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    1. Alien Invasion and a Limp Machete

      by , 03-17-2014 at 04:08 AM
      I actually had this dream last week, so it's a fairly recent one. My nightmares have been less and less as the years have gone by but this one is a bit morbid so yeah...you're forewarned.

      I was with my immediate family vacationing. Somehow my stepdad and sister had gotten injured. I didn't know how, all I knew was that we were in a doctor's office trying to get them patched up. My stepdad had a toe amputated and my sister had a gash on her side that was bleeding heavily. The dream started out with this and actually didn't focus much on this part.

      They got their wounds treated and we left, driving along the freeway to our next destination. There were many cars around us and the environment was city-like, slowly turning into a suburban area. The landscape was fairly flat so we could see the sky pretty clearly. It started off as a normal blue sky with a few dusting of clouds and then all of a sudden it changed. If you've ever seen the picture someone photoshopped of what it would look like if Earth had rings like Saturn, this was it. Large rings appeared over the sky and stretched over the horizon. At first they reflected beautiful sunset colors, oranges, reds, pinks, and yellows (Red and yellow appear in my dreams a lot). It was quite magnificent to see and a little overwhelming. It steadily became brighter and then the lights went out of the rings and the sky began to darken. That was when large ships flew overhead and people started to panic.

      For a bit it was like watching a series of trailer clips. It was just me and my mom now in the car stuck on the freeway of cars. At first we were driving, then we were stopped with the rest of traffic while tall square-like cyborgs walked around the cars, leaning to peer in at the terrified people within. I didn't get a really good look at them so I couldn't give you a detailed description of what the aliens looked like. They were tall though. I remember that.

      The scene changed again and my mom and I were driving on a highway, nearing a more rural area of forests and mountains. I personally didn't think she was driving fast enough and was about to tell her to let me drive. A bunch of motel like cabins came into view and halted my actions. We stopped by the road and a group of people were at the entrance. A woman told us that the direction we were headed in had been taken over by the aliens. We were trapped. She told us we could bunk in her cabin and we agreed.

      The cabins were a mix of different people, but most were kind enough and doing their best to help the other survivors. However, a couple of them looked like escaped convicts. One of them was a large burly man with long dark unkempt hair and a beard. He had taken to attacking some of the younger women in residence. I don't know if he did it discreetly or if people were too afraid of him to do anything about it. Unfortunately, my subconscious decided I needed to be a fly on the wall for one of his attacks. Obviously, I was disgusted and pissed because I couldn't do anything to help her.

      When he tried to attack me one of my favorite video game characters (Fenris from Dragon Age 2) appeared and scared him off. Fenris was worried for my safety and wanted to stay with me to protect me. I thanked him for his help but told him I'd be okay on my own. He told me to at least carry a knife with me wherever I went. I agreed and strapped a Bowie to my thigh. Right after that the man came for me again, but this time I was completely alone. Enraged I pulled out my knife, only to have it turn into a saw-like machete that was as limp as a whip. As frustrated as I was that didn't stop me from beating the ever lovin' shit out of him. Finally he lay bloody and broken in a heap at my feet. He looked properly ashamed and guilty of his actions. He did ask me if the terror from the alien invasion could have caused his mind to break and make him attack those women. Icily, I told him that the invasion probably released what was already there to begin with (If he hadn't been in jail for that reason in the first place.) However, his words did make me stop and think, and I lowered my hand.

      Even as he lay there baring his neck to me, accepting his death, I couldn't kill him. 1) Because my machete was limp, and 2) Because he was a broken and beaten man. Mainly he lived because my weapon wouldn't cooperate.

      The scene changed to me standing in the double doorway of my cabin, looking out into the darkness towards the other cabins that were lit from within. We were on the second floor. My mom and the woman we were staying with, were in the living room behind me. Then out of the darkness a large shape came lumbering up to me. When the light hit it I saw a large wolf/hyena hybrid creature. He was big, his head almost level with mine. I panicked and tried slamming the wooden doors. He shoved against them and it was a battle of me trying to keep him out. At one point I actually grabbed him by the scruff and threw him back a ways. But he was persistent. Eventually I realized he wasn't trying to hurt me, just get inside. The doors nearly came off their hinges so I gave up and let him in. He sat and gazed at me while I ran my hands through his soft fur. At least I got a furry companion out of it, and a large one at that.

      The End.
    2. Elements and Chaos

      by , 12-05-2013 at 07:58 AM
      I was going to write about another longer dream I had, but I'll post that one next. For some reason I feel I should write about a dream fragment I had some years ago.

