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    Clockworker's Dream Journal

    1. Meanwhile, in The Netherlands...

      by , 02-13-2011 at 11:41 PM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      I thought I'd only come here to post lucid dreams, but I feel obligated to share this very peculiar and vivid experience .
      So this dream starts as me and a couple of friends arrive at a little world war two scenario called Hellendoorn, a city located in The Netherlands. I recognize the place, and easily drive a car in its familiar landscapes. Snow has covered the grass, and the lake is pitch dark from outside. A very blue, indigo look. The watermill is barely moving. We then step out from our car , now heading to a house situaded by the watermill and lake, we seem to be wearing fancy clothes. The house is much, much bigger from what it looks in reality, and I would call it a mansion. As we wait for someone to open the door, I check some family pictures of the ones who live in the mansion (these were in my pocket), and discuss their daughter's appearance with my friends. I think to myself, "she's kinda cute".
      A little blonde girl welcomes us in, as we make our way to the living room. We spend the night there and have dinner, watch television and play videogames. It's all going just fine when the girl from the picture (the one we were talking about, before going in) decides to tell me she wants to make out with me. I feel great she picked me instead of the other two, and we kiss and fool around while we watch something on the tv. Everything looks great to me, "what a night, this is sonot what I'm used to do", when I realize I have a girlfriend already, and that this would be considered cheating. It was cheating. I perform a huge facepalm and stop kissing her. We both move to the kitchen and I tell her I should not at all be doing that, for I had a girlfriend who I really was in love with. She tells me she also has a boyfriend, however I'm not sure if she regrets what we've done as much as I do. I feel extremely bad about myself and wake up.

      Okay, it sounds stupid to those who weren't there, but the atmosphere of the dream was impressive from the inside. Everything was perfectly built up and elaborated, I felt weird when I woke up and realized it was all inside my head. I like this feeling and I don't get it very often, so this is basically why I'm posting it.
      It's a 1942 German Vehicle, and it has the odd ability to transport passengers through water. I believe it was also used by the military (Germany), during World War II.

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    2. Untitled

      by , 11-19-2010 at 06:45 PM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      Driving to a local videogame store, I had my friends with me. They seemed to be my children, and I feared my shitty driving skills could endanger them. We got to the shop, bought the games and went out, heading back to our car.
      An airplane was flying ridiculously low, and I knew it could crash at any time. The weather was not any help at all, either, for the sky had gotten a much more dark and unusual look, as if it had been set on fire.
      "It will fall down anytime now", I said. There were some people on the streets watching it, expecting something 'exciting' to happen.
      The plane performed a loop to avoid trees and a mountain. By the time it was out of our sight, we could spot a flaming piece of metal being torn apart, just above our heads.
      "Holy crap."
      We ran toward it, where we saw it had crashed into a ship, causing it to start sinking and leaking water (?), conjointly raising the water level. Trying to help the people on the plane, ship, and buildings around it (which now were filled with water), we got into an elevator, and searched for survivors inside a gray building.
      We got in some rooms and found nothing but sharks and empty places.
      Where'd everybody go? We got back to the elevator.
      "Man this shit is slow. Wait, what, eighteenth floor already?! The fuck." I was confused. How'd such a slow and useless thing got us to the 18th floor so quickly?
      "Oh, not again..." I was somewhat disappointed by the thought it could be a dream, and suddenly remembered my friend's techniques. I stared at my hands, hoping them to transform or mutate into something else. Nothing happened, though I knew I was dreaming.

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    3. What should I know about Lucid Dreaming?

      by , 08-28-2010 at 03:22 PM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      The dream started as I entered my school, which was darker than the usual. It all made sense to me, for I quickly found out the reason was many of the light bulbs had burned out. From a previous dream I had, I could watch, while going through the main corridor, videos of my friend practicing radical sports such as bungee jumping. I assumed that was his way of introducing himself to the rest of the school.
      I got in my class, also very ill-lit, and saw him there. I asked him where was he sitting at, so I could get a chair around there, and he answered me, looking a bit careless.

      At a certain point, some girls showed up at our class, as the usually do during their break or before their teachers arrive. Some of them left, and only one, who is older than me, sat down and did not move. Me and my friend, the newcomer, started talking to her.

