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    DC's Dream Journal

    DC's Dream Journal
    So this is the beginning of my online dream journal. Feel free to scan through my dreams, I can't guarantee they wont be odd or perverted...

    Be sure to check out my old DJ - http://www.dreamviews.com/f107/dcs-dream-journal-74738/

    I'll make normal dreams in sienna, and lucid dreams in maroon.

    Also, I'll be putting in dreams from my old DJs into here over time. let me know what you think about them

    Please feel free to browse, and comments are appreciated

    Personal REM times (research, conclusive evidence)
    REM I - 3:20-3:30
    Deep - 5:00
    REM II - 5:30-5:40
    REM III - 6:40-7:00

    Total 'Recorded' LD Count

    DILD - 15
    DEILD - 1
    MILD - 1?
    WILD - 1
    Basic | Advanced | My Tasks
    [✕] Breathe Underwater
    [✕] Fight a Sith
    [✕] Eat/drink the inebible
    [✕] Listen to music
    [✕] Summon My Persona (with an Evoker)
    [✕] Walk through a wall
    [✕] Walk on water
    [✕] Animate a Banana
    [✕] DILD from an RC
    [✕] WILD for longer than a minute
    [✕] Daydream in an LD
    [✕] Revisit the Yellow and Purple Room
    [✕] Utililise the "dreamscreen" again
    [✓] Eat Green eggs and ham (March 22, 2009)
    [✓] Walk Across A Rainbow (March 09, 2009)
    [✓] Hug Clairity (February 23, 2009)
    [✓] Ask a DC to tell you something you don't know about yourself (February 16, 2008)

    1. Bleeding Effect

      by , 03-23-2012 at 05:40 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      I had a really scary FA, where I was really awake, and I could see things! I'm in a room that isnt my own (i didnt notice until later) this ghoulish figure was moaning and leaned over like a slouch. His eyes glowing slightly greenish yellow.. He kinda looked like my brother. Anyway the First time i noticed him i told him to go away, he did - then he'd keep coming back... I could barely say "go away" I managed to get my leg out of my bed to kick him. My foot hit the wall and i hurt my foot - that was when the dream was replaced by my real room..

      Getting shivers just writing this! Was this some sort of hallucination?
    2. Pain

      by , 02-19-2012 at 11:00 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      I'm in a classroom, we all meet up, and we are sorted by the colour of our hair and if/when we took showers. Redheads were associated with rage and being boisterous? We wait, i sit down and realize i only have a towel covering my lower body. I turn around and see a purple group that has arranged themselves in the middle of a group of chairs. Some teacher comes out and sorts out the classes, clearly upset. SA says he is getting bored and wants a smoke, she gets more upset and says her son took his own life last night :/
      Fragment: Something about living and dying a world where you are free from responsibilities, I can remember a blocky world in the sky, me and others are jumping around on colourful shapes.. it gets really uncomfortable and I try to wake up.
      I thought I wrote this down already...
      On a train, fight with hoenheim, cutscene for 40 minutes with three parts. Something about flying in waves to match the current of the wind. We were in a train surrounded by black explosive balls, apparently we were robots of ourselves and we needed to die to awaken our real selves.. Talking about his past, a train came in with loads of bodies, a girl found an arm and screamed, the guards were trying to take her away.
      Fragment: In a suburb with big houses cats have gone loose, i hear people talking and investigators going to the houses
      Missed first alarm at 6:00am?
      False awakening with cats scratching me..
      Something about starting a fire to protect myself in the wild.. It worked, and it turned out i was in my room the fire spread and I shut the doors so the room would run out of oxygen and put out the fire. It worked, i go outside.
      Something about a local pig that has been protecting us. Then another that says the cows beat the pig.. Remember seeing hilly plains.
      Pretending to write to go into a dream, i wasn't writing because i dont have a pen and paper by my bed... It works anyway. At first its dark with the trees in my backyard falling over, i fly off and the world twists and. See lots of colours which turn out to be balloons. I drop down to a place i think I recognize, something about a funeral. I remember picking up a girl and taking her to her sister who she hasn't seen in a long time. I went to fly but i thought it would be easier to use a door. It works and we walk through the house. I fade out of the dream and I try to focus on something but I FAed. In a room with mum and bro, talking about my dream
      lucid , false awakening
    3. Night out, Early Start

      by , 02-19-2012 at 02:00 AM (DC's Dream Journal)
      Friday night, decided to go out.. wasn't worth it, recall suffered.