      Other things happened before and after this fragment, but it was more clear to me than the others. I was standing on the edge of a large lake surrounded by mountains. A forest grew from near the banks of the lake to the base of the mountains. It was beautiful. The water was a bright blue, the leaves of the trees a spring green. The sand and dirt beneath my feet were even a nice shade of yellow and light brown. Out of nowhere my peaceful environment went crazy. The wind started to pick up, blowing the tops of the trees. A large fire started in the forest on the opposite bank of the lake from where I was. The harsh wind fueled it and the flames grew. The water level of the lake started to rise until my ankles were wet. I scrambled up the bank to get away from the rising water. That's the end of that fragment.
    3. A Werewolf's Teddy Bear?

      by , 12-04-2013 at 06:20 AM
      Hello again. This is a dream I had while in middle school I believe.

      I was at my grandparents house (which is a dreamscape I return to often). Their backyard is a good size and has really tall pine trees in the back. This translated into the dream. There are two tiers to their backyard. At the time the back porch led to the top tier where there is a lawn and my grandfather's workshop at the back. Steps lead down to the bottom tier where there is more patio and lawn. There is a hill at the back that has the trees planted on it.

      There was a party going on. I walked around listening to people talk and socialize. My eyes were drawn to this older Native American lady. She stood out in the crowd. No one paid her any attention but my eyes met hers and we stared. I knew she was a Shaman. All of a sudden all the people disappeared except for her. Movement made the tops of the trees shake and I heard a growling noise. I looked up seeing a large dark shape dart around in the trees and then disappear. I knew it was a werewolf. I ran to the woman who was completely calm while I freaked out. I warned her about the werewolf and asked her what we should do. I had a feeling the werewolf was hunting me, not her. She told me to show it respect and it would not hurt me. Once she finished speaking the Were dropped to the ground. It was bear size, had dark gray/black fur and amber eyes. It charged towards us and I did as she said and bowed my head, tensing but not fleeing. It stopped in front of me. I could feel its breath on me, the heat coming from its body. Then all of a sudden it swept me up into its arms and snuggled me. I closed my eyes as I was surrounded by warmth and soft downy fur. I woke up after that.
    4. Desert World Part 2 & 3

      by , 11-26-2013 at 10:53 AM
      Back again to my desert planet. The second dream I had was very brief and it sort of carried over to my third dream so I'll add them both together.

      Second dream: I appeared out in the middle of the desert. Dark golden sand dunes spread out as far as the eye could see. There was some sort of military operation going on. I found the entrance to a simple bunker, heading down beneath the surface. Some camo tents were pitched around it. I was following some soldiers. We hopped onto some ATVs and took off away from the main site. A dust storm started to pick up and the last thing I remember was riding through it.

      Third dream: Again I was out on those dunes except this time there was a battle going on. There were actually groups of boulders scattered around the area so I ducked behind some of them to stay out of sight. It really was the most ridiculous thing. An army of midgets were fighting against Nazis. I was transported to another area with a group of women and children. The area we were in was more rocky. Light reddish dust stirred up underneath our feet. Rocks surrounded us, from pebbles to a small mountainous area of dark brown and black stone. It was my job to get the women and children to safety, away from the battle. One soldier had followed to help me. We ran. I was in the lead, he brought up the rear.

      Out of my peripheral vision I saw some black shapes start to appear from behind the boulders we passed. We stopped and stared in horror as a group of dog-sized cockroaches started to scurry in our direction. The soldier bade me to take our group and run, saying he'd stay behind to try and buy us time. I didn't want to leave him, but I had no choice. The women and children came first. As we took off again I could hear his screams. I didn't have the courage to look behind me, knowing what I'd see.

      I felt a sense of urgency niggle at the back of my mind. We were being followed again by something else. I ushered my group into a cave. It was dome-shaped inside, with ledges carved into the rock like shelves. We climbed as high as we were able and perched on them. No sooner had I ascended two velociraptors came running in. They hissed and tried jumping for the ledge I was on with another woman. We backed up as far as we could, just barely missing their snapping jaws. In the entrance to the cave I noticed a large shadow. As it traveled closer I'm sure my eyes widened comically as a huge Predator appeared, decked out in gear and weapons. With his combi-stick he quickly dispatched the two raptors and stood still waiting for the women, children, and I to climb down from our ledges. I knew he wasn't going to harm us. I walked up to the Predator and thanked him. I woke up after that.

