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    Banana King

    Saving girl, free running and the tale of the werewolf

    by , 07-24-2010 at 11:48 AM (796 Views)
    I sat in the back seat to the right. My mom sat on the left side and my dad probably at the driver's seat to the left. It was pretty dark outside. My brother was in the car too I think. We stopped next to a girl/woman which was a mess. I opened my door and asked her if she needed help. She didn't respond. I noticed her hands were tied behind her back with some cheap wire. She was a mess. Then a crazy man ran to us and I figured she had been raped and had fled. The man was bald and totally nuts. He looked kind of like a Nazi and he had a knife or some weapon. I think my brother and dad ran out to distract him. They ran in a circle behind the car.
    I acted. My mom didn't do a thing. I climbed over her and then jumped into the driver's seat. I managed to get the car going. I drove left and turned so I faced the mad man. He ran towards me. I drove forward and he bounced up on the windshield and landed on the roof.

    The next dream was set at the same place. Will and I were going to take a bus (I've been at his place on "Íland" for a week and we took the bus.) but we realized that very late. There was a big stair like in Rocky when he trains and then the bus was between two small hills with trees on. We saw the bus and Will said like "Isn't that our bus?" and I was like "Yeah, shit!" and we ran. I did something with my feet so I could "slide" down the stairs and then I gained a lot of momentum so I "flew" over a big table down the stairs and then I had to turn right to the bus. Will made it there before me so we were safe.

    I also had a cool first person CS game with some friends. It wasn't really CS but it was awesome. They were much more experienced than me. I did something awesome though. I balanced a thing which was going to crush you in the beginning (hard to explain) and ran with that thing. Like walking with a ladder. I looked like a transformer. Well a lot of pretty cool and strange fighting scenes. I had a cool knifing fight.
    I told one of the guys earlier that I had dreamed about him and that he had been awesome in the dream (not sex). I had that dream a couple of days earlier and he had sat in a corner of a aircraft and shot like 6 people in the head with a pistol. Then I told him that in this dream...
    Later in the CS dream I was going to remake the game but I was too noobish. Another game started. It was Diablo related. It told a story and it was really lame but still cool that I created it (It was pictures with speech). It was a little boy and his father talking. The father told the little boy that he could play high up in a tree or something. The boy said that mom didn't want him to play up there. The father told him it would be their secret. The boy smiled and climbed up. Then in the next picture he was all like he had been dead for 20 years(zombie) and was hanging by the throat between two branches. His mom and dad were the same and his mother became demon like and had claws. She raged and and turned the father into a beast. A werewolf. That's how the werewolves lore played out in my mind.

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