      Saturday night, I did remember a couple dreams, but I didn't write them down. I was imagining I was writing them though lol..
      Fragment: Me and some other people were looking around a city, I vaguely remember a fountain and multi-level carparks.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Clear Skies, Blue Ocean

      by , 02-17-2012 at 01:00 AM (DC's Dream Journal)
      Clear Skies, Blue Ocean
      Out in the country, we are diving down a dirt road, until we get to a house. It doesn't have a fence, well it wouldn't matter because they have no neighbours. in fact, there is no civilization visible in any direction at all. All I can see that is of any interest is the forest further down the road. Anyway we pull up next to the house, it looks more like a shack that is missing doors and windows... we go out the back where there is concrete, and the view of the plains is blocked by a tall hill. there is a guy there, I assumed he was the delivery guy or something. Double sink? There is a little well outside and the same guy wastes all the water by pumping it into the grass.. now without water I go and look for a river and i see one in a valley. I see that I already have some fishing gear with me, so I decide to go fishing. I'm walking along the river, in the direction of the current. The river is very clean and looks good enough to drink, i see a spring? Water is flowing into a hole and making a whirlpool effect.

      Very vivid! I see an ocean far off into the distance with three ships. I'm with guy (im assuming its the same guy from before) we walk towards the ships. There is a rock formation like an arc and through it we can see an island with lots of trees. He tries to swim over to an island, gets eaten by a shark i didn't mind he was annoying apparently.. I see party members swimming from another direction, i join them, almost get eaten by a shark.

      We get to a place where its snowing, i open up a tiny window and it was like opening a freezer door.. Lol our party members had rooms separated by silk drapes.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Fog

      by , 02-15-2012 at 10:50 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      didn't sleep very well, got a bit lazy tonight too :/
      Cloudy day, at my house. I get ready to go to work but my parents want to have a talk. there was fog. went out back and saw dad with a trollsmirk on his face, bro and sis looking pretty upset. end up leaving for work half an hour late.
      Tags: cloudy, fog, gloomy, work
      dream fragment
    6. Blue Shirts

      by , 02-14-2012 at 08:00 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      Spent tonight trying to WILD, my recall suffered a little because of this I'm guessing.

      I practiced detaching my mind from my body, I have trouble doing it so I thought I could practice before going to sleep. I noticed some really strange things happening... I don't mean to come off as spiritual or anything I'm just describing what i experienced.. I would fade in an out between a point where I couldn't keep my thoughts quiet and relaxation and disconnected from my body (as in not concerned about external senses) at one point I saw something on a shelf and went to pick it up, and got quite a shock because it was my dream hand!

      It made me realize how close being awake and dreaming is, I think it was definitely progress ;D
      I can barely remember this dream and I'm basically writing what is written with a few added things I can remember. I'm driving, with the cast from criminal minds as passengers, this area was closed off for the valentines public holiday (?) I turn around and see its raining. someone is still working here, a teenage girl. we go to a crime scene. someone takes off starting a chase. we go into an odd-shaped room. there is a window and I go out to see a pool with stained timber decking, and someone asking about my sister and how much she has grown.
      Fragment: Something about loads of urns.. some fat guy in a blue shirt was there.. i think his name was luke.
      woke up right after a dream... not sure which one it was or even if i remember it. tried to WILD, failed.
      I'm at my house. I have some ice cream and realize I didn't save any for my sister and uncle (?) I the ice cream that was left over, and put in some jelly looking stuff, some sprinkles and for some reason I was straining pasta and all this water went into the ice cream... I looked at what I had made... then threw them away
      Went for a nap to try WILD again. failed. managed to remember a dream though ;D
      I'm at the mall down the road. I remember wearing a blue shirt I got from EB Games. I was waiting in line for something (where shingle inn should be not sure if that's where I was) I noticed more and more people wearing blue shirts.. I noticed a friend of mine was wearing one too, I got out of the line and said hi to him
    7. Chatterboxes

      by , 02-13-2012 at 10:00 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      Tonight my DCs were real motormouths, it was quite odd! the strangest thing is they were still talking even when I wasn't focusing on them... for example I was busy cleaning a container, and these girls in another room were talking about dieting! the nerve! this is my dream world!

