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    1. numero uno

      by , 11-02-2012 at 02:48 AM
      Well, my first posted dream . . .

      I'm at the sink in my kitchen, and something distracts me. I turn around to see a dark shape flit past the door to the lounge room, towards the front door. It had to come through the spare room window, as that's the only way it could have entered. I investigate . . .

      Next, I'm sitting/leaning against my desk, and a person (shorter than me) in a beanie and jacket comes through the door to the kitchen (change of direction?) and says to another, who can't really be seen but their presence is felt, "Who lives here, anyway?"

      A huge dog - St. Bernard? - pushes it way past the door and through our legs, then enters the hallway.

      Then the person is forcing me backwards, overbalancing, against the desk, with a hand grasping my collar/throat, his right one pulled back ready to smash me straight in the face. He has an evil grin of cruel anticipation on his ugly dial, and I feel a momentary twinge of fear as I gather my thoughts, trying to form a quick plan of action before he connects.

      I recognize him as one of my customers from my former day job, and can't comprehend why he'd do this to me - I have always been well-liked and respected by all my customers, and treat everybody with a genuinely friendly attitude. I plan to knee kick him in the groin, then the dream ends abruptly before I can react to defend myself, and I awake (in reality I am not a violent person, though will totally defend my property and those close to me - I live on my own).

      Though the person is an indigene, I have never been racist - I judge people by their actions, not their external features or social caste. Maybe I should examine myself more closely? Home invasions (by whites and/or blacks) are quite rare down here, though, in these harder economic times they do occur more often in the City.

      If this dream shows some subliminal racism, then I'm deeply ashamed and sincerely apologize to whoever may feel offended.

      - End of post.

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