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    1. CosmicEpiphanies Work Book!!!

      by , 12-19-2012 at 09:37 PM
      The intention worked!! Holy $#%* that was pretty cool! Well I guess I'll detail the dream.
      I remember being at a car auction. They had Mercedes Benzes (mostly Red ones), to rally cars. I specifically remember a lady telling me they had as many cars as they had salesmen. I remember walking down a country road alone, I happened upon a church with a big parking lot. It seems as though the church parking lot turned into the big car auction. People driving the cars back and forth to the auction block would smoke there tires like crazy. Then one cars suspension was messed up. So I asked someone if the piece that joined it to the car was just like the lego piece it looked like (we all know the piece, the piece that clicks wheels on lego cars, a cylinder with sliced ends). The actual piece in the dream was very similar except that it had this spring piece on the end with a plate attached, I examined it in detail. This was the same car that my boss had wrecked a long time ago and he was afraid to drive it, but it was somewhat glorious for him to drive it once again. Somehow the car auction turned into a wedding reception?? It was a huge party and I was extremely drunk (which is odd because I cant even remember the last time I drank). A friend dumped out a line of coke one the edge of a picture frame that was hanging on the wall near numerous party goers. I whipped out a dollar bill and snorted it sloppily (which is weird because it's been at least 7 years since I've done coke, I can remember that one!). The party goers where rather shocked by my action but not to the extend that one would think. Then it was time to go to bed, i still felt very intoxicated, I was a little disappointed the coke didn't do more, i knew that I would have a retched headache in the morning. There was talk of buying some more coke but nothing came to fruition. I was so drunk I laid down in the floor and was starting to try and get comfortable to go to sleep. My brother appeared and showed me to our room in the Hotel (yes the church apparently turned into a hotel). It was a big giant suite and there was a girl with my brother, I called her by the wrong name at first, something like Larissa. I went into the back bedroom and looked out the window to see the roof of a lower portion of the hotel. I walked back into the main room noticing a crack in the floor, this crack told me that "hay" this was the old room that we used to rent all the time back in the day. The crack had widened significantly since "back in the day" and it bowed beneath my feet as I stepped into the main room of the suite. Then I woke up knowing I was gonna have a horrible hangover. Lucky for me it was a dream.

      Beautifully Detailed First Entry I'm siked what a great start

      Been doing RC's all day when I remember. I've done them at least 20 times as I've been thinking about LD'ing all day.

      Will do a WBTB with a MILD and WILD at 6 hours. Well I guess that's kind self explanatory but hay whatever. Thinking what my mantra is going to be.....