      Fragment: I was at a basketball court playing basketball with someone.

      Mini Dream:
      In my room, I'm on my bed drawing a hand, and some other random less interesting stuff. someone I don't know criticizes my drawings

      (whats with strangers being in my room wtf?)

      Tower Defense
      Third person, tower defense game, medieval setting. the monsters come out of one hole in four directions, I was making a strategy to use the shittiest buildings as barricades. We have a feast to celebrate our victory, with alcohol of course!
      Later on I remember making small adjustments to the paths while someone is talking in a thick Scottish accent* I could not understand him, actually I think I was ignoring him, I wasn't even looking at him really..
      *this is probably from this video => Shorty Awards - The Scottish Vote - YouTube
      I didn't vote for them it was bugging me all day.. lol xD
      Fragment:Some guy was cursed, he had a hula hoop around him, i put a ring on his hula hoop and he got angry or something...

      Cigarette Girl

      Fragment: I am not sure if I dreamed about driving to the school or not..
      Vivid dream. I'm at a primary school that I don't recognize, it looks like any normal street to be honest.. anyway me and my family (and potentially some other people) were sitting on a bench, while my little sister went to her classroom. I was looking around I saw a few students walking around and a big sign which I assume had the name of their school on it. I went to read it and some girl walked in front of it with a cigarette in her mouth! I was asking her to get rid of it, and my sister was not impressed with me for going about it the wrong way? as expected everyone had no opinions about the cigarette girl. I was close to becoming lucid at that moment. instead I started looking out for a friends sister(CJ) I'm not even sure if she has a little sister in primary school though. Later on me and my dad are walking into the school and I check my phone, its 8:35am and I thought I was late... but i stated at 9am? I got a text message i but I couldn't read it in time.
      Fragment: I thought I had my work pants on but they weren't mine.

      Dream Character Party
      At a house with friends from where I used to work (JH, SV, KL) I was made to clean up the ice cream in a big container. I tried some, it didn't taste spectacular anyway. while washing it KL was talking about her pea-flavoured smoothie diet (I'm pretty sure she said pea-shaped but this makes more sense) and some skinny woman I didn't know was talking about not eating at all. I walk outside (surprisingly seamless transition from inside to outside) It was getting dark, twilight.. The light came through the gap between the house next-door and the pergola. My cousin (MC) was sitting outside next to a white table having a drink, I asked why he was hanging out with these guys and he said he was bored and had nowhere better to go.. I couldn't really see him because the fence was blocking the light. I turned around to see a hill with people on it. beyond the fence were expensive houses. (ACC) was sitting on the hill, talking about how his brother gets more attention and he seems a little down. a little kid comes out with an electric guitar... it transitions to a weird guitar game, where you have to follow the guitar strings to the bottom then back up.. it became pretty abstract, the strings were distorting and stopping, starting.. I was going easy on them, and I ended up losing.
      Fragment: Renovating a house, old lady, I noticed the renovators did a really shitty job.. the host from better homes and gardens was there.
    8. Windows

      by , 02-13-2012 at 01:00 AM (DC's Dream Journal)
      1:00 am
      Fragment: I'm in a living room with plenty of large windows, and a couch facing a TV. I'm sitting on the couch with my brother, watching a family guy show, something about a morbidly obese chicken.
      Back in time
      At a supermarket, I realize I'm much younger than normal, probably about 10. I see two people I vaguely recognize in front of me, one man and a woman. they are buying alcohol, three bottles of beer. They offered to buy my milk, I think they were trying to confuse the cashier. they accidentally smash the bottom of the bottle, she tries to drink it before it was too late. I try a sip and it tasted horrible lol.. Later on I'm sitting down, the walls are covered in purple and yellow tiles, me and a friend are commenting on how this store has no style. when leaving i notice the trolleys are leaning almost going to fall over.
      a while after that I remember walking down a strange alleyway that feels like death :/ I hear of how an old lady who owned a paint store was murdered around here, I thought I saw her but i dont remember.
      I walk into a food court, to my right I see people standing, one was holding a baby. to my left I see lots of different places to eat, one that caught my attention was a store that made Asian noodles, sweet and sour pork
      Fragment: Me and someone i dont recognize, are doing a presentation in a small window-less room with only 1 or 2 people as the audience.
      7:00 am
      Mini Dream: At an old friends house, playing cards. DH has a magic trick where he can guess what cards I have in my hand. There were plenty of snacks on the table where the cards where. I had something in my jacket, music or something.
      I'm in a building with big windows, outside I can see water. There is a storm but it looks like its calming down. It looks like the mouth of a river or a lagoon. I can see the ocean to my left and land to my right. A man is in the building with me, told me my friend was struck by lightning in the water, and I just barely made it out alive. I realize I wasn't wearing any clothes. I go outside and swim around looking for her, I felt sharp pains for some reason, like the water was charged with electricity? I swim over to land and find water and a cave, I look in there and see minecraft soulsand..

