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    1. Surfing the Amazon

      by , 05-30-2011 at 05:56 PM (Another Universe)
      Surfing the Amazon (Non-lucid)


      Just a really memorable dream that happened a long while ago...

      The dream started off with me rowing down the Amazon river in a canoe carved out of wood. Everything was so peaceful. As i slowly row down, i see all these different tribes and villages all along the sides of the river. All of them had huts built with twigs and mud with the native children running around and playing and the older people painting tribal patterns on their faces. All of a sudden, i see a wave forming behind me which is growing faster and faster untill it was about 12-14 foot big. The funny thing was,i didn't panic at all. instead I threw my paddle into the water,stood up on my canoe and it turned into a surf board! so there i was,surfing a 14foot monster wave in the middle of the amazon when i saw an end to the river up ahead with a massive waterfall. Again, i didn't panic. When i reached the waterfall,i jumped off the board,head first into the unknown as if i were jumping into the safety of a swimming pool. The fall felt as if it was going on forever,like i was almost flying.. Never have i felt so free in my life! Then i saw a pool under me. As i fell into the pool,i looked up...it was breath taking..All around me were fish and creatures of all colours, the sun forming diamonds on the ripples of the surface of the water. I swam up slowly,enjoying every moment of i was a part of this world.. When i reached the surface,i woke up,ecstatic.
    2. My First Lucid!!

      by , 05-10-2011 at 08:10 PM (Another Universe)
      (Went to sleep at about 23:00 and woke up at 5:30)

      Before I went to sleep i was reading on DV. One of the user said that combining the MILD- with the DILD technique and creating a mantra,repeating your objective over and over before sleeping works wonders. I decided not to focus too much on remembering my dreams (since it was getting a bit frustrating not really recalling any dreams in the first week) but instead focus on having a LD. I repeated: "Tonight, I will have a lucid dream."

      I was standing on this floating platform in a house that was just drifting in Space. I could see the stars outside the house with no ground underneath it. There was a voice,almost what you would picture God to sound like, telling me that in this universe anything is possible. He said: "Here you can do anything you can dream of. Even if you feel like summoning a Venomancer (for those of you who play dota,you know...) you can do it at will." As he said that, I saw a Venomancer drifting past me on another platform. It soon dissapeared. Then this guy i knew from school walked up next to me on the floating platform. He was walking with crutches,so i assumed his leg was broken or something. He held a vortex ticket in front of me (Vortex is a trance party we have over Easter and New Years eve). I wasn't strange for him to have a ticket to a trance party,since he is a hippie type of guy. The thing was that the trance party was two weeks ago. I said: "where are you going with that? Vortex was two weeks ago." He replied with a friendly grin on his face: "No...not in this world." He turned around and walked a few steps with his crutches and stopped,dropped the crutches to the ground and said "Oh yeah, I forgot...I dont need these here." and dissapeared into a bright light.

      Then another old friend of mine appeared and said that we had to go work. I felt confused and then I heard another womans voice telling me that this universe isn't all fun and play, we need to work sometimes.The dream skipped to me standing on a flat, concrete roof. It seemed as if though I was back on Earth...And then it struck me that none of this makes any sense. the only explanation is that is this is a dream.

      I ran to the edge of the roof and did a RC. I looked down at my hands,not really bothering to focus on them because I already knew that was dreaming. I saw my hands were blurry and at that second, excitement just shot through me and all the colours around me just became more vibrant. I immediately thought to myself that I should try to fly. I took a few steps back and first tried to levitate. I jumped into the air, and there it was...I was hovering above the ground. I came back down again, ran to the edge of the roof and just jumped. I was flying! It was such an amazing feeling. It was so real.

      As i was flying over my swimming pool, I started losing lucidity without really realising it. I think it might have been me getting a bit over-excited. The dream became less and less vivid and i started floating back to a ledge on the building. I held on there for a few seconds
      and flew back to the roof. When i got there,i ran up and down shouting: "I can do whatever I want, I van do whatever I want!" I saw a hole in the red, tiled roof next to me and I made my way into the hole...I woke up.

      I had this growing smile on my face as I woke up, reached for my mobile to record my dream. I woke my girlfriend and told her the good news. I couln't sleep for the rest of the night, was just to excited!
      lucid , memorable