      I told this dream to a coworker, and apparently the females in her family had an uncanny knack for interpreting dreams. I was confused by it, until she pointed out some things. I can say that once the dream was interpreted I felt very vulnerable, as it alluded to my childhood. It was interesting to realize how obvious the symbols were. I suppose it's easier for someone else to see things you cannot.

      Well, I should be doing h/w but I distracted myself. I suppose it would be best to actually get it done so I can get some sleep. Until next time.
    5. Desert World Part 1

      by , 11-14-2013 at 05:22 AM
      I've been thinking about some more of the previous dreams I've had. When I dream sometimes I'll return to the same places (or the same place but it looks a little different from the last time I was there.) I call these my dreamscapes. What happens in them aren't the same but I'm in a place I've dreamt of before. One of the those places is a desert planet. I don't dream of it often. I believe I've had three dreams on it and all three of them have stuck with me.

      The planet itself stays fairly the same. If there are any changes, it just means I'm on a different part of it I've never been to before. It's completely covered in sand with rocky caves and outcroppings. Other than that I never saw much else except for a ginormous monolith my first dream there. The planet itself has no atmosphere, at least nothing to block the view. It's completely open to the rest of space, which in itself feels overwhelming to look upon.

      My first trip there was brief. I was surrounded by dark yellow sand, some had a reddish/brown rust tint to it. There were boulders lying around, but nothing could take my stare away from this montrous monolith. It looked like an obelisk, but more rectangular in length and width. It was as wide as half a football field maybe, and as long as a football field. I'm making general assumptions. I wasn't focused on measuring it. lol

      It was so tall though that I could not see its top. It just kept going. And I could see into space, see a large planet that was really close by. It was huge, looking more like a red and gold saturn. Stars twinkled everywhere in the blackness. The landscape was pretty flat so I saw space in all its glory from horizon to horizon.

      Back to the planet. I just suddenly appeared there, taking everything in. Then the desert planet started to shift, it began to rotate. Gravity wasn't strong enough to keep me from slipping so as I went with the planet's rotation I started trying to grab onto anything solid, boulders, rocks, anything. I slid down to the base of the monolith and tried gripping the smooth stone surface. There weren't any hand holds and all I could think of was I didn't want to fall into space. I woke up before i fell off the planet.

      That one definitely had me freaking out. I'll write next time about the second dream.
    6. First Entry: An Old Dream

      by , 11-11-2013 at 06:16 AM
      My first journal entry and I actually have no new dreams to report. I guess I've been complaining so much about wanting a break from dream recall that my subconscious actually gave me a break. I've been dreaming but it's fuzzy when I wake up.
      I know that sounds a little arrogant doesn't it? Complaining about dream recall. I apologize. I know most people on here WANT to remember their dreams. I've been remembering mine every night since I can remember so a night without remembering them would be a godsend. Most of them are very action/monsters/aliens/fighting so they can be emotionally exhausting. There have been many nights I've woken up shaking. Even though I may remember my dreams naturally, after reading posts and DJs I realize I haven't done a lot to control my dreams. Super powers yeah, but actually affecting the people and creatures and environment. That is something I've never really focused on. I'll try to start doing that. It might actually help the dream content.

      Since this is my first post though I did want to write about a dream. There are many that have stuck with me for one reason or another, so I wanted to talk about one of those.

      Hmmmm...ok here is a less depressing one.

      I was on a space station, with my choir class of all things. This dream was from at least 5 years ago. There were three species on board and each had its own quarters. There were humans, some human-looking species except they were all breathtakingly beautiful, and an amphibious species (think monster of the deep lagoon, but tall, trim, and sassy.) I was running down one of the corridors and saw one of the amphibians walking my way. I couldn't tell the sex. It was a forest green in color and wearing a neon pink speedo. The reason for this was because, like frogs, their skin secreted a mucus and so they didn't wear clothes, except for neon speedos apparently. Also, if humans touched their skin it would give us a rash so I tried dodging past the sashaying (and literally he/she was working it) amphibian but accidentally bumped arms.

      I fell into a duct and rolled down into a compartment of some sort. I had a little red rash on my arm but no further damage.

      Dream skip.

      The next thing I knew I was in the "gorgeous humanoids" part of the ship. It reminded me of an old English countryside with a big manor, except we were in a ship. (Size is trivial I suppose.) They were all dressed to the nines and having some kind of party. Perhaps a tea party? One of the males caught sight of me and wanted to have me. (A pet? A wife? I couldn't tell.) So the rest of the dream was me trying to get away from him. XD The worst part was my best friend, who was in the dream, had a crush on him. It was a horrible love triangle awkwardness thing with me running from him and he running from my friend. I think back on it now and it was pretty funny.