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    Fragments after The Sea of Mist

    by , 10-07-2016 at 09:25 PM (400 Views)
    I woke up and wrote down my dream earlier. Since it was my day off and I was sleepy, I went to bed again. I had a few fragments, but most of them were too vague to write down.

    I recall being antagonized by a loudmouthed man in a wifebeater as I sat in a blue metal chair and blue metal table at a food cart on the street (these are common in Thailand), at night, with a few other people around sitting on the chairs and eating. (I think it was a food cart? I recall working on a painting and I recall people eating food.)

    I recall having a false awakening where I didn't bother getting up, which was why I didn't perform my reality checks. I was in a bed, which presumably was big, and back in my mom's city apartment, cuddling with her. I dozed off within the dream.

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