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    1. A very strange set of dreams.

      by , 05-26-2012 at 02:42 PM
      Ok, so this was a really weird nights's sleep.

      I can't remember going to sleep, but it was some time around 1am. I had not been drnking, and have never done drugs; so it wasn't either of those. It was, however, extremely hot. reams that I can remember, and tonnes of short seconds-long dreams.

      So it started with me at some kind of dock late at night, there was a woman in chinease attire (red) and a strong looking guy with typical film-set style fighting gear on. Me and him were fighting; and it became apparent that this man and woman were the bad guys. I had a team of people around my age, late teens, behind me; a girl, a guy with short hair and somebody else. The docks themselves were long and made of stone, but did not extend into the sea very far, there was metal scaffholding and crates and barrels and tarpooling everywhere. I eventually either won, or the guy got away. The girl on our team told me that I had to get into thier lare, as it was strange that I should win (I obviously couldn't have.), and the short-haird guy (who was in a comms-van) agrees, so I am sent into the bad-people's lare. I walk along the dockside and down a slope into a tunnel which leads to the lare. Once inside I find that it's more like a maze of high-up platforms, walkways and gas pipes. I reach a bit where the walkways spiral down a massive shaft, of about 50m in diameter, and some kind of piping system leading down the righthand side. Instead of walking down the pathways, I shimmied down the pipe system. on my way down I reallised that the pipes were covered in spiders (not very nice :/) but I continued anyway. once at the bottom, it became evident that the floor was made of lava or something like that, which explains the heat I thought. At this point I stopped and looked around the walls. I started to notice that there were lots of skectchs pinned to the walls around the pipes (obviously somebody had been down here before), and these sketches were fan-mail or character-sketches of everyone I had seen in this dream. At this point the girl who had been talking to me earlier started talking to me again (she was either on the comms or had followed me, I can't remember). I told her what I could see and she said: "hhmm... but that just doesn't make any sense, what's so important about those?" I told her, rather scared now, that I thought that actually it seems like we were all inside some kind of webcomic, and this is what the creator has drawn/recieved. She started to cry and then everything went fuzzy.

      I then woke up in real life (I think, although I'm pretty sure it was real life) to find that I still had my shirt on, which I struggled to take of, then put on the floor beside my bed. Shortly later I drifted into dreams focusing on why I had my shirt on and what if someone had come into my room or perhaps I was drunk, but no, that didn't make sense either because I don't drink. Well perhaps it's just hot. These thoughts swirled around as abstract dreams for what I presume to be about half an hour. At which point I wake up again to realise I still have my pants on (I sleep nude), so this was really quite strange for me. After that I drifted back to sleep.

      [The next dream was weird, very weird.]
      I was at my computer, playing MineCraft. When I reallise that there is an option I've never seen before; one to make 'structures' generate. I click it to see what happens, then the whole world starts to transform into an ice biome (for those who don't play minecraft, it's a randomly-generated cold area of the game, with hills and such). But this was a strange one, because there was a giant semi-opaqe black cubiod, in which these domes started to be built using leave-blocks, stone and spawning a golden apple in the center. Many of these spawned within the box, at may different sizes. By this time I was actually in the game (to be expected for a dream), and rand for cover as I thought that the generation engine had broken and was going to fill the entire area with stone and leave, so I went and hid under a pile of ice blocks, peering out to the world [apon looking back, I realise that here I may have actually died in the dream, but I din't realise]. I saw a penguin, and then it flashed forward to a later date. I was in a tunnel that was extremely long, but squre with twists; like a mineshaft. I was at the end of this and talking to my brother and step-father. It turns out that the reason for this shaft is to hose a very long set of instructions written on signs for someone to make something. It was some kind of robotic drilling apparatus with a buit in Artificial Intelligence. My brother says he needs something, so we go to the start of the mine (not sure how so quickly, that thing was *huge*). Apon ariving there everyone else goes about thier own buissness [here's where it starts going wierd]. I then go out of the main semi-circular igloo part (description: big, about 30m in diameter, animal-skin rug on the floor, stone furnace at one side, to entrance to cave at the back with a small washing area on the right of that (as if you were looking at it), with an entrance and hat-stand at the opposite side, which lead to a small corridor that ran around the front half of the main igloo with a door about 1m to the left of the main igloo's door that lead to the outside), and see that there are two penguins. That quickly turn into daleks. They're scared and ask me to keep them safe if they'll defend the igloo from the other daleks. This seems like a good idea to me. But looking around that the rest of my family in the igloo, I realsise that they are walking without using thier legs, so must be daleks in disguise. I look at the two dalek-penguins, that tell me to run. I turn and run down the corridoor to a small wooden-door, which I enter. After going throught the door I end up in a small wooden office, with a gas-lamp and meet an old-woman (a proffessor at a university, I think) leaning over some old-looking books. I ask her how she got here, she says to to me that it is I who got into her place, and continues to tell me that theis place makes no sense, and that I must run to get out. I thank her for her words and walk through another door in her office. This door brings me out on about floor 10 of a 50-story 1960s style office-block. I can't go up without entering certian rooms. I enter the first and inside is someone [around here my memory gets bad], how asks me questions and gets me to talk; I ultimatly leave with this peice of paper that is part of the puzzel, and move up a level. This repeats itself about 14 times. I then go to the next door, which I can see through the gap into before I go in. I see a teacher at a black-board and a helper at a desk to the right reading some sort of old books. I walk in and tell them (quite angrly) that I kow that thier going to ask me to answer questions or perform some kind of test to let me get whatever it was I needed to find. The woman (teacher) tells me I should know better than to shout at a teacher, at which point I loose it and tell her that actually, seeing as we're all dead (but this point I'd worked out I was dead and thought that these people were other ghosts) I died after her, and thus was in a time when education was better (her books looked like they were from the 1900s), so I was clever enough, and didn't need her test, then said: "so, where is it that I need?" A little boy of about 11 put his hand up and told me that I needed to take him upstairs. I walked over, took his hand and started walking to the door with him (he seemed happy). The two teachers just looked at me dissapointedly, asking me to take this test or I'd never understand the ways of this realm, when I refused they just looked sad. I eventually took this boy out of the class and back into the '60s sky-scraper. At which piont he said that I had completed the final challange and was free (or something like that, he seemed happy). I walked off and saw a door that I thought was the exit. I walked through it and out onto the street, where there were other people. It was at this point that a large grinder-support fell on me and killed me again. As I was drifting into darkness someone told me that I was dreaming. "darn." I thought, then woke up.