      I have absolutely no idea why, but he asked her about lucid dreaming.
      I instantly became lucid, and also asked her the same question. She got up, opened a portal (it felt as though we were all lucid. It was a dream within a dream )and jumped into it, coming back a few seconds later. I also tried to do that, and I wrote some words on the ground, succesfully managing to open a portal. I tried to activate it, but it just made a lot of noise and changed colors. I hit it with my hands and turn it off.
      The three of us walk out of the room, get into the principal's and start talking about defusing a bomb, which would wake us all up. My friend leaves me and her alone, saying he would look for the bomb - I think now we were in a simulation of a bomb attack-. As soon as he's out of the room, I hide the real explosive in a desk, and some smoke infests the place, in a way it would make the secret location of the bomb more secure.

      I know we have not got much time, so I write on the table we are sitting at, me and her, ''What do you know about LDing?", and correct it below the first sentence "Lucid dreaming." - I can feel the texture of the table I am writing on. It looks real.- I say I am sorry for the bad handwriting and she tells me hers is even worse. She writes down numbers from 1 to 5, and ask me to lick them.

      I don't have much time left, so I do it, being able to feel everything perfectly. Words start getting visible to me, and I can read only two of what was written next to the 5 numbers. The first one said "1. The ocean is strong and it's a very useful tool on attaining lucidity;" and "2. My heart is broken, and I can't get lucid as I could in the past;" I try to ask her what does it all mean, but the dream starts to fade, when everybody around us stop walking and freeze. I feel it coming apart and wake up licking the air.

      Comment: This was the most epic LD I have ever had, and though I have only had 2 decent ones so far, I must say I think I'm finally starting to make some progress.

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    4. Racing against Time, University and Nonsense Surrealism

      by , 08-10-2010 at 07:49 PM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      Racing against Time

      I opened my eyes, looked above and spotted lots of stairs. Apparently, everybody understood they should find a way of getting to the top in something around 40 minutes. There were no rules, no judges, nothing. We (there were many people around) only knew we had to pass the tests and get to the next level.
      As time passed, I started to realize I was, sooner or later, going to be the last person left. I looked after someone and found a girl who was also having problems with the challenge. She goes to the same school I do, so it wasn't hard to interact and plan things together. Working in a pair, we quickly saw one of us had to make some kind of "human bridge", holding the stairs with the legs (in this part the stairs were broken) and the ground with both hands. She did it and manage to pull me up.
      We got to the final area and learned that we had a test to do, no matter how little time left we had. We planned something and received our paper sheets. Both tests were english ones. We felt relieved, for we knew they weren't difficult. Some of her friends passed by, laughing at us as if they were mocking us for being together as a couple.


      This dream is incredibly long, so I think it'd be better if I could just save the most important parts.

      I was at a very old building, where we were having Drama classes, by watching the teacher act. His role on the play wasn't that important, but some people cheered and made exaggerated compliments, obviously with other intentions. He simply ignored them, and only actually talked to the ones who had questions about the lessons. Ready to go and talk to him about what I had just watched, I tried to speak to him, when a girl started to discuss acting techniques with him.
      Somewhat embarassed, I acted as though I was just meandering around and went checking some books placed nearby.
      When I got to him, I said he did a nice job on the character, and he replied in a sarcastic way, which I responded with a joke or something like that. The principal showed up, she looked like she'd been looking for the professor. He knew he had done something wrong, so he held me by my arm and started to run.
      Now at the campus, the principal made an attempt to hit us with her car, forcing us to hide at an alley. She found us and tried to hit us again. This time I grabbed her vehicle and simply threw it meters away. The man seemed impressed, but anyway we just splitted up and continued on running away.


