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    I don't know again

    by , 09-21-2012 at 04:37 AM (619 Views)
    I'm probably in the role or is reading about Max in an alternate version of the webcomic Paranatural. I'm stuck with a rugby team and have to do fitness and stuff, and later got sent to some hellish camp or whatever. Later I'm myself and my parents dropped me and my friend on some kid science museum. She went and played on those kid slider thing (extra detail: she went headfirst) and I walked around and found some kind of gym. Later I had an FA except without the awakening part. I'm walking down for breakfast and the guys upstairs in the building were trying to spill drink on me even though we're like 5 metres away. They're celebrating about winning rugby or some shit and I reminisce about nearly losing. I kicked on a rope thinking that it was a trash but actually it's some delicate experiment and the teacher asked me to put it back in place.

    The amount of sports in this dream is ludicrous.

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