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    1. Really Quick Dream Note

      by , 12-11-2010 at 06:14 PM
      So last night in one of my dreams, my friend texted me. I replied something, and he replied back 'What?'. When I started to reply, my phones layout/font setting became a dharma wheel. I remember I was going to type "You texted me," but when I started typing Y became a dharma wheel, O became a U-like symbol, and the U looked kind of like a lowercase N (n). This is not a dream journal just a quick note
    2. One Nights Dreams :) (old)

      by , 11-25-2010 at 05:57 AM
      Number One (a fail): There were a lot of little earthquakes happening, and this was a sign that the Big California Earthquake was going to come. I prepared for it, but then the dream drifts from memory and I went to the next one.
      2.) I was at the beach, on something like spring break, and was playing volleyball. I was talking to various friends during the volleyball match. The game got very out of control and a teacher from my school was there and tried stooping it. The place then took on the appearance of the Target near my house, but was still the beach at the same time. My friend Jesse was talking about having a gun that made trees grow out of whatever you shot it at. I got the gun from him, and fired a few test shots. The shot from the gun was invisible, but also orange at the same time. I attacked somebody and it killed them and made a small tree grow out of them. I fired at the tree that grew out of them and grew into a massive size.
      3.) Was at a school that wasn't my school and I was in class. The teacher kicked me out, and sent me to the school library. Walking over to it I talked to a few random people. Forgot the rest.