      This was probably one of the most peculiar dream experiences I've ever had. Besides my mother telling me she caught me on my knees, whispering "they're everywhere, they're everyone", the dream itself was completely random and senseless.
      At a shopping mall, I walked around with a friend of mine. The scenario
      was surrealistic and improbable, there were some insects, alien creatures and mutant beings everywhere. At a certain point, my friend and I climbed up a moving train (which was also at the middle of the shopping center) and started to run on the top of it. I accidentally caused him to fall down and get some minor fracture on his back. I felt guilty.
      Now unexplainably back to my apartment, I was sleeping at my bed. A bomb had been planted underneath me, and that's when a Scout from TF2 appeared, trying to defuse it. He gently moved my body away (now I do think this was when my mother was trying to get me to sleep -for she claims I had been up on my knees-) and searched for the object. Finding it a bit too late, he ran away from the upcoming explosion. I got up in a first-person view and somehow became lucid. I walked towards the corridor, where some ghosts started to come out from pretty much everywhere. Some even showed up from inside the walls. I no longer was afraid of them or the bomb explosion at all, for I now knew I could try to control things. I moved some random part of my body, probably my arms, and managed to "erase" the ghosts. Apparently the explosion wasn't even in the dream anymore. I wake up.

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    5. Nowhere Land

      by , 07-09-2010 at 02:13 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      Living in a house situated on arid, bad and abandoned lands, me and my baby daughter were hiding in the basement of our place. I sent her to bed, kissed her and looked out of the window. A sandstorm had started, and I knew that was no good signal.
      I was a vampire, but my child wasn't, and other blood-drinking-creatures from my family/clan aimed at biting her, turning the little girl into one of us. I didn't want that to happen at all, and -even though it was the first time it was happening in the dream- I was sick and tired of having those maniacs after us, so I got out of the building and ran towards the storm's source.
      I found a vampire, we had a fight and I know one of us transformed into a Big Daddy. I held his arms and both his legs down -he was now dressed in leather, and had heavy iron boots on him-, warning him to never come back again. I smashed some kind of plant that seemed to have something to do with his powers, and he soon disappeared.

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    6. Clockworker's Dream Journal #18

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:44 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)

      Batysphere Hideout

      The dream started with me and some friends on a subway like hideout, where we had a batysphere for ourselves. I enjoyed driving it, so I would ask friends to hop in just so I could drive them places.
      One day, me and my mother went to a very old cinema, somewhat 60's-ish, where we were watching some kind of animation. At a certain point, I turned on a device I had on me and it started to display Golden Boy -anime- on the screen. It took people sometime to realize what was going on, and when they did, they got really mad at us.
      Anyhow, the cinema did start playing G.B after a while, so we kinda got away with our little mischief. We sneaked our way out of the area and I returned to my secret spot where the batysphere was located at. It was nice riding that thing on the water, and I now knew I could attach extra train like parts to it, so I would be able to carry more stuff. Once I got the batysphere and went away from my friends, causing me to get lost and sorta break my vehicle.
      They had been to the movies, and I was driving a car at a high speed.
      I was looking really badass driving that thing, and I think I was now looking a bit like Travis from No More Heroes. In a GTA slow-motion scene, I jumped off of somewhere with the red car and started making loops on the air, while cops ran after me.
      After all this mess, I remember driving the batysphere through some kind of gold mine that led me and a small army to a place that looked like a toy story store. We found some pistols which were loaded with some stupid rubber thingamabob. It was harmless. I can't tell who won the battle, just don't remember anymore of it.
      Next scenes I was back at an older woman's house, where lots of girls and women sold their bodies to men. I remember not being able to have sex with them before for they said I was too young. Now, as though I were a war hero, they all had sex with me, and my 3 dicks </random>

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    7. Clockworker's Dream Journal #7

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:09 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      Espylacopa Eibmoz

      Another zombie dream. There might be some details missing; once again I was too lazy to write it down.
      I remember it involved a family (now I recall. there was also a dog with us) -where I'd be the father- with some kids, a mother and a dad who worked, all together, in an anti-zombie corporation. Our job was to enter infected people's houses and eliminate them. Once we had to exterminate a whole remote village, and in this village, inside every house we got in, we found nothing but furniture, regular kitchens, bedrooms and stuff like that. Everybody was gone.
      As we opened doors and got deeper into the houses, images of infected down-syndrome people popped up in my mind. It was really bizarre. I believe one of my kids also had down-syndrome.
      We had heavy weapons, wore body armors, helmets and a complete anti-infection black suit. After invading houses and killing zombies we took sterilizing showers at the corporation's HQ. During one of my showers, I remember a friend of mine watching me, and I believe he wanted to kill me or something like that. He wanted to talk to me, and seemed to be stalking me. I was a bit uncomfortable with the situation, so I just kept on avoiding him.
      I was really puzzled, the fact that every houses were empty... I wondered where all the people had gone.
      The next day we were told to get in the same house we had before, and once again nobody was living in it.
    8. Clockworker's Dream Journal #1

