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    1. Relating non-lucids/successful self-suggestion & B6

      by , 11-08-2015 at 09:08 PM
      1) My dream started at a high school football game. It was somewhat drizzly/rainy. I used to be in marching band in HS so of course I'm there with the band. I see Tommy (important real life DC for this night) in front of me and ask him if he is still dating Sarah. He says yes. I also saw my friend Tony. We were going to play the fight song when the other team's BAND came out (lol??), but they came out from somewhere unexpected and the drum major (real life ex-bf) messed up the fight song. Soon, the low brass gathered at the bottom of the stands to play a low brass song. I put together a Clarinet made of mostly broken parts and could hardly play on it. My real life ex was MIA for most of the dream, I assumed making out with the girl drum major. Most of the dream I had a margarita in my hand. My grandparents were there with some food. There wasn't much room in the stands and I couldn't find a place to "fit in", so I was trying to sit on some sort of white, wire shelf not made for people to sit on. The band parents passed out cookies to all of us, either chocolate or vanilla. I was handed a chocolate and asked to trade for vanilla. I dropped my cookie package, and both of my grandparents were too old to bend down and pick it up. One of my uncles walked by and picked it up for me. I didn't have any of the music for the stand tunes we were playing, but could remember the fingerings and notes to about half of one of them. At some point I decide to go inside to the band hall instead of being at the game. A lot of colorguard girls walked by, all with gorgeous done-up hair. I tell a real-life DC Danielle how I wish whoever the best guard girl at hair was, that she would do my hair every morning. I went back outside at some point, but my last memory of this dream was thinking about how congested traffic would be leaving the school.

      I woke up from this dream ^ and remembered all of it suddenly after about 30 seconds of being awake. I decided that I wanted to see Tommy again in my next dream because I wanted to make out with him or whatever. I was using the mantra "I remember my dreams" before bed and all night, which combined with taking B6 gave me about 5x the recall I've had the past few nights.

      2) In my next dream, I was sitting on my old bed in my parents' house. The room is arranged the way it was when I was VERY young. Suddenly, I get a text from Tommy on my phone. It is something along the lines of "So, Sarah still thinks you're a bad person and is salty about you. But I don't agree with her. Want to hang out? " I think I texted him back a few times maybe, but was having EXTREME difficulty using my phone. Trying to text someone in a dream is quite a funny experience and it was basically impossible.

      3) After waking up and going back to sleep a final time, my new dream started in a beach setting. I was on a towel with two guys to my left, and one of my friends to my right. One guy asked, "so, do you have sex with all your ex's?" I said "Tommy isn't my ex we never dated". At one point I realized my bathing suit top had come completely off. I freak out and put it back on, and then the other guy asks for my number. I say yes at first, but then realize he was the one who probably untied my bathing suit so I say no. I suddenly remember that I've never had sex with Tommy, and tell the guys "sorry, I actually lied to you, me and Tommy haven't done anything but I think we're going to very soon". When everyone left the beach, it looked like how people leave cruise ships in movies.

      I am so excited about my dreams from last night!!!! Before the whole band/Tommy dreams began, there were 4 other times I woke up and remembered fragmented, less vivid dreams that were actually also related (puppy 5k/dogs). In total I woke up naturally at least 7 times which has always been a gift for me. I wake up after every REM cycle nearly 100% of the time it seems. Since getting back into dreaming this has been my best night of recall! I tried to SILD/FILD after almost every time I woke up but had no success.

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