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    1. I think I may have traveled to a parallel universe....

      by , 11-27-2016 at 02:05 AM
      this dream was very real, and I have heavily attached emotions to this dream... I feel like I lived, and experienced it....

      here it is,

      It was a bright sunny day, and me and my boyfriend tristen, we're having car troubles. We were in a run down gas station with his car broke down and I even remember the theme colors on the gas staion. Blue and yellow. Tristen told me he was going to find some help, because no one at the gas station was to be seen. We were in a very rural area. Just one intersection and the gas staion was on the corner of it. Both roads didn't seem to of led anywhere. So he just went down the road he saw a house on. He walked to this house, it was maybe a quarter/half mile away. I waited at the gas station for about an hour... I was getting worried at this point and thought I should go find tristen. Not to mention I was alil scared and eerie* and I felt in danger. After about 20 minutes contimplating what to do or just hoping I'd see Tristen walking back. I made the decision to go to the house he was going to.

      As I got closer to the house, I saw 8 people out on the front yard, it also had a very long driveway. There were 2 young kids. One little girl about age 6 (I assume) and her brother, which was about age 10. There were 5 grown men sitting on the picnic table in front of the house. The house was a very beaten up trailer. And then... there was "The Man".. this man was the 'leader' or, for better words, the father. He was the authority of that whole group of people. He had a medium sized lumber jack beard with a beaten up dirty T-shirt and highly intoxicated. I appoach the people and I already knew I wasn't going to leave. They all looked at me like a piece of meat. The kids stood back intimidated and worried. I approached The Man and said, "have you seen my boyfriend? Hes has blonde hair, blue eyes.. hes said he was going to come here for help? can I please use your phone to call a tow truck? We're stranded and I don't know where I am. Where am I?" He looks at me with a grin... a disgusting grin. "No," he replies. "You're not going anywhere." Angerly. Once he said that I felt my heart sink to my bum. All my bad feelings/intuitions were going to be right.. I took a step back, looking at him scared for my life. "It's okay little girl, sit down." He said. I slowly sit down. He asks me "So do you have a cell phone?". I did have my phone but the service wouldn't work. I could call 911 If I just got one bar. So I replied, "No.. but I should go look for my boyfriend he's been missing for over 2 hours."and he strikes back, violently standing up from the picnic table "I fucking told you, you little bitch, you aren't going anywhere. Just like your poor poor boyfriend hahaha." At this moment I KNEW I wouldn't be able to leave... I pissed him off... he now just told me what he's was trying to not tell me... that he had my boyfriend and he wasn't okay..I say "please! don't hurt him! please just let us go! we just wanted help! We didn't mean to disrupt you!! I didn't see anything I promise!" The Man replies snickering in immusment, " you really think I'd let you leave bitch." He puches me in the jaw and knocked me out..

      now I've been knocked out before and I know what it feels like.. and in this dream I really felt like I was knocked out... it was so surreal.
      Anyways, I wake up in this room that had actual car seats surrounding the walls of the room. I saw an old dog that looked like he was on his last leg (about to died soon). The walls looked like there was black mold on them. Black patches all over the walls. The smell is so vivid too, it smelt of dog urine and feces along with visual poop and pee stains. There was baby girl clothes strung out all over the dark green carpet. to my left behind me was a closet... I get up and start frantically searching for Tristen. I got to the closet and moved around so clothes on the floor and I see Tristen huddled up in this secret compartment joining the room next to this one. I tell him "it's okay baby! I'm here! We'll get out of this!! I have my phone!" Tristen looks up at me and says defeated "you shouldn't of came here... he's going to know you have your phone..." I look at him with shock, because he really didn't look happy or relieved to see me, not even in the slightest. He seemed defeated.

      Not long after he had told me I "shouldn't of came here", I heard footsteps coming closer, and closer. I quickly went back to were I was last positioned before I woke up and proceeded to pretend like I was still knocked out. The Man walked into the room and said, "hey little girl," in a sweet tone, "get up, I know your awake." At this point I know he's smarter than me... like it was a plan almost... an unexpected plan, A fantasy coming true. So I rise up and he grabs my arms and starts shaking me and screaming things I couldn't understand, because I was so scared all I was thinking about was, I'm going to die here in this room. He let go of me and "collected" himself. Then he got really close to my face and said, "do you have a cell phone?" Tristen, right now, is now outside the closet and he must not be able to move very well cuz I saw him struggling to get up. He wanted him to stop. I replied to The Man, "no... " I look at Tristen and he nods to me, indicating he knows and to give it up.

      The Man raises his eyebrow just starred at me like he was thinking of all the sick things he'd do to me... but also saw him getting more and more pissed. I tell The Man "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Here take it! Please just let us go!" The Man then replied "oohh.. you naughty little girl." In a sexual tone. The Man's face turned to sick and twisted and amused, to straight anger and resentment. I grabs my arm very tightly. I could almost feel my arm bruising. he drags me out to the front yard and in the mean time he ordered one of the men sitting at the picnic table to grab Tristen. The Man said very Angerly, "kids come now!!! Line up!!! We have a liar here!" He lines me and the two kids up side by side while my boyfriend watchs. He grabs a cigar cutter from the bare picnic table and proceeds to go down the line, forcing the kids to stick their finger in the cutter. He didn't cut their finger off.. seemed as if it was a scare tactic. He gets to me and he smiles with such satisfaction, and says "you know what we do to liars in this house?"... I reply, "...n-n-no.."* He grabs my ring finger and shoves it in the cigar cutter and says "well you will now." He cuts my finger off.

      I swear to God I've never felt such pain before in my life. I held my nub of a finger and I tried covering up the wound. It was so so sooo surreal, my hand was shaking, and it looked so realistic. He then took us back to that same disgusting room. He threw me to the ground and I just remember shaking and my body's adrenaline, I was in panic. I look at Tristen I tell him, "we are getting out of this place tonight." There was 1 small window. We could fit through it if we tried.. everything was pretty quiet after that. The Night set in and I knew if i didn't do this correctly then I was going to get us killed. The window was nail shut. I though if I could just get those nails out, we could actually do this. I started to wiggle out a nail that wasnt in all the way and once I got it out I used it to take the other ones. Once all the nails were out, I look at tristen, nod, and he knew it was time. I very very verrryyyyy slowly lifted the window up. Less then centemeters at a time. Finally after about 20 minutes I got the window open.. I tell tristen to go first so I know that he is safe..

      we made a plan to run as far as we could in the other direction of the house. Tristen makes it out of the window okay and I quickly followed. Everything seemed so real.. I could remember smells, touches, tastes, and vivid voices. We both made it out safe. All I remember is running and running and being so out of breath. then all the suddenly I woke up. Sweating, crying, heart racing* (like just ran a mile) and confused as to where I was.

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