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:08 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      Obtaining the Master Sword

      I was walking around with someone, probably a friend of mine. We were crossing a wooden bridge that connected two distant lands, while we were discussing about something. After sometime walking, we arrived at an anime convention, and I think we watched Golden Boy.
      There we found a McDonald's and Ronald McDonald himself. He was singing Ran Ran Ruu.
      There was also a computer, and I believe either a NES or a SNES was connected to it, for it was running the original Legend of Zelda. After a while playing it, I noticed the graphics were oscillating between the first Legend of Zelda and LoZ: A Link to the Past.

      I then realized that what we were discussing before had something to do with the game, because I promptly said: "I'll go first.", so I could show him I could do it/was right as soon as possible. I started playing it and entered a dungeon, where a text popped-up, with the word "Condensed" in it (that was the only word I could read).
      Link was dressed as an eight bit Dark Link, and other Dark Links attacked him when he tried to reach a certain area. He quickly ran towards the dungeon's exit door, but he couldn't make it out alive, because he had no sword. I then said something like "This wasn't fair, I had no sword with me."

      My friend's turn.He started playing, managed to get to the area where the sword was, and then I suddenly started playing again after he got hit by some octoroks (I'm not sure if I was just playing. I think I was inside the game). I had some trouble on avoiding the red Chu-Chus; Then, after jumping a big hole on the ground, I found the sword inside of a big crystal.

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    9. Clockworker's Dream Journal #2

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:08 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      Wow, I had lots of dreams this weekend, and I had never had such colorful and detailed dreams before. I wasn't home last night, so I couldn't post it right away. Also, I think that not being home could have caused these different dreams, for everytime I sleep elsewhere, I experience things like that (perhaps because I feel less safe, my senses get more accurate and many stuff gets on my mind at once).
      I had three dreams last friday, but I can't remember much of some of them.

      New apartment

      I had just moved to a new building, and once I got in there, I found a doorman. He was sitting at a huge table, that was very detailed and colorful. There was a wine jar, bread, meat, a lot of decoration and candles on the table. I was instantly impressed by the vividness. I asked the man if he knew in which floor my new home was, and he didn't answer that properly, so I moved on to the elevators. There were four elevators, and I was looking for the one that was closer to the first floor. I remember looking at one of them and realizing it was at the 43rd floor. Another one was located at the 19th, and the others were somewhere between the 9th and 11th. I got in the closest and I recall choosing the 10th floor button. The inside was really tight, and the walls' texture was a bit weird. They resembled something made of paper. I arrived and looked for my mother.

      Some time later, I got down to the garage with a few friends and found one of my neighbours. He was caring a book about some school subject I was supposed to study on. I asked if he could lend me some of the books and he said yes, so we made a deal. I should give it back to him by 8:00pm.

      Museum thief

      A thief was planning to steal some rarities from a museum, and in this dream I only watched the things happening. I don't think I played an important role at the story, and I recall scenes where the thief managed to escape the from guards and the police men.

      Some Fragments from friday:
      - Big Daddies from Bioshock;
      - A contest which involved some friends, some videogame related stuff (Abe's Oddworld I guess);
      - Some terrorist group and targets.

      Rise of Nations battle

      I only remember some fragments of this dream, that involved, obviously, a RON round. I was losing the war and only had one main city left. My army wasn't strong enough and we failed at protecting the empire. I lost the game.
    10. Clockworker's Dream Journal #3

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:08 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      I failed at remembering what was last night's dream about. I only got some non-sense fragment: I had a beard on my chin (lol), in this dream. It's the second time I dream about that.
    11. Clockworker's Dream Journal #4

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:08 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      The match

      I walked into a gym, where I met an acquaintance of mine. We were about to have a match. It was a sport that involved a ball, most probably basketball or volleyball. To decide who would be the first to start the game, we had to talk to a middle-aged-man that was sitting outside the sports area.
      He told us that, to decide who'd start, both of us had to throw the ball at the grandstand. To win, our balls (sorry, I failed at finding a definition for this scene that didn't sound weird) had to stay bouncing there without falling to the ground. His ball bounced (on the grandstand) longer than mine, so he won and got to start first. I then told him I wasn't really good at the game we were going to have, and that he should play it with the man. They had a match and this dream came to an end.
      There was something about the Amish people in this dream, but I have no idea where that could fit in, so I'll just leave it as a fragment.

