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    The Dogs [03.12.2012]

    by , 12-03-2012 at 11:54 AM (355 Views)
    Midnight, my house. I was going to the bottom floor, but two shetland sheepdogs blocked the stairs (My dog is one.). My presence angered one of them, so I left.

    Some time later, I found a "PetFinder" program. Its icon was a silhouette of a cat with yellow, cat-like eyes. I thought it scanned the entire house and showed the animals in it. Once I opened it, it said to pick a color. I thought it meant the pet's color, while our dog has multiple colors.

    During day, I asked someone about all of this. Since he was confused, I asked him if the dog is dead. His answer was "yes".

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    non-lucid , nightmare