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    1. Train, buses and Scary shadows paralyzing me.

      by , 06-17-2012 at 12:00 PM

      I realize I'm having a FA.
      I leave my house through my balcony, flying like I usually do, I take a right and as I reach the block's corner I see a train coming at full speed on the street, I was flying low so it would hit me, I fly up and dodge it, as it passes below me I look back at it and the train is now a bus, it turns and I notice the bus is being driven by a guy on a bike that has the bus connected by a string! I think that's funny and try to fly up the bus to stand there and "enjoy the ride", as soon as I start chasing it the guy on the bike looks back in shock and speeds up, I loose sight of him as he passes behind a truck and when I see him again it's just the guy on the bike without a bus.

      I notice I'm in a park now, I don't recognize it, so I decide to fly around, shortly after I bump into some old man that pokes me as I fly by him.

      I "wake up" into a FA.

      As I get up of bed a shadow figure appears, I think the figure looks like a woman, long dark hair, she pushes me back into bad and grabs me from the ankles, I feel scared and as I try to talk to it I wake up... into another FA.

      Again as I try to get up of bed, this time it seems like a bulkier one, a man I assumed. I manage to let my fear go away for a little bit and ask him "Who are you?" and he replies "What have you done?", as he vanishes the room gets lighter but I wake up into another FA.

      The female shadow appears again and grabs me just like before, but this time another shadow appears, it's a little one, a kid I think, she crawls up on my bed and lays down by my side, pokes me, I feel a lot of fear at this point, I look at this shadow and all I see is a weird grin, which scares me shitless as I wake up.

      While scary as fuck, this was a very interesting experience, I was able to make one go away by calming myself, and thanks to this experience I learn some things about calming myself.
    2. Dark LD

      by , 06-16-2012 at 12:03 PM

      I realize I'm having a FA.
      Everything is oddly dark, even outside of my room, as I approach the balcony I see a glimpse of light coming from outside, but when I open it the light dissipates and everything is pitch dark.

      Woke up
    3. Low flight

      by , 06-16-2012 at 12:02 PM
      non-lucid | lucid

      I'm walking back home like back from the archery club, it's extremely dark, so dark I think it can't be right, I realize I'm dreaming, I see a little kitty when I suddenly find myself teleported home. I go out of my house, start flying, but decide to fly low to keep better track of what I'm seeing, so I just fly for speed and comfort. As I leave I notice my dad is opening the store, as I look back the dream collapses.

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    4. My cats are searching for something.

      by , 06-16-2012 at 12:01 PM
      I'm laying in bed as one of my cats come (let's call her Blacky) and starts talking to me, I can't remember the specific words, but she was asking for help in finding something. I hear someone talking outside, I think it was my mom and my sis. Blacky says they can't help, one of my other cats appears (let's call her Fatty), Fatty starts talking with Blacky, saying she wants to help, but is unsure how, Blacky and Fatty leave the room.
      Woke up.
      Tags: cat, short dream
    5. Starting a public DJ - Intro and stuff~

      by , 06-16-2012 at 12:00 PM
      Starting the journal since I find that my dream recall lacks details, meaning that while I usually recall an acceptable amount of dreams every night, most tend to be short / I don't remember most of it, or don't remember the details. But when I share my dreams with someone else I find myself writing more, trying to explain things, and while doing this I recall things, and if I start sharing my dreams, then it will also work to empower my self-suggestion of wanting to remember my dreams in a detailed manner.
      I'll start by adding all dreams from the past few days, and keep adding my dreams as the days go! Hope someone can find some sort of enjoyment or interest in some of my stuff
      side notes