant over her and questioned my life and the people in it.
      Tags: death, grandma
    4. Granny

      by , 08-13-2011 at 11:14 AM
      My mother and I (13 at time) were lying upstairs on my bed. We were laughing and talking when someone opened the door. There was my grandmother poking her head through. I told her to leave but she insisted on acting like a child and making faces. It was there i lost my temper. I pushed her onto a chair in the opposite room. I held her legs down with my knee and held an arm against her upper chest. With my other hand I began to rip her ear off. It came off easily on either end but was harder to rip in the middle. There wasnt a drop of blood. I then threw the ear on the floor.

      Ending #1
      I felt a sense of satisfaction and went back to my mum. There was a strange aura and I awoke.

      Ending #2
      After a split second of happiness, I realised I was in big trouble. My mother acted strange and made me uncomfortable. Coming up the stairs were the cops with dogs, flash lights and sirens. I looked out the window. What I saw was the shark infested stormy waters that surround alkatraz prison. I knew I had to jump. My life ended.
      Tags: alkatraz, ear, grandma, rip