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    Darkness rave light

    by , 11-24-2018 at 08:51 PM (562 Views)
    so this is non- lucid dream where being awake and your always awake yet you transcend into a forever sleep form while always being awake so as I close my eyes I see lights and dark aura manipulation where I try to attain solid form and metal like awareness In the solidify light and darkness I try meditating and controlling the dark aura around me before slipping into lucidity as I start to sink in the bed i become aware when i start to wake the lights are gesture of reality that have been said and done then they come into a wake of psychotic expression in 2dimension that i have to try to stare and figure out the complexity before i fall into a deep sleep when in deep sleep the gesture of the light and darkness rave into complexity of false reality and reality alike then when staring into the light aura and darkness rave the intent then becomes whateva i can think before blacking out and waking up in lucidity

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