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Forgot it all

      by , 02-12-2012 at 01:10 AM (DC's Dream Journal)
      I tried really hard to remember, but it was so difficult the moment I moved to grab my notepad from the floor i forgot it. I was asleep from about 2am to 9:30am and im pretty sure i didnt move much at all, because my besheet at the moment is a bigger size than my bed and comes off pretty easily.. When i woke up the sheets hadnt come off in the slightest. Anyway I hope tomorrow will be like my last entry
    10. Potion, Sword and Cat

      by , 02-10-2012 at 04:18 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      ((in no particular order, tried to colour code to match locations, bolded key locations/objects))
      overall a very unusual night, most nights I can usually justify certain dreams eg work related, drinking with friends, stuff from games I play... but some were really interesting tonight.. hope there are more to come tomorrow ;D
      really small lucid part, unfortunately ruined by a false awakening xD

      Night time, a park bench, with a dirt road around it. to my left there are toilets and straight ahead lights from houses can be seen up a hill in the distance. I remember people at the bench (no familiar faces) drinking and laughing like idiots.. I also remember a friend of mine driving our family van on the dirt road, its pretty rough and it feels like hes going to tip the van on its side. a couple other friends are near the toilets eating zooper doopers.

      daytime, dry, desert landscape, there are roadblocks all over the place like they are being used as cover. I'm controlling a bus like a game and I see michelle rodriguez shouting viva la revolution?? random.. I think my second try I manage to get bast the roadblocks into a little hut, I use a giant crossbow/ballista and shoot into it point-blank. a fragment about tampering historical evidence/art

      I vaguely remember a town that is ruled by an evil sorcerer, and the townspeople are loyal to him, treat him like a king.. Their faces looked like noise from a TV with white rectangles for eyes.

      Some time during the day.. a forest, damp, cloudy. Me and a lady are looking in a fenced off area with a few paperbark trees (or similar). they had metal squares with engravings on them, most of them an unreadable language. one tree though, had a a few metal plates with a strange looking, humanoid monster on it. I started calling out to my friend saying 'platypus' the engravings did look a little like humanoid platypuses.. but the one that fell out of the tree on to me didnt! it jumped into the air to land on me again but I hit it with a blast of water. I'm not sure but I think the lady took care of the monster.. but her leg was badly injured and she was also poisoned.

      we later found a small cottage house on a hill, we saw a boy and girl there but we kept moving. we needed to continue by climbing a small ledge but my friend couldn't climb it. I tried lifting her with my water powers but I was too weak to lift her high enough. we start following the ledge looking for a way up. we find a way, but is blocked by the enemy. we return to the house and manage to get a potion and a sword from a cat in a box? it starts raining.

      There is a person glitching in a field, his face turns into christopher walkins with white eyes, he starts hacking the air with an axe... I run away from him.

      Fragment of people running to a gate, a fat man on the other side with a golden gun is laughing.

      Faced against a volcano that I have to climb, it was originally covered with snow but it is quickly being replaced with lava. I slide and make huge jumps in an attempt to climb to the top. I climbed by flicking up web pages? when I regained focus of where i was, I was far above the volcano with a puzzle in my hands. it was beginning to get blurry as I was gaining lucidity, but it cleared up and I solved it.
      false awakening, some fat lady was teaching meditation in my room...