      A Gang of Thieves

      I was in a house with some guys. Some of them were a bit old, and I soon understood they were thieves. In this house, they lived with their mother and grandmother. They were all brothers. At some point a certain room looked like mine, and a lot of my childhood books were placed in it.
      The oldest, their big brother, was their boss, and once, suddenly, he called all of his brothers and they started to rape their own grandmother. I believe they also had sex with their mother, when she had obviously not consented.
      I'm not sure, but I think this dream had a bit of parkour in it. The thieves probably used it as a way to escape or enter banks and shops.
    12. Clockworker's Dream Journal #5

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:08 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      I woke up really tired today, and didn't even bother to write the dream down, so there might be some details missing.

      A boring dream about school.

      I was at class, having an english test. Besides that, I was also having an exam that had 80 questions (not only about english) in it. I somehow finished it very quickly and took it to my english teacher. Later on, I received my english test back, and in the dream I had scored 8.4</random_number >, and that saddened me greatly. I complained and got a bit mad at the teacher, but then I realized it was all my fault. Actually, a few moments before she'd given us the corrected tests back, I had already thought about two questions where my answer would be, for some random reason, incorrect.
      I was now in a huge room, with many tables and chairs in it. Everything was set up, as if everyone was expecting some kind of big ceremony. I found many friends from school sitting with their parents on their tables, and all of them were formally dressed. I looked for the 80 questions exam answer sheet, I wanted to correct my test. I couldn't find anything. After walking around many, many times, a friend got up and, while looking a bit uncomfortable, perhaps somewhat mad at me (I had apparently done something wrong. I believe it was because I wasn't dressed properly and I should've already found the answer sheet), and invited me to her table. My hand accidentally fell to her butt while we were walking, and I promptly said I was terribly sorry. Her mother was really annoyed at me.
    13. Clockworker's Dream Journal #6

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:07 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      Zombie Apocalypse

      I was infected, and we zombies were inside of a big house where soldiers equipped with black suits, helmets and body armors were firing at us. They had no chance against the horde.
      Now there was only one soldier left, and as he tried going to the second floor, he ran out of ammunition and the zombies managed to get him.
      I somehow wasn't a zombie anymore. In fact, I was dressed in black, just like the soldiers in the previous part were. I quickly found a way out of the mansion, and when the zombies finished killing the other soldier, they started coming for me.
      I decided to go straightforward, and just a few steps ahead I found another house. There was a small car in it and rails were used for moving it. I couldn't stop thinking on how that car could be used to trap the zombies, just by pressing the button that moved it really fast from one side to another. I killed some of them doing that, but they didn't stop popping up, so I thought I should better get moving.
      I found two ways, and I picked the one on the right. There were some really strange symbols on the floor, and I started hearing a voice. The infection had been, apparently, spread by a man that was, right now, controlling the situation and playing with the survivors, as in the plot of the Saw movie.
      I got out of the house and found some big boxes/blocks and climbed up on one of them. I now had a pistol, and I started firing at the infected people. After a while doing that, a zombie surprised me from behind, I fell, and this dream ended.

      Random Kart Race

      I was about to have a kart race on a track that was similar to Wario's stage on Mario Kart Wii. It was really hard, and the competitors were divided in teams. I believe there was Blue, Red and Purple team. I was on Purple team's side, and the Blue (?) leader was fighting for the first place with me.
      This dark haired Girl (this unknown chick loves to make random appearances on my dreams. I'll call her "Girl" from now on.) from my team said something like "Purple will win because purple is the most Indie color that exists!" and, even though this was one of the most weird and random things a Dream Character has ever said to me, it sounded perfectly normal at the moment she yelled it, and I agreed, proud of my supposedly glorious team.
      At a certain point, the Blue leader, a short-dark-curly-haired lad that wore glasses, fell in one of those stupid Mario Kart nonsense giant holes. I then won the race, followed by Girl.
      Again, parkour had its part in one of my dreams, and as the "graphics" turned into something like Mirror's Edge's reality, we jumped from a ridiculously high plataform to a distant area that was somewhat below it. We performed one of Faith's moves so we wouldn't get hurt when falling from tall places and started to look at the plataform where came from wondering if it was enough safe (?) and if there were many easy ways to take it down. I remember playing with the plataform with my fingers (it was very far away, and it resembled a teeny-tiny lego piece) and rebuilding it.