      Night at my house, I am worried that I'll be late for work. i start at 8pm. I get there and there are loads of people waiting to be served. I don't work at a supermarket wtf.. I try to use the teller machines and manage to get it working...

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      memorable , dream fragment
    11. Bad Sleep

      by , 02-10-2012 at 07:13 AM (DC's Dream Journal)
      First time having caffeine in a long time, and I had a lot
      went to sleep at about 3am

      All I could remember was being at a table with my family and an uncle of mine talking about shouting me drinks tonight..

      not able to get to the pyramids with dream team, I'll try again tomorrow night
    12. Part-time Japan

      by , 06-03-2011 at 02:16 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      I don't know when I had this dream, but I remembered it earlier today when I was posting in DV.

      I was in a city in japan, it was strangely quiet, like I was on the outskirts of the city. I was looking for a part time job in an older convenience store when i got distracted and walked through alleyways with small restaurants in every nook and cranny xD

      I remember sneaking into a warehouse that had a portal that could take me back home, but there were guards so I had to be stealthy.

      Later on there was an earthquake. I was in a more open area next to a school, which was the only place in the area that had grass, fenced off, surrounded by concrete. A friend was with me too, like a dream friend though

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    13. Continued

      by , 02-10-2011 at 01:08 AM (DC's Dream Journal)
      Went to my friends house (S) with another friend (J) I checked out his house, it was pretty small, the kitchen was connected to the lounge and to the right was the backyard. To the right of the sliding door to the backyard was another door to a bedroom, to the right of that was a tv. Opposite was a couch, (J) was sitting there I sat next to him and saw he was on his iPhone. I pulled out an iPad it was just a white screen though :/

      We go outside and see his dad, they go into a garbage truck and drive off, I try to keep up but no luck it turns left - I see an alleyway I could use to catch up to it but two ladies with dogs were blocking my path.

      My brother bought a small tablet?

      We are in a mechanical room that has metal walls, gears pistons, steam and large chunks of wall moving around.

      I was shooting a guy on top of a roof he had body armor I almost killed him when it changed to another scene, something about stealing blood from a 60 year old? Random :/
      Tags: apple, guns, steampunk
    14. Dark, Damp, first two hours of sleep

      by , 02-09-2011 at 01:16 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      Something about people who work in a fast food place are not allowed to wear jewelry or make-up. Well duh that sounds like every fast food joint D;

      I'm in a house where it's dark and there are odd pictures that are 3D I put my hand into one and grab a rusted metal rod and when I try to pull it out it starts sucking me into the picture (it might have been a painting I dunno) it starts to rain.

      Some evil guy trapped us underwater, a giant turtle is attacking us we try to use our shindan to kill it but we cant find an opening (tegami bachi instead of insects)

      I'm walking through a tunnel and At the end is an opening , a man says I don't have to build my own home someone can build It for me. I think I go back inside the tunnel and there is a spring inside where an old ferret trains me but only only wanted some ford because I was hungry. I go out again and the ferret transformed into a limo and I go off with my family :/
    15. Effed

      by , 09-02-2010 at 05:14 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      I've only been asleep for about three hours, but every dream I remember was so unbelievably effed up it brought me back here - after six months... Just thought I'd try descibe/express the level of freaked out I'm feeling right now.. Anyway:

      I am in a place that looks like a graveyard, there is like a red fog, I only remember there was a group of us trying to get into this hole where all the mosters/zombies/aliens whatever where. I think someone got chopped into pieces, lasered or something.

      There is this person who can control people by jumping through them, he has no physical form. He started jumping through my family, I was holding my baby brother and when he got to me he tried to throw him downstairs, I resisted, he went to my dad, and I knocked out my dad with a glass bottle

      It's dark and I take my sister to mcdonalds. There is nobody anywhere, no cars, not even customers in the stores... She talks to someone at a bus stop about this guy who escaped from prison. Dream ends there.

      It's dark in my house and relatives come into my house. They talk to my dad about in the kitchen random stuff, have a laugh, maybe they were drunk? I go in, the lights go out and I get beaten with glass cups, I feel a knife at my back and get water in my face

      Which wakes me up, my face still feeling wet

      Something else about childbirth, flying around looking for cookies...

      I might try to go back to sleep now :/
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