      I invited some friends to sleep over my place, and we, while discussing what to do next at my mother's bed, decided to play a game based on the Spawn comics. We were making lots of noises, and I was worried of waking up neighbours and stuff.
      The "Spawn" had to search for the "victims" (the other players) while playing something like a hide'n'seek game. I had to reorganize some stuff on my computer room and I forgot to flee.
      I got scared and saw some pieces of paper coming out of my mother's room. That meant, unexplainably, that Spawn was coming. My vision got red with something like a Super Smash Mario Brothers special item on the middle of it, and I found a place to hide (I guess it was under my bed). After sometime I went looking for the others with a pillow on my hand (lol) and found one of them coming out of the bathroom and getting "killed" by The Spawn.
      This dream was very similar to an event that actually happened when I was a 4th grader.

      I only remember taking a plane and going out of town. It sure had more stuff than that in this dream, but I couldn't remember.

      Additional Comments: I believe I had these "many" dreams in one night because today I got to sleep a bit more than I usually do, so I programmed my clock alarm to wake me up earlie in the hopes of performing a lucid dream. I woke up quite a few times but instead of lucid dreaming I only got more of the same. I'm glad I had dreams and could recall them, though.
    14. Clockworker's Dream Journal #8

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:07 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)
      Graduation Trip

      I was with friends I'd met in kindergarten, some I knew from 3rd grade and others from 4th. We were in a bus going on a gradutaion trip. When we arrived there, there was party, a bbq, and me and four other friends decided to take a walk in the woods.
      We were now running, shoeless, to somewhere I still didn't know. I think someone complained about having no shoes and possibly getting their feet hurt, but we all agreed to keep on running the fastest we could. One of my friends took a horse, and everybody else decided to do so. We arrived on the place they wanted to take me to, and it was a beautiful ocean. There was a bridge that linked the land part to a place where you could admire the blue water closely, which I had only seen in drawings and pictures before (only on this specific dream, of course). I first was a bit scared of walking on that bridge, it was a tight-wooden bridge. I then realized there was no reason to be scared, for the bridge was taking me automatically towards the other part. The friend who was supporting me before (when I was still scared of doing that) disappeared. I was amazed by the beautiful view, and asked for a camera. Nobody had it, so I just kept on admiring the vast blue ocean.
      After sometime, I found a friend from school, and we decided to play as a band once again. A keyboard popped up and he had his bass with him. We started playing an industrial-rock beat, and I remember he gave me some instructions on which notes and tunes to play on the beginning of our song. I was talking with some other girl while he was playing the bass-guitar. I got distracted and forgot some parts of the beginning. I also recall finding it hard to play. My hands felt tired, just as if I was struggling to stay awake and feeling the blankets pushing my fingers down.
      I remember using the synth-echo effects and stuff like that.
      We had a live concert and it was all very surrealistic, including the crowd who watched us playing. It all seemed very unreal, and at the end we were applauded and everybody looked like they had enjoyed it. They also started stealing our equipments, and when we tried to stop them, we noticed it was a bit too late, so we just went away.
    15. Clockworker's Dream Journal #9

      by , 07-02-2010 at 04:07 AM (Clockworker's Dream Journal)

      Zombie FPS Fragment; it involved a certain game and some online forum friends. The infected player started glitching the map and soon we all were doomed.


      Right after escaping from the previous dream's zombies, I found a building that seemed to be a power plant (there were many pipes, steam and high-pressure valves). There was a gym inside it, probably built for the workers, where I found some friends and random people playing basketball on the outside area. I think I was working out and watching the people play sports. There was also a television with many individuals sitting in front of it in some sort of hospital (most likely a place where the machine operators would get their medical assistance).
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